A still life is a work of art where objects are pre-arranged. The term indicates the representation of inanimate subjects, such as flowers, fruit and furniture as opposed to paintings containing human figures. Utilized in Western art since the 17th century, still life painting offers the artist more freedom in the arrangement of design elements.

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Becker, Charles
Realistic, glowing, still lifes painted in oils.
Berglund, Harold
A selection of paintings, biographyical notes and various thoughts about painting still-lifes.
Berman, Ellen
Metaphoric still lifes of domestic objects in oil.
Bozzoli, M. Christine
Floral designs featuring brilliant colors and textural reliefs of oil on canvases.
Brodholt, Gail
Presents her vividly colored paintings and prints of everyday objects. Also has biography.
Bryan, Lorinda
Gallery of botanical and still life paintings in oil or watercolor by a Maryland artist working in a realist style.
Bryan, Malcolm
Gallery of naturalistic representational originals still life paintings. Includes gallery information and biography.
Bunt, Audrey
Online gallery for the paintings of an Irish artist now residing in Canada and specializing in contemporary art of the land and sea.
Cañas, Juana
Her talent for bringing life to the art of realist still-life painting gives her paintings a warm, welcoming quality.
Doyle, Ron
Still life paintings with unique subject matter and realistic style.
Dunlop, Bobbi
Everyday beauty painted in the classic tradition of simplicity, dignity and balance.
Edmondson, Daniel
Colorado artist paints in oils working in the classical realist tradition of the Old Masters. Images, biography, and affiliations.
Ernst, Lisa
Paintings explore the intricate patterns made by a cluster of azalea blooms, the play of light on rose petals, shadows falling on Calla lilies.
Erwin, Russell
Traditional still life painting in oil.
Fuller, Richard
Portfolio of vividly colored floral studies done in oil.
Garro, Barbara
New York artist focusing on watercolor and acrylic paintings primarily of flowers, as well as printed products and books.
Greenaway, Kate
Fairly classical still-life in acrylic on board or canvas by a member of the Society of Women Artists.
Hardwick, Trisha
Creates oil paintings of fruit, flowers and china. Provides a gallery, resume and contact information.
Hartman, Christine
Featuring the paintings and drawings of an artist from New York. Includes statement and exhibition schedule.
Holly Farrell
Acrylic and oil paintings caught between the boundaries of Still Life and Portraiture.
Hough, Linda
French artist’s gallery of oils with a focus on light and shadow. Primary subjects are still life and doorways.
Jackson, Daniel
Realistic still-life paintings with a contemporary sensibility. Features images of the artist's work, a bio, and contact info.
Jones, Jane
Classical realism that presents contemporary images of flowers, fruits and glass that vibrate with color and light.
Kembry, Nancy
Toronto based artist specializing in oil on canvas paintings. Her unique still life paintings create a tranquil, somber, feeling.
Kenarev-Nikiforov, Vasilena
Resume and portfolio of a Bulgarian artist working primarily with watercolor.
Kim, Kyung Hwa
Original still life oil paintings in 7 exhibition rooms corresponding to her personal exhibitions, including art criticisms and other art links such as museums, galleries, and art fairs.
Knight, Amanda
London-based artist focusing on colorful, contemporary, still life paintings, featuring flowers, plants, fruits and domestic interiors.
Lane, Susan
Portfolio of realistic still life oil paintings.
Lewandowski, Michael
Non-traditional still life paintings and portrait paintings in the style of Norman Rockwell.
Livingston, Ana
Ana's precise work is inspired by Spanish XVIIth century still life. She depicts mainly fruit or baskets with glasses. Includes images of her work, with some biographical and historical information.
Lyons, Joan
British flower artist in acrylics and pastels. Images and biographical note.
Masetti, Jean
Mostly florals. Includes images of her work, exhibition news, and a biographical note. Prints of her work are available for purchase.
McPartland, Robert
British artist creating contemporary drawings and paintings of the forms we share our world with. Includes resume and exhibition history.
Mnev, Vladimir
Oil paintings of flowers by Jerusalem artist. Also accepts orders for portraits from photographs.
Morgan, Douglas
San Francisco fine artist paints still lifes, landscape and interiors. With biography and events.
Murray, Ann
Presents a gallery of her work, including paintings and drawings of clothing .
Perkins, Tim
Contemporary Arizona artist paints still lifes in oil in the Baroque tradition. Images, biographical note, and curriculum vitae.
Peters, Chris
Vanitas still life paintings combining the real and the abstract.
Principe, Sandra
Oil paintings of orchids by Chicago painter. Includes images, artist's statement, biography and curriculum vitae, and sales and contact information.
Saldarriaga, Rafael
Oil paintings by this Colombia born artist now living in New York.
Shechter, Laura
Meticulous, still-life paintings and fine, silverpoint drawings are typical of the works by this contemporary realist painter.
Portfolio of a French artist now residing in California and specializing in realistic still life, oil paintings.
Songhurst, Anne
British artist focusing on contemporary still life oil paintings inspired by the Dutch and Flemish Masters.
Dallas artist Susie Phillips creates beautiful paintings, pastels, and watercolors, mostly still lifes. Includes images, resume, and guestbook.
Talbot, Robert
Contemporary British artist, mainly still lifes in oils, which aim for a simple, direct and austere representation of their subject.
Titus, Richard
Portfolio of oil on canvas paintings and pencil on paper drawings.
Willaims, Vivienne
Featuring paintings of jugs, bowls, flowers and fruit by a contemporary Welsh artist working primarily with acrylics.

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