Surrealism began as a 20th century movement and expresses the activities of the subconscious mind through fantastic imagery. The paintings include a variety of content that can include dream interpretation and elements juxtaposed in a hallucinatory setting. Surrealism can be abstract (i.e. Miro) or highly realistic (i.e. Dali).

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Avila, Jinx
Gothic and fantasy artwork of Jinx Avila. Fairies, mermaids and demons. Prints and original paintings for sale. With biography.
Barr, Joel
Does surreal, and narrative art in oil, and mixed-media.
Bartz, Joseph
Presents surrealistic paintings and drawings with detailed explanations and a short biographical note.
Beal, Robert S
Showcasing the work of an artist from Oklahoma who specializes in oil and intaglio.
Becket-Griffith, Jasmine
The only official website for Gothic surreal painter Jasmine Becket-Griffith (a.k.a. Strangeling). Gallery of work, photos of the artist, biography, and information regarding the purchase of custom commissions and original work.
Images of the work of the belgian surrealist painter Bellor (1911-2000), with biography and collections.
Ben-Shoshan, Orna
Israeli artist who creates oil paintings and computer art. Images, biography, mailing list, and exhibitions.
Bomberg, Rachelle
South African artist creating large abstracts and surreal paintings inspired by the changing moods of light, sun and mists over mountain and sea.
Contemporary French painter. Images and biographical note.
Brandenburg, Robert
Ohio artist specializing in altering pre-existing paintings to obtain a pop surrealist style. Includes before and after galleries.
Brevigliero, Battista
Italian artist displays acrylic paintings of figures in mystical architectural landscapes.
Cheval, Michael
Russian artist now residing in New York and influenced by the Old Masters. Includes surrealistic compositions, portraits and ink drawings.
Clapp, Marsha
Paintings of animals and spiritual subjects on feathers, paper, and canvas. With some comments by the artist.
Conrad, Christina
A brief survey of the works of New Zealand's leading exponent of "art brut", including a short autobiography and links.
Cormier Splane, Margot
An imaginative visual story, depicting a blend of humor and serious insight, treated in a highly realistic manner in both acrylic paintings and serigraph prints.
Cotton, Will
Presents work of New York based painter known for his surreal candy landscapes. Paintings explore themes of temptation, gluttony and indulgence. Includes images, curriculum vitae, exhibitions, and news.
Cousset, Jean-Marie
French artist working in a variety of media and creating surreal views of subjects including animals, nudes and architecture. [French and English]
Cukier, Ruben
Paintings and drawings by Argentine artist.
Cusimano, Joseph
Images of paintings by surrealist artist. Also includes information and links about surrealism.
Donikian, Simon
City scapes, still lifes and portraits in realist and semiabstract surrealism by Armenian painter of Romanian schooling living in Queens New York.
Paintings, drawings, illustrations. Media: watercolor, tempera, color washes and pen.
Du Xinjian
Surrealist painter from Jinan, Shandong. Includes images, biography, and review.
Eberle, Dick
A gallery of paintings, drawings, and watercolors.
Fikl, Gheorghe
Romanian artist focusing on figurative surrealism. Includes exhibition schedule and reviews.
Fiveash, Nathan
Images of surreal paintings and drawings by Louisiana artist.
Fox, Ginger
Self-taught artist from Texas focusing on magical realism and how we interact with nature. Includes image galleries and biography.
Franano, Bobby
Portfolio of a Florida artist known for painting large, colorful canvases in a style he calls pop-surrealism.
Franklin, Karl
Oil and acrylic surreal paintings and limited edition prints. Images are based on real life experiences and observations by self taught artist.
Galderisi, Guido
Italian painter known for his fantastic landscapes and creatures. In English and Italian.
Gilbertson, Darren
A portfolio of art work by Darren Gilbertson, B.F.A. Includes curriculum vitae.
Gorin, Igor
Ukrainian contemporary painter.
Gric, Peter
Collection of fantastic/surreal paintings and illustrations of the Czech painter. [Flash]
Gritsiyenko, John
Surrealist works by the Russian artist, and some in other styles. Images and curriculum vitae.
Gurevich, Dalit
Images of the work of a young Israeli painter working in New York. With biography, curriculum vitae, and exhibitions.
Hall, Philip
Presents works of an Australian artist based in New York. Includes examples, resume, and contact details.
Harper, Dennis
A selection of images from the studio, egg temperas, robots fighting in the Italian landscape, art f'art sake.
Heald, Tony
Featuring the watercolors, oil paintings and drawings of a British artist. Includes information about commissions.
Hill, Lilli
Surreal and fantasy paintings in oil on canvas. The painter is a German woman, and almost all of her paintings feature women.
Hoey, Wayne
Contemporary New York City painter of alienation, mostly expressed by female nudes who have problems with their context. Images and artist's statement.
Hoffer, Dominique
Virtual gallery displaying some of the works of this artist. Includes biography and exhibitions.
Hughes, Richard
Ohio artist paints original surrealist paintings in oil on canvas. Images of his works.
Jacobsen, John
Detailed paintings and mixed media works of lonely human figures placed in desolate landscapes.
Jaman, Danijel
Croatian artist creating colorful paintings primarily in oil or watercolor. Includes image galleries and reviews. [Croatian and English]
Johnson, Eban
Dark and detailed paintings, and drawings.
Kahn, Scott
An online visit to "the Tribeca (NYC) studio of surreal-fantasy painter Scott Kahn", with comments by the artist.
Kalcina, Ivan
Works by a Sarajevo-born artist living in Italy. Includes images and biography.
Simple presentation of a Bulgarian painter now residing in Holland.
Koleszar, Alex
Allegorical Surrealism by the California-based painter. Images with comments, essays and biography.
Kukowski, Jaroslaw
Showcasing the surreal, fantasy and magic realism paintings of a contemporary Polish artist.
La Speranza, Luigi
A collection of fantastic, surreal, and realistic oil paintings, drawings, and watercolors. Several etchings are available for purchase.
Lecocq, Pascal
The Painter of Blue and Divers - His work includes surreal landscapes and opera decors, he has become famous for his images of divers in surreal situations enveloped in remarkable blue vistas.
Lohmuller, Gyuri
Biography and portfolio of a self-educated painter from Romania.
Lowe, Ming C.
Contemporary California artist who specializes in large-scale expressionistic oil paintings. Subjects include sexuality, industrial icons, animals, war, death, and the metaphysical. Images and biographical note.
Marlin, Brigid
Paintings in oil and tempera created using the mische technique of the Vienna school of fantastic realism.
Mason, Stephen
American artist currently residing in Germany and combining surrealism with elements of romanticism. [German and English]
May, Dan
Florida artist painting dreamlike environments based on human and nature's relationship with each other.
McCormick, Kristi
Surrealistic images of the world.
Merkle, Phil
Selection of original paintings and design work from the American artist.
Miller, Justin
Paintings derived from abyssal life forms, organic landscapes, shells and fossils.
Mirland, John R
Danish artist creating dark, haunting images of loneliness, desperation, pain and lust often with a religious twist.
Miyakawa, Hikaru H
Showcasing the work of a Japanese artist exploring the hidden treasures of the dark, unconscious archetypes within.
Presents a series of oil and mixed media paintings, with tormented human figures in enigmatic and surreal surroundings.
Mughal, Saqib
Showcasing the work of a Florida artist using windows, doors and fleeting glimpses of girls as symbolic forms.
Nisar, Ron
Original, surrealistic, anthropomorphic art. Nisar's art has been compared to the works of Dali, DeChirico, and Tanguy. He is a new and emerging artist.
Olivos, Claudia
Oil paintings, drawings, pastels and other artworks by a Chilean artist currently residing in Virginia.
Padilla, Miguel
Spanish American artist creating surrealistic imagery based on landscape, history and artifacts of the American Southwest.
Panzullo, Robert
Pennsylvania artist creating surreal and illusionary landscape paintings in a style reminiscent of Dali and Magritte.
Paxton, Stewart
Contemporary religious iconography.
Peck, Marion
Images of oil paintings by a contemporary surrealist and fantasy painter, with an exhibition list, coming events, and catalog of available prints.
Pedroni, Maira
Featuring the paintings, drawings and digital art of an Italian artist focusing on the macabre and visionary. [Italian and English]
Pelletier, Juliette
Dramatic paintings which combine classical imagery with technology and symbolism.
Perez, Santiago
Featuring Surrealist-fantasy, Hispanic and Western landscape paintings. Includes information about exhibitions and collections.
Pinto, Vito M
Paintings of stylized figures dancing in strange landscapes, done in acrylic and oil.
Pitariu, Tatomir
Showcasing the work of a dark artist from Romania influenced by the mythic and mysterious folklore of his homeland.
Pons, Eolo
Argentinian artist creating landscape and figurative paintings from nature, memory and imagination.
Pukac, Michael
A collection of paintings by a Los Angeles artist and live painter. Includes biography, statement and press reviews.
Ransom, John C
Portfolio of an abstract surrealist painter from Venice, California.
Rapp, Otto
Showcasing the surreal and fantastic realist art of an Austrian artist currently residing in Canada.
Raymond, Lee-Anne
Paintings and drawings by an Australian surrealist, often dealing with the fantastic. Includes biography and exhibitions.
Redman, Helen
Presents features about women getting older in "Birthing The Crone: Menopause and aging through an artist's eyes." Includes biography, slide presentation, bibliography, and print ordering information.
Rice, Stephen
Watercolor drawings and surrealistic acrylic paintings. Unusual monotone technique. With biography and exhibition schedule.
Richardson, Debbie
Eyescapes - Surrealist-symbolic oil paintings inspired by her life's lessons.
Richter, Jolanda
Selection of visionary/surreal paintings by a contemporary Austrian painter. Includes biography and reviews. [German and English]
Rohde, Sonja
Highly ornate and surreal paintings in oil or acrylic by a German artist.
Roybal, Antonio
Works of a New Mexico artist who considers himself a proponent of visionary mannerism, fantastic realism, and surrealism. Includes images, biographical note, and short statement.
Sand, Mandy
Israeli painter displays fantastic landscape, still life, and portrait in oil, and drawing.
Sebor, James
Portfolio of paintings, prints, and Flash work. Also contains short glossary of surrealism, including quotations from the founders.
Shelegov, Boris
Day dreams - Surrealistic paintings of Ukrainian artist.
Shores, David
Texas artist blending pop culture, mystery and cartoon appeal into his paintings. Includes biography and exhibition schedule.
Smith, T
Featuring the paintings with background information of a Texas artist. Includes biography and statement.
Spivak, Alexander
Paints in a surrealist style which he calls Poetic Symbolism. Has images, curriculum vitae, and review article.
Staal, Daniel
Dutch artist, exhibiting macabre surrealist paintings.
Sterling, Kim
Murals, drawings, paintings, and odd art, visual and literary. With biography.
Szlavics, Alexa
Hungarian artist working primarily in oil on canvas and inspired by the artifacts of ancient civilizations and visions evoked by meditation.
Ten Sen Kho
Erotic painting, psychoanalytic visual investigations by Russian painter. Oils on canvas.
Togrul, Mazhar
Existential Surrealist from Istanbul displays works. Includes manifesto and exhibitions.
Tom, Cynthia
Paintings representing women and relationships in fantastic landscapes.
van Oostzanen
Samples of work, with a biography and discussions of conception and technique.
Venjean, Daniel
Explores a strange world, filled with fantastic creatures. In English and French.
Vijender Sharma
Contemporary New Delhi surrealist explores metaphysical questions. Includes images, biographical and exhibition information, and reviews.
Waguespack, John
San Francisco painter inspired by historical and current events, religion, sarcasm and elements of popular culture.
Walravens, Servaas
Gallery of works by Belgium artist. Includes biography and exhibition information.
Warner, Nancie
Dreamlike oil paintings divided into four subjects: art of being human, dilemma, dream, and life and death.
Werlin, Judy
Highly realized imagery with spiritual content. Paintings are done with oils and mixed materials, including pencil, pastel, collaged black and white xeroxes.
Wohlwend, Martin R
Blog and portfolio of an artist from Liechtenstein who describes his work as reflections of human nature, the creation of the universe, our environment, and today’s society.
Wong-Ligda, Ed
Hyperrealist oil paintings with explanations by the artist.

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