Artists who work in glass; creating freeblown, moulded, constructed and sculptural unique pieces. Production glassware is listed elsewhere in the directory.

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Anagnostou, Alex
Sculpted, blown and cast art glass by Toronto artist. Includes photographs of herself shaping a blown vessel.
Bokrosh Studio
Art sculptures in cut and polished optical glass, repair and restoration services are also offered.
Bubacco, Lucio
Blown and cast glass chandeliers, vases, figurines, and sculptures featuring the human form.
Bucquet, George
Creates contemporary, hand-formed, cast glass plates and bowls.
Chihuly, Dale
Freeblown functional and sculptural glass works. Video clips show work in progress.
Christopherson, Elin
Features hand blown glass sculpture, lighting, vases and decorative towers.
Cigler, Vaclav
Czech artist exhibits geometric abstract glass sculptures.
Donefer, Laura
Amulet baskets and wearable glass clothing are some of the artist's specialties. Features a gallery of photographs from New Orleans' Burlesque Glass Fashion Show.
Donlin, Martin
Presents a gallery of architectural glass sculptures and windows commissioned for public spaces
Du Grenier, Robert
Perfume bottles, and abstract sculptural works installed in trees.
Eggert, Dale and Kathleen
Contemporary figurines by Kathleen Eggert using enameled glass, and contemporary sculptures and tables by Dale Eggert.
Falossi, David
Presents an online gallery of public and residential artwork.
Fenestra Ateliers
A collection of the works of Jan-Willem van Zijst, Angela van der Burght and Sunny van Zijst. Features public and private commissions.
Fisar, Marek
Stylized glass sculpture from the studio of this Czech artist. Includes photo gallery, contact information and biography. (English, Czech and German)
Fraser, Linda R.
Gallery of sculptures in glass, bronze and cement, as well as collages. Instructive pages describing sandcasting are included.
Friedman, Lance
Artist and teacher specializes in contemporary sculptures that incorporates blown glass.
Gant, Anne
A portfolio of blown glass sculptures incorporating diverse elements such as fur, leather, plant seeds, vinyl, felt, and live grass, as well as prints and drawings made with hot glass.
Goodman, Jeff
Creates blown glass vessels and architectural installations.
Gordinier, Walter
Specializes in architectural cast glass for public and residential spaces.
Greenhalgh, Darrell and Joy
Contemporary hand-made glass fused with gold and silver, glass blowing with lead crytal, kiln forming and sand casting. Features decorative plates and sculptures of the human form.
Gudiño, Rosalba
A virtual gallery of abstract fused glass sculpture. In English and Spanish.
Sculptural forms from cut plate glass, tumbled, and fused in various forms.
Hafner, Dorothy
Gallery of contemporary art glass, vessels, fused glass panels, windows, architectural installations in ceramics and glass, design projects.
Harcuba, Jiri
Gallery of engraved glass portrait and abstract sculptures.
Harris, Jamie
Glass blown and carved into vessels, wall decorations and lightboxes.
Hatfield, Desmond and Temple, Peter
Glass art sculptures, awards, paperweights for galleries, corporations, museums, and collectors of optical crystal.
Hegan, Scott
Gallery includes vessels, beads, architectural casting and lighting. Located in Ukiah, CA.
Heilman, Chris
Hot glass studio and art glass gallery features vases, paperweights, free blown sculptural works.
Hopko, Michael
Fish, octopi and sea turtles crafted at the Soulglass studio.
Jeff Benroth Glass
Showcases a gallery of blown and cast glass installations for public, private and outdoor spaces.
Johnston, Laura
Specializes in suspended glass installations for public spaces.
Jones, Dehanna
Online gallery of vessels, sculptures and art installations.
Kachurik, Edward
Uses the veiling technique, where the hot glass is colored on the surface, then hand ground and optically polished. Crafts awards, sculptures and paperweights.
Kallenberger, Kreg
Contemporary glass sculpture making use of various techniques.
Karel, Marian
Specializing in geometric glass sculpture.
Kirkpatrick, Joey and Mace, Flora
Presenting a gallery of large glass fruit, painted cast glass, bronze sculptures and drawings.
Kopecky, Vladimir
Portfolio of painted glass abstract sculptures. Also includes mixed-media works.
Kristall, Hermans
Individually hand-crafted colored crystal bowls, vases, and lighting. In English, German and Swedish. Boda Glasbruk, Sweden.
Kuhn, Jon
Includes photo gallery, artist statement, studio tour and a list of museums and galleries where pieces may be seen.
Kvarnes, Eric
Free blown glass vases, vessels and decorative pieces. Features include class offerings, photo gallery, information about the process of glassblowing, a link to the online gallery and contact details.
Lalonde, Richard
Displays fused crushed glass pictorial murals and vessels.
Lawrence, Amanda
A showcase of kiln formed and engraved glass sculptures featuring wildlife or abstract forms.
Layton, Peter
Gallery of glass sculpture representing contemprorary, fanciful fruit platters from this teaching artist.
Leap, J. Kenneth
Specializes in glass and steel outdoor and architectural installations.
Leatherbarrow, Robert
Gallery of decorative shields, vessels, nested bowls and sculptures by Robert Leatherbarrow.
Leperlier, Antoine
Showcases glass bowls and vases, and abstract sculptures.
Lhotsky, Zdenek
Cast glass sculptures, architectural glass, glass design of cast bowls and fused and slumped plates.
Libensky, Stanislav
Collection of abstract sculptures, vessels, and chapel windows.
Lill, Ivo
Portfolio of Estonian glass artist showcasing original glass sculptures and objects created using cold techniques: laminated glass, cutting, gluing, grinding, etching, and sandblasting.
Linn, Steve
Features a gallery of contemporary, narrative, figurative sculptures, combining glass, bronze, and wood; in residential and public spaces.
Longaker, Beverly Soja
Features fused glass clocks,blown glass figurines, sculptures, and lighting accessories.
Mares, Ivan
Czech artist's portfolio of abstract geometric sculptures.
Marioni, Dante
Hand blown glass sculpture exhibitions, selected works and articles.
Matejkova, Alena
Cast glass sculptures, stone sculptures, design and commissions for architecture and decorative home accessories.
Miller, Rodman
Specializes in vessels, finials, neon, freeform lamp shades, and glass accessories for fence decoration.
Milne, Carol
Showcases mixed media and glass sculptures and vessels.
Mongrain Glass
Sculptures and stemware hand blown by James Mongrain.
Mortara, Michael and Misato
Glassblowing from 2400 Fahrenheit Art Glass, Hawaii. Featuring handblown vases and sculptures.
Neff, Stacey
A gallery of blown glass sculptures with organic shapes. [Requires Macromedia Shockwave]
Nolan, Lesley
Kiln-formed glass tableware and contemporary, figurative sculptures. Gallery listing of current exhibits.
Orlina, Ramon
Portfolio of carved glass abstract sculptures.
Poretti, Gianni
Creates sculptures by fusing glass with light and precious metals
Potter, Andrew and Morgan, Rebecca
Gallery of plates, pitchers and vases.
Powell, Stephen Rolfe
Features a gallery of decorative blown glass vessels.
Showcases one of the largest collections of art glass in the United States with over 300 artists.
Reusch, Astri
Glass castings and sculptural installations by this Canadian artist. Includes photo galleries and contact e-mail. [requires flash]
Richards, Christopher and Lowry, Chris
Showcase of vessels and sculptures blown by Christopher Richards and Chris Lowry.
Richardson, Henry
Specializes in abstract fractured glass sculptures for public or private spaces.
Ruth, David
Features a portfolio of public and private architectural sculptures and wall installations.
Sabeck, Deanne
Image galleries of glass sculpture combined with light-effects.
Sand, Tolans
Features online galleryof cold worked crystal and dichroic in architectural forms.
Schroder, Henner
Vitroglyph: architectural and sculptural cast and blown art glass.
Scott, Robinson
Creates blown glass sculptures and vessels with color overlays and glass powders.
Townsend, Milon
Masks, figurative works and paperweights.
Trnka, Pavel
Czech artist's collection of geometric cut-glass sculptures and installations.
Valentina, Adriano Dalla
Features glass crafted by this artist working in Murano, Venice, Italy.
Weinstein, Nikolas
Specializes in sculptural glass installations.
Wilkin, Neil
Contemporary blown glass art for gardens, residential and public spaces.

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