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New performing arts production by legendary guitarist, vocalist and multimedia artist, PEARLCOPPER.
American Trance Productions
Dedicated to the current work of Erik Moskowitz. Resume, video demos, and contact information.
An Artist's Double life
Andrea Fryer, 8 months pregnant, climbed into a big black box and showed her belly off to the world in golden frames. You've got to see it to believe it.
Site featuring PEARLCOPPER musical theater Atlantis. Contact information included.
Carclew Youth Arts Centre
A youth arts organisation that develops and provides programs of excellence in all art forms for young people throughout South Australia.
Dogon Effff
To open perception, to rupture lines of experience, Dogon Efff defines itself as an interaction of seeing forces: to grasp change and duration in their original mobility.
Fostering Arts-Mind Education (F.A.M.E.)
Artistic and holistic approaches in childhood education. Enrique C. Feldman, professional performing artist is the founder. Contact information included.
Harrison&Ford House Gymnastics
A cross breed of yoga, breakdancing, climbing and gymnastics in a domestic setting. Do try this at home.
Site about a futuristice video performance project inspired by Conrad, Bakkar and Stugatsky.
The Jubilee Troupe
Project rooted in the Anabaptist peacemaking tradition, organized to energize and renew religious and secular communities through interactive, improvisational performing arts.
The Long Meeting
A calendar of meetings around the world over the course of this century and beyond.
Menopause Mama
Rose Weaver's Menopause Mama is a compelling, cutting edge and often hilarious solo performance about menopause and aging.
Moment: Deutsche Bank's New Art Series
Each year a new project in a new location, a different country. These projects, created by international artists reveal new perspectives that allow a picture, an idea, a situation to come into consciousness.
Chris Bleicher's site enables you to have a look directly into her art studio. See her working and performing and admire her neon art pictures and objects.
PLACEMENT- -Barrington's Finders Keepers Art
Rebecca Barrington does guerilla art placements whenever she travels placing art in public places to be found and kept by passers-by.
Sarita Dev
Contains documentation of objects, installations, projects, and videoclips.
An online visual game with each choice determining the next view. Link for German version.
The Signature Project by Patrick Dunning
At core is a 76 ft x 36 ft mural layered with hidden secrets. Live performance by artist Patrick Dunning brings the mural to life.
The South Australian Youth Arts Board
The South Australian Youth Arts Board (SAYAB) encourages participation and excellence in the arts through a range of scholarships, grants and funding programs.
Subnote: As the Money is Yours and Ours
Displays of several art projects using currency.
Transparent Creature
Abstract artist Brian Russel Davis explores the transparency of the human through the medium of his art. Contact information included.
Umbrella Hats
Real Performance Artists Wear Umbrella Hats: online gallery of umbrella-hat project.
Vectorial Elevation
A net artwork allows people to see and transform the Historic Center in Mexico City using 18 robotic searchlights. The piece uses virtual reality and tele-operation to allow participants to make their own design over the City.
Wishingtrack - Millennium Performance
Your wishes for the 2000 future? Sent back, transformed to "wishingtrack" by computer, they become part of an international art performance under the Rhine river in Cologne.
World Sensorium
Gayil Nalls' world olfactory sculpture for Times Square 2000 celebration. Dropped at midnight over Times Square New Years Eve.
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