T Lee
Abstract artwork by this Texas-based artist. Also Indian themes.
Tabac, V.
Paintings, ceramics, and graphics. Abstract works as well as landscapes and florals. Moldova-based artist.
Taber, Ken
Water scenes, including misty swamps and seascapes, are shown by this Australian artist.
Takahiro Takahashi
Abstract works and animations by this Japanese artist.
Takeshi Nagasaki
Japanese artist presents a virtual gallery featuring sculpture and woodcut prints. Some text in Japanese.
Talbot, Richard
UK-based artist presents drawings, sculptures, and writings. Geometry and linear perspective are key elements. Includes exhibitions listing.
Talkenger, Peter
Geometric, figurative, and abstract paintings are shown in a virtual gallery. This Swiss artist also presents sculpture and furniture.
Tapia, Mario
Paintings by the late Chilean artist who was based in Milan. Figurative.
Tarlton, Karen
Specializing in abstract and impressionistic palette-knife paintings, including landscapes and portraits. With brief biography.
Tataro, Vera
Czech artist presents acrylic paintings "charged with a positive energy." Representational and fantasy. Includes exhibitions listing.
Tate, Pamela
Representational acrylic paintings by this Canadian artist. Portraits, dancers, and fabric studies are among her subjects. Includes biography.
Tate, Rachelle
Pen & Ink fantasy drawings and jewelry designs in silver and gold by this Tennessee artist. Includes biography.
Tatnall, Runcie
Painterly realism which casts a wry, sensitive eye to all kinds of subjects, from portraiture to cityscapes.
Tavshunsky, Alex
This Toronto-based artist and illustrator works in both traditional and digital techniques, focusing on portraiture, character development, and figurative works in general.
Taylor, Ciaran
This Irish artist specializes in nudes: drawings, pastels and paintings and also sculpture. With biography and exhibitions listing.
Taylor, Jennifer S.
Tennessee-based artist shows paintings and photos of horses, pets, and people. Includes biography. Impressionist.
Taylor, Matthew
HyperOgga: comics, drawings, animations, paintings and graphic design by this Australian artist. Representational and varied.
Taylor, Tim
An exploration of the beauty, pathos, and humour inherent in the everyday. Mixed-media works made from found objects.
Temple, Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple
Tibetan Thangka painting and other works from the artists' studio in Hawaii. Projects in Tibet are also described.
Thibault, Jean-Philippe
Zipertatou: Canadian artist incorporates video, animation, photography, drawing, illustration and music. Childhood and fantasy are typical themes.
Thomas, Chantal
Abstract oil paintings by this French artist.
Thomas, Chris
UK artist shows oil paintings, works on paper, hospital paintings, recent work, and portrait studies. Figurative.
Thomas, Gerlinde
Australian artist presents mixed-media works focusing on figurative genres, especially on the female form. Nudes.
Thomas, Jennifer
Portfolio of Australian artist and educator who shows ceramics, paintings, and collages.
Thomas, Karen E.
Paintings, drawings, cards, and clever creations by the artist known for craft books and TV appearances. Includes biography.
Thomas, Kristin
Washington DC painter, photographer, and graphic designer shows abstract works, with varied photography subjects.
Thomas, Lex
Macabre paintings and collages featuring people with animal heads, landscape sketches, and bug drawings. With exhibitions listing.
Thompson, Carey
Galactivation: paintings and drawings featuring abstraction and optical designs.
Thompson, Kelly
Los Angeles-based painter presents a weblog and samples of her abstract paintings.
Thomson, Angela
Montreal-based artist presents figurative works. Includes biography.
Thorpe, Jeri
Equine, wildlife, and Western art showcased at Painted Horse Studio. Also photos of cougars.
Tighe, Darril
California-based abstract-expressionist presents mixed media and watercolor on paper. Includes resume.
Tilleard, Robert
UK-based artist shows landscape, still life and portrait paintings. Realistic. Also etchings featuring animal imagery.
Tilton, Jac
Dubuque, Iowa-based artist shows examples of watercolors, photographs, drawings, and digital manipulations. Landscapes and abstracts.
Timergaleev, Vitali
Painting, graphics, murals, frescoes, and mosaic works by this Russian artist. Realistic paintings of automobiles and motorcycles.
Tiotva, Inga
Russian artist shows paintings, drawings, batik works, and dress designs. Figurative, impressionist.
Tirrell, Kari
Showcasing portraiture, pet portraits, and figurative work in soft pastel and oils. Includes pastel demonstration.
Tisa, Benedict
D.C.-based artist and teacher shows works and projects from around the globe. Mixed media and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.
Tischenko, Alexei
Surreal and figurative paintings and drawings by this Russian artist. Animations featuring horses.
Tizard, Denita
New Zealand artist focuses on color, people, and numbers in her artwork. Expressionist.
Tkach-Matisons, Lillian
Canadian artist and instructor presents a virtual gallery. Representational paintings. Info about workshops.
Artist at play, with flying pieces of toast! Graphics and visual puns.
Tobias, Sandra
Hong Kong-based Australian artist shows colorful paintings. Surreal landscapes and narratives. Includes exhibitions listing.
Todorov, Todor
Display by this Bulgarian artist featuring 'Sculpture In Architecture' and other sculptural works in various media.
Todorova, Lily
Lily Art weblog by this Bulgarian digital painter, illustrator, and designer. Fantasy and parrots predominate.
Tokman, Rudolf
Oil paintings and wood mosaics, including landscapes and figurative works.
Tolman, Bruce
Miami-based painter shows abstract views from the recent 'Pond' series. Includes exhibitions listings.
Tomlinson, Jane
UK-based artist shows figurative paintings, including florals and animal works. Travel sketches.
Topalski, Darko
Online gallery of works in a variety of media and styles by this Serbian artist.
Topsom, Dale
Paintings, drawings, prints and computer art by this UK-based artist. Various styles.
Tovar, Fernando
The artist uses light to create an atmosphere of serene intimacy. Realistic still-lifes. Includes exhibitions listing.
My Shed: gallery featuring pencil, pen and ink, pastel, with some digital thrown in. Figurative and fantasy works.
Trasobares, Cesar
Work with Quinceaneras, Cuban-American subjects, embroidery, furniture, rings and money sculptures. Artist with 30 years experience.
Treherne, Harold J.
Saskatchewan folk artist's works are showcased. Includes bio and press clippings.
Treisner, George
The artist presents 'Corporate Doodles', the artistic results of experiencing lengthy meetings at work.
Trepanier, France-Marie
Abstract and representational acrylic paintings by this Canadian artist.
Trepte, Cody
Videos, installation images, photos, and abstract pieces by this New York-based artist who works with ideas of information and technology.
Triandaphyllou, Costis
Greek conceptual artist's works are presented and discussed. His focus is on electricity. Includes bio.
Trick, Malenda
Nashville TN-based artist shows works of romantic impressionism. Includes bio.
Psychedelic abstract digital works created by this New York artist.
Trops, Julia
Canadian artist presents an online portfolio featuring figure drawings and abstract paintings. Includes CV.
Trudler, Maria
Colorful expressionist and surrealist works by this self-taught artist. Various media including oil, batik, and ink.
True, Claudia
Colorful landscapes, florals, and abstracts by this California-based painter. Post-impressionist.
Trujillo, Tom
Figurative paintings in pastel, with subjects ranging from religious and historical 'falsehoods' to modern-life issues.
Trulli, David
California artist and cinematographer presents pinhole and zone-plate photography, scratchboard art, and linocuts. Figurative.
Tsatsos, George
Biography of the Greek artist known for his colorful abstract and geometric paintings. Verinha Ottoni organized the site.
Turner, Dave
Kirkland, WA-based artist presents a portfolio of realistic oil portraits on canvas. Includes a technical demonstration.
Turner, Andrea
British watercolor artist and jazz singer presents an online gallery. Includes brief biography. Abstract works and water imagery.
Turner, Jan
UK artist and event organizer shows paintings, sculpture, ceramics and prints. Abstract and figurative. Also family photos.
Turner, Mattie E.
Polarbyte, the artist, presents a homepage featuring digital photography of kids, artwork, and poetry. Includes bio.
Tylicki, Jacek
Artwork, texts, and conceptual projects by New York-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing. Text also in Polish.

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