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Art Car Agency
Art cars by name, region and genre.
The Art Car Museum
Houston, Texas. Map, news, cars, current and former exhibits, hours, history, articles, and related links.
Art Car Parade
The Minnesota art car parade.
Art Car World
A museum dedicated entirely to the celebration and preservation of this popular mobile art form. Located in Arizona.
Art Cars in Cyberspace
Gift shop, listserv, photo galleries, events, and tips on how to build a temporary or permanent art car.
The Art of Tom Kennedy
Archival site with photos of cars including Kitty Cat Car, Ripper the Shark, and The Whale.
Art On Wheels
Art car parade located in Prescott, Arizona.
ArtCar Fest
An annual gathering of art cars from around the US and Canada. The largest event of its kind on the West Coast.
ArtCar Webring
Collection of sites related to art cars.
BMW ArtCars
Pictures and information about BMW Artcars.
Bob Sokol
Art car photos and guides to creating your own from Robert Sokol.
Burning Man Art Car Email List
Specifically for communication between people who build art cars and use them at Burning Man.
Burning Man: Art of Burning Man - Art Cars on the Playa
Pictures and related materials from the Art Car Camp which meets most every year at Burning Man.
Camera Van
The world's most rolling photographic studio.
The Cat
1991 Ford Taurus LX station wagon best known for having quotations written all over it. Pictures, travelogue, FAQ, future plans, and a vehicle biography.
The Cow Car
Photographs and frequently asked questions about Jessie, the cow car, painted with a Holstein cow spot pattern. Cambridge, MA. Also pictures of other cow cars.
Doc Atomic
An ongoing art truck project for self expression.
Emendav's Photos
Photos of a decorated Bug, 2005.
Flickr: Art Car
Art cars, art vans, art trucks, anything that rolls that has been made into public art.
Flickr: Art Cars
Art cars posted to a photo sharing group. Handcrafted cars only.
Flickr: Art On Wheels
Around the world there are modes of transportation that belong in art museums. Post your shots of artful buses, trucks, cars, jeeps, rickshaws, skateboards.
Flickr: Funked-Up Cars
For fans of tricked-out, funky, screwed up and bejeweled automobiles to share photos.
Flickr: Mutant Vehicles
Radically modified vehicles and art cars.
Flickr: Road Squadron
Focused on Star Wars or space themed art cars.
Flickr: VW Bugs and Buses
Showcase for VW Bug photos. Art cars especially welcomed.
Jiggle Box
Writer and traveler with a photo gallery for his art car, Duke.
Kelly Spot
Drives "Leopard Bernstein", a leopard print art car. Seattle area.
Kozmic Dreams
Home of the Music Machine: the art car dedicated to Frank Zappa. See the airbrushing process from start to finish.
The Lady
Inspired by the rhetoric of war and religious hatred that became front line news after 9/11. The car celebrates women and the ways they re-create their worlds when those worlds have been damaged or destroyed.
Let There Be Lights
A black 1992 Hyundai Elantra that was covered with 404 colored lights arranged in seven circuits.
Luck Mojo: The Mojo Car
A religious, magical, and good-luck themed assemblage car covered with statues and amulets from all cultures.
Mr Black's Toy Car
Pictures of a black car with toys attached.
New Orleans Art Car
Created by Kelly, it has thousands of objects glued to it. The car is driven every day.
Painter of Maritime Life - David P. Stephens
Painter and art car artist. Annotated photo galleries.
Philo Northrup's art cars.
Providence Rhode Rally
Pictures from the event held in 2000.
S.A.N.E. - Society of Artcars in New England
Photo gallery, membership qualifications, events, and contact details.
Shell Car
An art car covered with thousands of sea shells arranged in intricate mosaic patterns, San Francisco Bay area.
Undersea Mah Jongg
An ocean themed art car.
Yahoo Groups - Artcarz
List for artcar artists to share information on artcars only. Posts should be limited to topics related to artcar events, ideas, assistance, questions.
Yarn Car
A yarn covered art car by Tim Klein.
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