This category and its sub-categories are for listings of web sites related to artists and illustrators of the fantastic, in particular those working within the science fiction and fantasy genres.

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A, Amarilli - nuit divine
A gallery of paintings by Italian artist Amarilli A. inspired by fantasy and mythology creatures, mermaids, tritons, centaurs, faeries, and goddesses.
Adam, Paul - Untamed Universe
Sci-fi and fantasy concept illustration, as well as comic strips and other general mayhem by Paul Adam.
Anderson, Kyle
Kyle Anderson's science fiction, fantasy and concept art.
Archer, Dave
Official website of the electric glass paintings. Online gallery and contact information.
Art of Morion
The art of Morion - Original art - landscape paintings, fantasy etc in watercolors, charchoal, acrylics. Buy or look!
Aulisio, Burt - Galactic Art
Spacescapes using spray paint and poster paper.
Ayres, Hether Lee
Features dark art and tattoo designs.
Baffoni, Massimo
A personal gallery with scketches and drawings.
Bang, Karl
Visionary artist's portraits of exotic fantasy females.
Baque, Ericka
Her official site includes occult, wiccan, gothic and fantasy themes, including mermaids, fairies, witches, vampires, and sea-scapes.
Bayless, Laura - Brighnasa Arts
The fantasy art of Laura Bayless.
Beard Jr., Edward
Gallery of enchanted art featuring dragons, wizards and fairies. Artist's profile and Online store.
Bell, Christopher - Otherworld Illustrations
Gothic and mythological illustrations from literature.
Bell, Tom Beldarr
Original artwork in various media, available for download and desktop wallpapers.
Benscoter, Wes
Online store and portfolio of his bizarre cover art and illustrations.
Bergting, Peter
Fantasy and science fiction artist featured in illustrations, character design and animations.
Bischops, Domi
Information and photos about the paintings made by Domi Bischops.
Bozzoli, Jean-Luc
Includes several virtual galleries of the French-born artist's work and purchasing information.
Bradley, Peter - Ravenchilde Illustrations
The science fiction and fantasy portraits of Peter Bradley.
Brandon, Theresa
Professional fantasy artist Theresa Brandon.
Brom, Gerlad
Brom's dark, disturbing visions of past, present and future fantasy.
Buenaventura, Liezl A. - The Trinity Cross Collective
The fantasy galleries of Liezl A. Buenaventura.
Burmann, Kurt
Kurt Burmann's fantasy and space artwork.
Cabral, Ciruelo
Fantasy artist's official site. Online exhibits and purchasing information.
Camp, Calvin W. - Dweomercraeft Fantasy Art Gallery
The fantasy character illustrations of Calvin W. Camp.
Campus, Roberto
Fantasy, sci-fi and comic book digital illustration portfolio featuring works created for magazines, role playing and trading card games. Digital illustration and Photoshop tutorials.
Carrick, Paul
Artist's gallery of fantasy illustrations featured in famous role playing games. Resume and illustration services.
Carroll, Michael
Science fiction and dinosaur art.
Carter, Elaine - Wyvvern Art Gallery
Fantasy drawings by Elaine Carter, featuring dragons, elves, and pegasi.
Cherry, Justin - Collected Tears of the Weeping Nivbed
The whimsically disturbed imagery, animations and music of Justin Cherry.
Chiodo, Joe
Official site of the award winning artist Joe Chiodo, featuring a biography, and online portfolio of his illustrations, comic book, and girl art.
Chironna, Ronald
Works of the science fiction and fantasy illustrator, as well as background and purchasing information.
Clare, Dwayne
Works created with pencil, watercolour, ink-line and digitally, ranging from portraiture to fantasy, sci-fi to conceptual artwork, created by Dwayne Clare.
Clarke, Peter
Peter Clarke's science fiction and fantasy artwork and character designs.
Cultrera, Laura
Laura Cultrera's portfolio, featuring illustrations, graphic design, and new media works.
Daryl Joyce - Dynamic illustrations
Daryl Joyce is a professional illustrator, based in the UK. Daryl specialises in science fiction illustration - with a stong emphasis on Doctor Who and Gerry Anderson.
Dashow, Michael - Your Walrus Hurt the One You Love
The digital art gallery of Michael Dashow, featuring science fiction and fantasy artwork.
Dawidziak, Kate
Ever Enchanted. Fantasy, surreal and gothic art.
Dedkova, Larissa - AllGraphica
Larissa Dedkova is a Toronto based illustrator specializing in fantasy, folk, fairy tales, and science fiction genres.
Del'Mithros, Klymestar - Keltaria Illustrations
A gallery of fantasy and sci-fi artwork, based mostly on games.
Delamare, David
Original artwork of fairy, mermaid and fantasy creatues on books, prints and cards.
DiTerlizzi, Tony
Fantasy illustrator's portfolio, plus a list of convention appearances.
Dixon, Don - Cosmographica
Don Dixon's space art and science fiction illustration, plus movies of planetary encounters.
Drewes, Lauge
Paintings and drawings of orcs, trolls, and other fantasy creatures.
Dubois, Michael
Artwork by artist Michael Dubois. Galleries of fantasy art, illustrations, Rock n Roll tie dyed T-shirts, stickers, prints and posters.
Elmore, Larry
Larry Elmore's official web site. Includes color and black and white galleries, an illustrated story, comments by Elmore on some of his works, an online store, and links.
Finlay, Virgil
Finlay's science fiction and fantasy artwork, with biographical information.
Frau, Dalmatius P.
An exhibition of Dalmatius' fantasy and science fiction art, including cover illustrations for published books.
Garner, Denise
Romantic fantasy watercolor artwork, mainly mythical creatures and medieval themes. Also contains artist's biography and ordering information.
Gay, Melissa
A collection of fantasy and fantasy gaming-inspired art.
Giger, H. R.
Gallery of Swiss surrealist H.R.Giger's works.
Gonzalez, John
Dark fantasy and horror illustrations and sketches.
Grilla, David
Drawings, paintings, and resources on the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre.
Hamilton, Kelly -
Original art by Kelly Hamilton, including fantasy illustrations, cartoons, sketches, animation, games, and tutorials.
Heizer, Alex
The fantasy and fine art of Alex Heizer, encompassing selected works from the past several years in traditional and digital media.
Hescox, Richard
Gallery of Richard Hescox's science fiction and fantasy art.
Hickman, Stephen
Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Stephen Hickman.
Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim
The fantasy and science fiction artwork of Greg and Tim Hildebrand.
Holland, John E.
Misty Mountain Graphics - Science fiction and fantasy art by John E. Holland, in acrylic, oil and digital media.
Huitula, K.
Features fantasy and comic art.
A showcase of the science fiction and fantasy illustrator's artwork. Includes the artist's works accompanied by comments, a biography, and news.
Jones, Veronica V. - MoonShines
Fantasy artist Veronica V. Jones's works, featuring warriors and sorcerers from before recorded history, feudal Japan, medieval Europe, modern times, and the far flung future.
Keegan, Charles
Fantasy and sci-fi art of Charles Keegan.
Fantasy and science fiction art by Torsten Keller.
Kliefoth, Karena - Dragonsmirk Productions
Fantasy and anthropomorphic art, including animals, elves, dragons, griffins, and animations.
Konschak, J. Wilder
Graphite, pen and ink images of science fiction and mythology.
Kreiter, Heather
Fantasy and Native American artwork by Heather V. Kreiter.
La Speranza, Luigi
Oil paintings, drawings, and watercolours of the Viennese painter Luigi La Speranza.
Lantz, Timothy - Stygian Darkness
Images, game reports, and original characters.
Leemhuis, Krista A. - Tenth Orbital
Fantasy and sci-fi art featuring dragons, gargoyles, faeries, and the Endi Project.
Lenz-Wall, Shannon - Shannon's Fantasy
Original fantasy art by Shannon Lenz-Wall featuring dragons, wizards, wenches, vampires, fairies, and warriors.
Levine, Mark - Bloodbytes
Artwork that spans the genres of fantasy and science fiction, to include horror and surrealism.
Lewecke, Frank M.
A gallery of acrylic paintings of futuristic and alien worlds.
Lippincott, Gary
Portfolio of artist and illustrator Gary Lippincott.
Long, Duncan
Fantasy and science fiction art.
Fantasy women and creatures by Lubov.
Lyles, Todd
Fantasy and science fiction works by Todd Lyles.
Maitz, Don
Official site, with biography, fantasy, science fiction and pirate illustrations and cover art, merchandise, announcements, and a list of stolen original original paintings for which rewards are offered.
Manzieri, Maurizio
An electronic artist in the science fiction world.
Marks, Londa
Artist and illustrator Londa Marks' online gallery, biographical information, and information on current projects.
Martin, Britt
A collection of fantasy and gothic artwork by Britt Martin.
Matthews, Rodney
Rodney Matthews' fantasy and science fiction illustrations. Includes his works for record covers, posters, calendars, books, computer games and TV series, as well as a biography, projects under development, and FAQs.
McNicholas, Dan
Space and fantasy artwork, as well as poetry.
Mead, Syd
The latest information on the artist, futurist, illustrator, and conceptual designer for such science fiction films as Blade Runner, Aliens and his books.
Michalczyk, Dawid
Freelance artist and illustrator specializing in sci-fi, fantasy, space and surreal digital illustration.
Miklis, Franz
Franz Miklis' science fiction, fantasy, and dream art, as well as a view into his atelier, background information, and biography.
Miller Anderson, Andrea
Andrea Miller Anderson's fantasy art, featuring manga, surrealism and majestic fantasy.
Miller, Ron - Black Cat Studios
Gallery of science fiction and fantasy artist Ron Miller.
Moeller, Axel
Artwork from "The Talisman Box" and information about upcoming novels.
Moffett, Patricia
Patricia Moffett's gallery featuring fairy, scary and myth themes.
Mori, Kiriya - Mars Exchangers
The dark fantasy and mythological artwork of Kiriya Mori.
Morrow, Carla - DragonLady Fantasy Art
Fantasy artwork, including dragons, unicorns, and griffins.
Moy, Tony - Dreamflux Studio
Fantasy and comic artwork and character designs by Tony Moy.
Müller, Andreas - Jabdah's Gallery
Drawings of dragons, knights, aliens and space opera heroes by Andreas Müller.
Nohara, Mael
The official website of Mael, offering latest works on her portfolio, news, and convention schedules.
O'Driscoll, Dan J.
Portfolio of illustrator Dan J. O'Driscoll, producer of science fiction, space, and fantasy images in digital and traditional media.
Oras, Zed
A gallery of fantasy works by Zed Oras.
Paulsen, Espen
RAMA3D - Science fiction 3D art by the artist, as well as by guest artists. Also includes poems by the artist, SF reviews, SF and 3D links, and a page about the solar system.
Penman, Gerry Scott - Space Artcade
Gerry Penman's creative scifi and fantasy artwork in pencil and glazed ceramic, as well as his work in computer games.
Perez, Ramon
Calavera studios, featuring work from fantasy illustration to comic book sequential art.
Phillips, Paul
Professional storyboards and prints, fantasy and sci-fi illustrations, conceptual and production designs, and RPG characters.
Pilcerova, Martina
Fantasy and science fiction illustrations, sculpture, comics and drawings by Martina Pilcerova.
Pitre, Dawn
Fantasy and Surrealism: Fine art prints, and original oils.
Pitre, John
A modern painter of fantasy and surrealism.
Poyarkov, Sergey
Includes online gallery of paintings and statement of the artist's philosophy of art. [Site in English and Russian.]
Pracownik, Peter
Original fantasy and science fiction artwork, including dragons, faerie folk and tarot cards.
Rhea, Sean
Featuring original fantasy, science fiction, and mythical artwork.
Rieger, Patricia - Urban Bog
Original art by Patricia Rieger, featuring faeries, nymphs, sprites, and pixies.
Roces, Miguel - BlackPen
Features published and personal fantasy art.
Rosario, Nathan - Ancient Earth Studios
The fantasy art portfolio of Nathan Rosario.
Rossman, Jeff
Jeff Rossman's fantasy and sci-fi artwork. Also features his biography, illustrative technique, and news.
Images of comic-style fantasy girls.
S., Milena
Dark fantasy women in fetish art.
SanTara, Sandra
Windwolf - Artist specializing in fantasy, shamanistic symbolism, wildlife, and mythical creatures. Features a biography, schedule of appearances, her originals, limited edition prints, T-shirts, shield and drum paintings, and paintings on feathers.
Sasseville, Laramie - Dream Spell
An online portfolio of science fiction and fantasy illustration by Laramie Sasseville, including the complete 'Discordian Coloring Book.'
Schurmann, Till
Amon-Var, The Fantastic Gallery - Dark fantasy and science fiction art by the illustrator. Also includes some photos, logos, animation, and cartoons.
Seagrave, Dan
Paintings and design in the realm of fantastic art by Dan Seagrave.
Sherwood, Jilaen - Dreamland Design
Fantasy and space art by Jilaen Sherwood. CD cover design and book Illustration.
Shimerdla, Stephanie
Features her fantasy, sci-fi, and nature artwork.
Sisson, Dylan
The whimsical and macabre paintings and drawings of Dylan Sisson: A menagerie of wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth.
Sjögren, Ann Mari - Fairy Paintings
information, art and biography of Ann Mari Sjögren, born in 1918 and illustrator of "A Day in Fairyland" released in 1942. Also includes recent interview.
Smith, Lee - Shawawa Vision
Fantasy and super hero character designs by Lee Smith.
Spute, Hannah - SummerDragoness
Personal and professional illustration, comics and sculpture.
Staple, Sandra - Canadian Dragon
Sculpture and drawings by Canadian artist Sandra Staple. Features dragons, unicorns, and fairies, plus fantasy dolls.
Stawicki, Matt
Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Matt Stawicki.
Targete, Jean Pierre
The science fiction and fantasy art of J.P. Targete.
Toball, Silas
Fantasy and visionary artist's work, illustration and website designs. Print sales available.
Todd, George W.
Images of science fiction and landscapes of other worlds.
Tucciarone, Joe
The fantasy and mythology illustrations of Joe Tucciarone.
Ubert, Arjan - Elkenbach Studios
Featuring the art of Dutch fantasy artist Arjan Ubert.
Urbach, Charles - Hawkrune Studios
Crossroads of fantasy and faith. Artwork exploring spiritual, mythological, historical and literary themes.
Vinton Jr., Peter
Artist's portfolio of fantasy and science-fiction art and illustration.
Wang, Maggie I. - Magyss Studios
Gallery of pencil, pen and ink, and CG-colored RPG character portraits, game character concept illustrations, fantasy images, and wildlife art.
White, Nick - WhiteWorks
Contemporary fantasy art by Nick White, featuring mystical creatures and lands, jesters, gargoyles, and robots.
William, Maria J. - Mare Infinitus
A collection of fantasy, sci-fi, surrealism, and pinup art by Maria J. William, an artist/illustrator from New York City.
Wilson, Grant
Galleries of fantasy sketches and commissioned works.
Woodham, Travis
Fantasy art, featuring dragons, wizards and fairies.
Wu, Frank
Portfolio of award-winning science fiction and fantasy artist Frank Wu.
Zee, Jen
Personal gallery of Jen Zee; amateur fantasy/anime/surrealism artist.
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