A Seascape is a painting of a view of the sea or ocean.

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Arsenault, Paul
Showcasing the paintings of a Canadian artist focusing on contemporary life in coastal communities
Baumens, Gordon
Quality art reproductions from the paintings of this British marine artist.
Bernair, Eléonore
Resume and portfolio of a Belgian artist creating hyper-realistic seascapes and some figurative work.
Bicke'l Evans, Shirley
Vancouver, Washington-based marine artist. Provides a brief biography, photo, gallery and contact information.
Boden, Mark
Showcasing realistic seascape and marine oil paintings.
Brodie Hill, Anne
American Society of Marine Artists signature member presents paintings and prints of seascapes, boats, tropical fish, and Bridges of Lake Lanier, GA.
Fish, Graham
Portfolio of the artist, of Devon, UK, whose oil paintings of the sea are powerful and spiritual, haunting and evocative.
Flores, Juan
Based in California and specializing in surfing images and seascapes, primarily in acrylic.
Genway, Gao
California Waters. Landscapes-most of them are water scenes, which I preferably called waterscapes, are subjects of my paintings.
Gibbs, Nathan Paul
Based in California and specializing in surf art, wave paintings and found object sculptures. Includes biography, statement and portfolio.
Groves, John
Enjoy the romantic age of sail with a visit to the studio. The gallery includes twenty two unique paintings from the internationally recognised marine artist.
Hardy, Michele Devereaux
Original oil paintings inspired by the sea. Seascapes, lighthouses,clipper ships, 18th Century sailing ships.
A Cape Cod artist working with oils or watercolors influenced by American artists and modern photography.
John, Kenneth
Arizona artist focusing on coastal paintings in styles ranging from realism to impressionism. Includes biography and information about instructional DVDs.
Johns, Larry
Cornish seascapes by local artist.
Kettle, Stuart
Portfolio of a British artist whose style is minimalist with a strong graphic influence, and inspired by the Isles of Scilly.
LeFevre, Robert
Resident of South Carolina and specializing in realistic oil paintings of the ocean, lakes and landscapes. Includes statement and biography.
Light, Charlotte
Inspired by moonlight, sunsets and sunlit days on the Pacific coast, and painting in a traditional romantic realist style.
Mayo, Irene Sainz
New York artist who currently resides in Georgia and focuses on oil paintings of coastal landscapes and portraits.
Mazek, Anna
British artist focusing on coastal scenes and seascapes, using a variety of techniques and media, and also creating figurative paintings.
McCormack, David
Paintings of the Lizard Peninsula - Cornish seascapes and coastal scenes. Gouache, inks and watercolours. A Cornish experience, includes mpeg videos of the various coastal locations.
Oliver, Max
British artist focusing on contemporary, representational coastal scenes of Dorset and Cornwall in oils.
Perini, Colin
Vividly colored, photorealistic seascapes by the Australian artist. Some of the paintings are available for purchase.
Pickering, Byron
Marine Paintings of Byron Pickering. With the inspiration of the sea Byron Pickering began to put his thoughts on canvas.
Raymond-Pereira, Garry
British artist specializing in realistic representations in oil of the land and sea, and inspired by the coast line of East Anglia.
Silvester, Julie
Featuring the pastel paintings of an Australian artist inspired by the water and coastal landscapes.
Strack, Annie
Showcasing the paintings of a classically trained maritime artist from Florida. Includes information about instructional DVDs and workshops.
Woods, Jack
Featuring the paintings of an Australian artist focusing on sea scenes and particularly the classic cruising yachts of bygone years.

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