This category is for sculptors who's main body of work consists of separate pieces created from different materials. For instance, this type of artist may have pieces carved from marble and other pieces cast in bronze. Although the artist works in more than one media, each piece is essentially created from a single material. Sculptors that incorporate more than one material to create a single work should submit their sites to: Arts/Visual_Arts/Sculpture/Sculptors/Mixed_Media One sculpture in bronze and another sculpture in glass would be multiple media. One sculpture in bronze AND glass would be mixed media.
Baca, Miroslaw
Sculpted works in wood, stone, metal and ceramics. The artist is based in Cracow, Poland. Includes biography, contact information and photo gallery. [Polish, English, Spanish and German]
Beck-Friedman, Tova
Large installation pieces in various materials, designed to interact dynamically between the viewer, the sculpture, architecture and nature. Features include photo galleries, resume and contact information.
Berry, Steve
Multiple media sculpture including pieces in ceramic, paper clay, mixed media and metal. Works in multiple styles including abstract, historical and representational. Features include photo galleries and contact information.
Bunn, Steve
Portfolio of this British sculptor, working in multiple media to create figurative, abstract pieces including miniatures, installations and functional works. Features include photo galleries, biography and contact information.
Cahill, Bradley
Abstract, representative and figurative pieces by this artist in Northern Illinois. The sculptor used various materials. Features include photos, musings and qualifications.
Chanu, Louis
Concrete garden and outdoor sculptures and unusual bronze sculptures of the female form. The artist is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Includes contact e-mail, photo gallery and the artist's description of the work.
Coulterman, Troy
Canadian sculptor from Toronto, Ontario. Troy's sculptures tend to portray an image of exaggerated realism with hints of suggestive humor. Includes photo galleries, contact information and biography.
Cruz Prada, Manuel
Blog of this Portuguese artist, who finds inspiration for his sculptures in the female body, a recurring element in his work. Includes photo gallery, biography and text in Portuguese, French and English.
Dam, Bodil
Danish sculptress displays figurative and representative works in bronze and stoneware. Features include photos, contact information and links. [Danish and English]
Deirmendjian, Gary
Monumental, installation and intimate sculpture in fiberglass, stone, epoxy resin and other durable materials created by this Armenian born artist, based in Australia. Features include photo galleries, biography and contact information.
Garrity, D.J.
The artist resides in Oregon and creates figurative pieces in stone and bronze. Features include photos of work, information about lectures and workshops and contact details.
Gattamorta, Alan
Bizarre and innovative ceramics displayed in a virtual environment.
Sculpted pieces in multiple media with the recurring theme of the human skull. Includes contact information, photo gallery and biography.
Jones, David Rhys
London based artist making sculptural work in a range of media. Includes photo gallery, contact information and biography.
Kelly, Gerard J.
Sculpture in multiple media by Newfoundland based artist. Features include photo galleries, biography, video and contact information. [requires Flash]
Kubler Kavanagh, Cornelia
Free-form abstracts, inspired by nature, in stone and bronze from this sculptor based in Connecticut and the Virgin Islands. Features include photo gallery, biography and contact information.
Leyland, Susan
Specializing in horse sculptures in clay and stone. Located near Florence, Italy. Features include photo galleries, biography and contact information
Mahler, Marco
Portfolio of art mobiles and kinetic sculptures.
Marczynski, Jozef
View contemporary sculpture in copper and clay by this Ukrainian artist. Features guestbook, photos and contact information.(English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian)
Moore, Sherman
Based in California and specializing in figurative stone and bronze work. Includes resume and image galleries
Nambu, Aya
Sculptor and contemporary artist, based in London, whose work is primarily focused on the human body. The artist works in a variety of materials. Features include a portfolio, works in progress and contact information.
Nijel BPG
Creator of "The Mother of Humanity" global monument to peace. This American artist creates realistic sculpted portraits, monuments and awards. Features include photo galleries, biography, contact e-mail and a link to the "Mother of Humanity" site.
Redwood, Deborah
Abstract sculptures created from metal, glass, mixed media, stone and found objects. Based in Australia, the artist also show examples of paintings, collages, animations and digital works. Features photo galleries and contact information.
Shaw, Tim
Multiple media sculptor, based in Cornwall, England. Includes contact details, photo gallery, press, exhibitions and links.
Sheppard, Joseph
Figurative works by this American artist including sculpture in bronze and stone, paintings and drawings. Includes biography, contact information and photographs.
Smith, Paul
This Derbyshire, UK, based sculptor works in ceramics, bronze, iron, resin and other materials. Includes photo galleries, contact information and the artist's statement.
Twardowski, Jacek
Polish sculptor working with various media in a free-form, figurative style. Find photographs of current projects and contact information. [Polish and English] [Requires Flash]
White, Meg
Kentucky based sculptress creating monumental, figurative, wildlife, public and garden pieces in limestone, granite and bronze. Features include photo galleries, works for sale, blog and contact information.
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