This category is for sculptors whose principal medium is wood.

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Adamson, John
Working on site with standing and felled trees, this UK artist takes his inspiration from the shape of the wood to find ways of expressing the human form.
Anthony, Devan
This artist from Portland, Oregon crafts wooden sculptures that symbolize hope, grace, fragility, strength, sensuality, integrity, and balance.
Azara, Nancy
Bas-relief carved panels by this founding member of the New York Feminist Movement.
Barrett, Keith
Portfolio of environmental wood sculptures, and woodcut prints.
Bartlett, Steve
California artist whose wood sculpture is in the area between abstraction and representation. Includes statement and exhibition schedule.
Bergtold, Susanna
The artist presents her figurative social satire and fantasy in four galleries: free standing sculpture, painted reliefs, prints, and letterpress artist's books.
Chasens, Caril
This artist based in British Columbia expresses his ideas through his carvings and writings. Includes tutorials and art links.
Cologon, Ray
Carved wood art, utilizing precious and exotic woods to explore metaphysical themes.
Daar , Roberta
New York artist creates rhythmic and decorative, wall mounted sculpture.
De Marchi, Livio
Trompe l'oeil, sculpture, furnishings and cars carved in wood by a Venetian artist. Site in English and Italian.
DeschĂȘnes, Benoi and David
Father and son; wood sculptors from St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec.
Engdahl, David. L.
Highly finished, laminated plywood sculpture expressing abstract, organic form.
Evans, Geoff
Highly finished and polished wildlife sculpture using a variety of hardwoods in combination.
Faulds, Alan
Polychrome sculpture comprising an 'imaginary circus' of acrobats, mountebanks, sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, jugglers and animal and human hybrids.
Flood, David B.
Roots and burls of trees brought to life as abstract art.
Frank, Mark
Contemporary sculpture using one thousand year old wood that has been twisted by lava.
Gerard, Jonas
Large colorful 3-dimensional wall hangings.
Glover, Denise
These representational pieces are alive, warm, and sensual. The artist works with the features, and the flaws of the wood.
Goergen, Claude
Carvings made with laminated timber in combination with stones and minerals. Picture galleries and webcams.
Gordon, Harry
Author of large scale art in wood,stone and bronze.
Hagen, Susan
Philadelphia artist uses wood carving and painting techniques to create personal interpretations of mythological and social themes.
Jacobson, Janel
Inspiration for her carving comes from the natural world around her rural home.
Jean, Amber
This American sculptor offers custom wood, chocolate, animal and decorative carvings.
Kent, Giles
Environmentally oriented works in locations across the UK and Europe.
Klukas, Johnna Y.
Fantasy- and Science Fiction-themed carvings, sculptural boxes and chairs in wood and other media. Includes gallery of finished and in-progress pieces, and list of upcoming shows.
Kurtz, Mark
Custom chainsaw carvings and sculptures in a variety of woods.
Lindquist, Mark & Melvin
Large floor-standing works made on the turner's lathe.
Lionnet, Patrick
Works carved on precious wood of ebony, mahogany and iron-wood.
Longhurst, Robert
A portfolio of contemporary wood and stone sculpture with the artist's biography.
Lynch, Denis
Irish based sculptor creates Celtic sculpture that is visually and spiritually stimulating.
McKenna, Des
Australian woodcarver and sculptor using fallen timber from the forest floor. Biography and gallery.
McKoy, Grainger
Wood, bronze, and sterling silver sculptor.
Mellick, James
Allegorical animal sculptures and figurative sculpture.
Miller, Elliot
New York City artist carves animal motifs using found and exotic wood.
Mueller, WW
Colorado artist produces large 'sliced' abstract forms using colored, laminated wood.
North, Dug
Automata and intricate, off-beat, mechanical sculptures made out of wood and brass.
Peters, Andy
Decorative carving for a maritime environment.
Post, Christine Kowal
Carved and painted figurative sculptures of women. Her work explores issues of gender, sexuality and mythology.
Rocknak, Stefanie
Detailed figurative wood sculpture. Her work is influenced by the medieval tradition, some religious pieces, commissions on request.
Ross, Nigel
Large-scale abstract carvings expressing rhythmic organic form.
Rosser, Phillis
Wall-hung constructions of found wood in shades of bleached beige, silver and charcoal black.
Roy, C. David
Kinetic sculpture.
Sakalauskas, Algimantas
Monumental and figurative works by a Lithuanian wood carver. (Site in English and Lithuanian)
Salkeld, David
UK artist shows examples of his constructions and carvings in outdoor locations.
Schneider, Jane
New York artist fabricates sculpture from fallen trees and unearthed root systems.
Shepherd, Steve
Wooden bowls in Australian native wood species.
Smith, Martin
Figurative mechanical sculpture.
Spector, Shelley
Quirky and colorful sculptures merge the sensibilities of fine art, folk art, and craft while exploring identity, memory, gender, and language.
Tamm, Ormar
Contemporary abstract and figurative wood sculpture from this Estonian artist.
Thomas, Andrew
Master's homepage presenting his profile, awards, and modern sculptures.
Uzeel, Robin
Belgian tree surgeon expresses his love of trees through his wood sculpture.
Vicedo, Guillem Ramos
Learn about this Spanish artist 1912-1995. See examples of his drawings, sculpture and carved furnishings.
Wakan, Elias
Mathematical wood sculptures assembled from repeated elements.
Wakefield, John
Specializes in figurative carving with chain-saw, mallet, and gouge.
Walpot, Bruno
Carved with a life-like realism in linden wood, these figures have a haunting presence. Artist working in Northern Italy. Site in English German and Italian.
Weryha-Wysoczanski, Jan
Minimalist works by this sculptor who was born in Poland but is now based in Germany. Includes biography, press clippings, and exhibitions listing.
Wirth, David
Hardwood sculptor specializing in marine life.

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