Symbolism is an art movement developed in the late 19th century and characterized by the representation of the inner life of people through spiritual or mystical symbols and ideas. Traditional images and pictures are replaced or contrasted by flat mosaic-like surfaces decoratively embellished with figures and design elements. Gauguin was an early practitioner.

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Art of Andrei Kolkoutin
Icon and suprematism signs by Russian artist. Gallery of paintings. Interview, articles, notes.
The Art of Scot Borofsky
An artist who has developed a language of archetypal symbols inspired by pictographic languages. Works on paper and canvas of symbols in developement, in conceptual contexts, overlayed and deconstructed.
Gallery of symbolic landscape, and figurative oil paintings. In English and French.
Atroshenko, Paul
Paintings by an Australian artist; figurative and representational, fantastic realism, influenced by Renaissance art.
Barr, Tommy
Features art of Northern Ireland's distinctive motifs and icons which characterise the Celtic style.
Bourdon, Eric
French painter creating both abstract and figurative paintings with brightly colored improvised characters. [French and English]
De la Hoz, Nicolas
Resume and portfolio of a Colombia artist whose paintings suggest a coexistence between parallel dimensions of reality. [Spanish and English]
Efi, Andrey
Featuring the paintings and illustrations of a Russian artist. Includes profile, exhibition schedule and critique. [English and Russian]
Hamilton, Alex
Vibrant and young, contemporary South African artist.
Hampton, Deedee
Colorado artist creating narrative mixed media paintings and assemblages containing multiple facets of symbolism that are both ambiguous and enigmatic.
Jessing, Michael
Creator of Book of Psalms, a personal interpretation done in a classical symbolic style. Includes a biography, personal statements and examples.
Lampkin, Jeremy
Online portfolio of an acrylic painter whose subjects include portraits, figures, landscapes, and abstract symbolism.
Leenhouwers, Carl
Contemporary artist's paintings inspired by the styles of the old masters, but expressing strong emotions. Includes comments by the artist.
Liimatainen, Ari
Gallery of Finnish contemporary artist. Also an art schoolteacher in Suolahti. Includes exhibition information.
Machalek, Jan
Fantastic, visionary and symbolic art. Images, statement, biography, and exhibitions.
Serard, Viviane
Visionary painter. Virtual gallery presenting her dream paintings. Also a biography.
Steph Roche Underworld Art
Steph Roche's painitngs are motivated by dreams and the unconscious. Mythology, fairy tales, imagery of Paganism, Tarot and early Christian iconography also intrigue her.
Swallow, Ryan
Portfolio of realistic and symbolic, mostly figurative acrylic paintings.
Thibodeaux, P.S.
The "Reminders" are allegorical paintings by a contemporary Texas artist. Using old world masters’ techniques she paints contemporary scenes with dramatic lighting to mimic the polarity of the world in which we live.
Weschler Rubeck, Shari
Exciting, whimsical art, humorous images include "The Corporate Cabaret" and "Tuna Tango".
Ziermann, Peter A.
Offers various descriptive galleries by the Swiss artist.

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