Bandana / Yardbirds
Creating birds, critters, and sculptures using recycled materials.
Bush, Steve
Abstract and representational sculpture in metal and functional decorative iron work by this Ohio based artist. Includes photo galleries, testimonials, artist's profile, printable brochure and contact information.
Clark, Bill
Robot sculptures made from auto parts including robot dogs, cats, flowers, jazz musicians and other metal sculptures. Available for purchase or display.
Clarson, Mark
Based in Chicago, Illinois, this sculptor works in fabricated steel, cast aluminum and bronze. Includes photo gallery, biography and contact e-mail.
Coon, Robert
Bright, colorful, abstract outdoor painted metal sculptures.
Designs In Metal
A metal art gallery featuring works by Dan Zunterstein including Pacific Northwest scapes, nautical art, and nature.
Evans, Phill
Kinetic wind sculpture and static, public art projects in California.
Field, Kathryn
Sensuous, evocative figurative sculpture in bronze and other media for sale to individual and corporate collectors. Commissions executed nationwide.
Gerakaris, Dimitri
Reliefs, metal sculptures, wall art, artistic gates, railings, screens and other focal pieces designed and built to last by artist-metalsmith.
Grisez, Catherine
Holloware metal sculpture inspired by both existing natural forms and personal experience.
Harush Shlomo
Photo gallery of works by sculptor artist Harush Shlomo.
Hunt Wildlife Studios
Displays limited edition bronze sculpture, fabricated metal sculpture and stained glass by Bill and Rebecca Hunt.
Katz, Janie
Lizard Breath Ranch is the home of Re in CARn ART - metal sculptures of animals, saints and angels by New Mexico artist cut from the roofs and hoods of old trucks.
Mazzilli, Roslyn
Abstract metal sculpture in scales from monumental to smaller. Painted aluminum or stainless steel, fountain sculpture, public art, commissions.
Mishler, John
Gallery of kinetic sculptures, mobiles, and art furniture in stainless steel and aluminum.
Mors, John
Works in mixed metals based on architectural forms; religious art; special interest in primitive art.
Peleg, Ephraim
Indoor and outdoor stabile and interactive metal sculpture and paintings.
Satow, Heath
Design, fabrication and installation of public sculpture, metal sculpture and architectural elements in various metals and other materials.
Searles, John
Contemporary and abstract wall sculpture using copper with various patina techniques, aluminum and stainless steel.
Strong-Cuevas, Elizabeth
Offers a visual survey of the artists work, with writings on the sculpture, and bibliographical resources.
Welded steel, brass and silver solder, small scale images of the human form.
Titanium Sculpture
Fine art and functional objects made from titanium and other earth elements.
Ubertino, Caesar
Monumental works, mostly fountains, in bronze, copper, and in steel; includes overview of the characteristics of these metals.
Zaugg, Martin
Hanging metal mobiles and sculptures.
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