Sculptors who utilize a variety of materials in each piece, ie. metal, glass, wood, plastic and found objects. Oftentimes, non-traditional art materials and methods are used to create mixed-media sculptures.

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Allen, Jane Ingram
Art projects, residencies, papermaking workshops, bibliography, "bird watching projects" and site specific installations.
Anton, Peter
Sculptures of giant boxed chocolates, ice cream bars, candies, and other foods.
Bahat, Saadia
Israeli artist works on a monumental and intimate scale in a variety of materials including stone, wood and metals.
Beam, Mark
A survey of the work of a Californian artist who cites Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart among his early influences.
Broadbent, Stephen
Artist, designer and craftsman offering creative solutions for the private, corporate, and civic world. Studio locations in Chester and Liverpool, UK.
Bunnetât, Age
Whimsical garden sculptures, weathervanes, candlesticks and fountains from found materials.
Cacioppo, Lou
Original hand carved masks and sculptures by this Alaskan artist.
Caffarel, Christine
Works in metal and mixed media; figurative works, with lanky and exuberant forms. [French and English]
Eckert, Chris
A portfolio of his figurative, and mechanical sculptures.
Enochs, Dale
Indiana artist, who often works both in limestone and copper. Included is a selection of public work at the White River Gardens in Indianapolis, Indiana, and work in Takihata, Japan.
Geiger, Jessica
Seattle artist creates doll-like sculptures that portray society's underdogs.
Giordano, Joan
New York artist pairs sheets of metal with handmade paper combining them in ways that stress their affinities in strength, flexibility, and texture.
Giulini, Nöle C.
Organic sculptures, composed of unusual materials, such as used textile, pepper grains, fruit and vegetables in gelatine, and rabbit droppings.
Goggin, Brian
Metaphorm - A portfolio of recent, and upcoming public sculpture projects.
Goldfinch, Jessica
Mixed media and found object by New Orleans artist. Disturbingly Beautiful.
Gould, Nemo
Kinetic robot sculptures by the California artist. A full portfolio of images and videos of art made from recycled materials.
Greene, Lorna
Public art/environmental projects, functional earthworks and sculptures, the redesign of landfill sites - in both urban and rural landscapes, indoors and outdoors, permanent and temporary, large and small scale sculpture.
Gudjonsdottir, Kristin
Fine art sculpture made of clay, cast glass, ceramic, metals and stone. Work method shown and numerous links to related material.
Harvey, Syprian
Metal sculpture and charcoal drawings. Gallery and descriptions.
Jana and Majk
Slovenian artists creating mosaic and sculpture for exhibition an architectural commission.
Joffre, Marie-Lydie
Introduces a new technique of pastel-painting various kinds of stone. [English, French and German]
Mach, David
A portfolio of installation, sculpture, collage, public works, and proposals.
Mach, Peggy
A gallery of figurative, and portrait sculpture.
Matthews, Sally
Expressive sculpture and drawings of animals in clay, steel and other materials sourced from the environment such as sheeps wool and peat.
Mauriks, Adrian
Monumental works, abstract forms, in architectural and natural settings; completed installations and proposals for new works.
McGrath, Elizabeth
Handmade dioramas of isolated freak shows displaying rotting, subhuman figures luxuriously dressed. Artist's biography, gallery, news, and show schedule.
McIntyre, Keith
Abstract, biomorphic, and representational sculptures, created from driftwood, found objects, salvage and formal glass.
Oppenheim, Dennis
New York City-based mixed media sculptor presents an online portfolio featuring examples of abstract works, installations and drawings. Includes exhibitions listing, contact information and biography.
Paschke, Allison
A sculptor and designer living in Cranston, Rhode Island. She makes minimalist portable sculptures, and architectural installation work.
Pasta, Kip
Architectural miniatures, construction sculptures, and paintings. His work varies from delicate miniature brickwork, to abstract acrylic pieces. Includes photo galleries and contact information.
Perroud, Bernard
Sculpture celebrating natural forms and the artists identity in the landscape.
Rybák, Jaromír
Czech artist exhibiting abstract and sometimes functional mixed media sculptures.
Syjuco, Stephanie
San Francisco artist creates 'non-specific product units'. Her sculpture, installations and objects are concerned with our perceptions and understanding of consumer goods.
Trimmers, Erwin
"Art Basement", featuring functional works of found materials.
Tuck, Norman
Interactive kinetic sculpture combining art and science and the Art Machines traveling exhibition, the OscylinderScope and Lariat Chain science exhibits.
Venosa, Angelo
Photos and texts of the Brazilian artist's works. [Portuguese and English]
Versteegde, Antoon
Works with bamboo sticks, and elastic bands. He creates life-sized constructions, designed as transient installations in situ.
Vickers, Marques
Figurative sculptor and abstract expressionist painter in Benicia, California who specializes in iconic totems of steel and wood inspired by Moore, Arp, Brancusi, Neri, Arneson and Giacometti.
Victor, Jim
During a thirty year career the artist has produced wood carvings and constructions, bronze portraits, outdoor commissions and sculpture in butter, chocolate and other food.
Yiapanis, Philippos
Presents the sculptor and his studio in Fasoula, Cyprus. Features gallery of works, events.
Youngs, Amy
An artist using interactivity, kinetics, sound, insects, and plants in sculptures about the complex relationship between technology, and nature.
Zoubek, Olbram
Czech artists displays contemporary figurative artwork.
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