Pabst, Charles H.
Arizona-based artist showcases his landscapes and Western art in this virtual gallery.
Pacca, Maria
Figurative oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings. Landscapes. Includes bio and exhibitions listing.
Paetau, Kristofer
Documenting and analyzing this Finnish artist's research in the field of contemporary visual arts. Includes downloads, exhibition listings and CV.
Page, David
Fetish-oriented masks and related costuming/art pieces in mixed media and including leather. Includes exhibitions listing.
Pagoulatos, Angela
Animation, web design, illustration, graphics in a Flash-based portfolio. Figurative. Includes resume.
Paik, Alex
Online portfolio featuring acrylics on canvas by this Philadelphia-based artist. Abstract and cartoonesque. Includes resume.
Palermo, Victoria
Portfolio of artwork in rubber, moss, and drawings. Installation pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.
Palladino, Silvio
Italian artist presents conceptual artworks, including performance, photography, video, and installation pieces. With exhibitions listing.
Pang, Jason
A portfolio page of a Malaysian graphic design student.
Panphilov, Sergey
Phantom Gallery: images dealing with the geometry of space. The works are drawn by felt-tip pens and markers.
Paoletti, Matteo
Florence, Italy-based artist shows colorful and expressive landscapes.
Papassavas, George
This online gallery showcases oils, acrylics, watercolors, and sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.
Parent, Annie
Charlottesville-based artist presents traditional and digital photography examples. Chiefly portraits.
Parish, Simon
Figurative paintings and drawings by UK artist. Also contains texts written about the artist and a listing of exhibitions.
Park, Amy
This New York artist shows large watercolor works depicting unique perspectives on modern architecture. Includes exhibitions listing.
Park, S. Sam
Landscape paintings and serigraphs by Pierside-Gallery artist.
Parker, Christine
Impressionist works in oil and acrylic, including streetscapes, still lifes, and figurative imagery. Paintings of dogs too.
Parker, Sandi
Oil paintings of Provence, Tuscany, seascapes and youth sports, in addition to contemporary fauvist landscapes.
Parkes, Michael
Magic realist works are presented by this Pierside-Gallery artist. Includes nudes.
Parkin, Barbara
Vancouver-based visual artist and writer presents landscape and semi-abstract works. Includes bio.
Parrent, Leah
Sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works by an artist who pursues feminist themes. Includes exhibitions listing.
Parsons, Elizabeth
Collection of works of English artist, biography, information about exhibitions.
Parsons, Peter
Ceramics and sculpture are showcased. Includes exhibition notices and photos from the 1986 show in Newtown, Australia. Fantasy and surreal works.
Pasquinelli, Iacopo
Realist landscape paintings, expressionist figurative works, and photographs from this artist who lives in Florence, Italy.
Pavlushko, Izabella
Works described as geometrical abstractions. The artist connects geometry with spirituality.
Pedrotti, Luca
Be Thinkless: conceptual projects and portfolio of this Italian designer who shows examples of websites, logos, and typefaces.
Pellerin, Cindy
Paintings composed of oil and mixed media on canvas from this Canadian artist who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Abstract works, with floral or landscape elements.
Peltier, Clem
Layers of figurative and non-figurative elements feature in paintings by this "master of the light.' Text also in French and Dutch.
Pendleton, D.H.
Online exhibition by artist and skateboard-deck graphics creator.
Perez, Kate
A portfolio of realist paintings, drawings and illustrations by this Cambridge (UK) - based artist. Figurative, featuring pencil, charcoal and acrylic.
Perry, Rachel
Recent work by the New York-based conceptual artist. Installations. Includes exhibitions listing.
Person, Chad
New Mexico-based artist shows abstract and experimental photography. Includes CV.
Peso, Grgic
Abstraction, illustration, digital works, sketches, collage and photomontage by this artist and graphic designer now based in Belgrade. Home page is not in English but the rest of the site is in English.
Peterka, Brian
Figurative and narrative drawings by the Oregon-based artist of 'Briantown.' Includes resume for this graphic designer.
Peters, Sarah
New York-based artist creates pen-and-ink drawings reminiscent of Edward Gorey, celebrated for his macabre illustrations. Includes sculpture samples and resume.
Peterson, Charles L.
Landscapes and nostalgic scenes in watercolor, featuring paintings and prints from this Wisconsin painter. Includes biography.
Peterson, Lori
Landscapes and portraits by this California artist. Background music.
Petta, Egli
This Greek painter presents abstract drawings and oil paintings. Some figurative pieces too. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text only in Greek.
Petter, Gugger
Danish artist uses the medium of newspaper to create images of people, feet, street scenes, female heads, glasses, and dogs.
Pettinato, Anita
InScene Art: Australian artist shows figurative pieces and works featuring patterns.
Pettis, Patrick G.
Impressionist works and commentary in weblog format by this New York artist.
Phaizulline, Ilyas
Russian artist shows works of mystical realism. Text also available in Russian. Paintings and drawings. Brief bio.
Phuong Nguyen
Brooklyn-based artist focuses on mixed media and participatory projects. Includes resume.
Pierson, Hope C.
Cincinnati painter shows colorful, stylized florals executed in oil on canvas.
Pijet, Andre
This Polish-born, Quebec-based painter, illustrator and cartoonist presents satirical and humorous works.
Pilmeyer, Luc
Belgian artist shows surrealist art, videos, animations and web cartoons. Includes exhibitions listing. Text in English and French.
Pils, Kenneth
Stockholm-based artist provides information and commentary about current projects. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.
Pils, Tobias
Artist based in Vienna, Austria, shows a collection of abstract works. Text in English and German. Includes exhibitions listing.
Pinna, Luciano
This conceptual artist, based in Amsterdam, presents an online portfolio featuring information on performance and installation works, sculptures and drawings, and videos.
Pipo Nguyen-duy
Landscape photography, installations and performance works from this artist who was born in Vietnam and now lives in the U.S. Includes exhibitions listing.
Pitt, Andrew
British artist and painting demonstrator presents an online portfolio featuring landscapes and figurative works. Includes information about courses he teaches.
Plant, Martin
Illustrated weblog from the artist, cartoonist, and writer.
Platte-Ford, Sally
Realist works in colored pencil and digital media. Portraits.
Pleasant, Jalal and William M.
Modern but old, of the south but of everywhere. Figurative, expressionist. Flash.
Pogrebinsky, Alexander
An exploration of the deeply humanistic and philosophical world of this Russian artist. Realistic paintings and abstract watercolors.
Poinski, Dianne
Sacramento-based artist shows hand-colored black and white photographs of Europe, landscapes, flowers, and infrared images. The coloring features pastels, photo oils, and colored pencils.
Polivka, Dalibor
California-based artist presents his theories and vision of "De-Aestheticized Art." Abstract and figurative paintings, drawings, and photography. Writings.
Ponce, Michael
Figurative paintings and drawings by an artist born in New Mexico. Horse racing images.
Popov, Xenia
Expressionist drawings from this young German artist.
Porter, James
Representational oil paintings featuring landscapes, still-lifes, and animal studies, including dog portraits.
Portraits in Pencil
Gallery of pencil sketches and logo designs.
Poto, Francesca
Italian painter shows recent works inspired by mermaids in an exhibit called "Sirenide."
Powell, Sue
Realistic still-life and figurative oil paintings by this UK artist.
Pratt, Nancy
South Carolina artist presents watercolor and pencil portraits, including pet portraits.
Prem, Arun
Oil paintings inspired by visits to India, including landscapes and figurative works.
Prevost, Dominique
Canadian artist shows colorful watercolor paintings, ranging from the atmospheric to the whimsical. Includes exhibitions listing.
Price, Seth
Current projects and commentary by the artist.
Priest, Marty
Fantasy, abstract, and realistic paintings in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel.
Prieto, John
Online portfolio of this specialist in visual effects. Maya, XSI, Combustion, Shake. Includes resume.
Prince, Adele
UK artist presents information about current projects. Includes exhibitions listing. Art dealing with instructional designs.
Proffer, Arabella
Portraits, figurative paintings and drawings, fashion illustrations, and posters by this Ohio artist. Includes exhibitions listing.
Proux, Laurent
Paris-based artist presents abstract paintings and drawings. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in French.
Pryor, Carmel
Landscape paintings and other works featuring flowers, butterflies, and dolphins.
Psohlavec, Josef
Czech painter shows a selection of figurative works. (English, Slovenian)
Pugliatti, Carmelo
Italian artist shows some figurative works in a site with unusual navigation features.
Pullman, Christopher
Showcasing a personal collection of writing and images from this artist's career as a designer, and educator. Includes biography.
Pupo, Jorge Luis Alvarez
Photographic works inspired by the artist's interpretation of the 'spiritualism of the human being.'
Pyle, Melissa B.
Oil paintings and prints featuring florals and landscapes by a New Jersey-based artist. Detailed and realistic.

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