Contemporary Realism is a subtle combination of straightforward, traditional, representational painting with Modernist concepts. It differs from "Classical Realism" which is romantic in nature and does not reference concepts of Modern Art, and "Photorealism" which is often ironic and conceptual in nature.
Alveranga, Helen
Natural images in oil by British artist; twigs, stones, flowers, leaves, water drops.
Anderson, Robert R
Specializing in outdoor scenes including golf, field sports and Vermont settings.
Audette, Anna Held
Paintings of industrial ruins and abandoned machinery.
Avivi, Shay
Featuring the figurative and portraiture paintings and drawings of an Israeli artist.
Bagguley, Richard
Featuring the work of a British artist painting uncompromising images depicting spiritual juxtapositions and other aspects of humankind.
Baker, Mary
Paintings of flowers, gardens, historic houses, landscapes of seaport New England city, Newburyport, Massachusetts.
Balch, Christina
Based in Los Angeles and working primarily with acrylic to create figurative work which is ominous and intriguing.
Beaumont, Christopher
On-line gallery of still life paintings and drawings by an Australian artist.
Beda, Gaye Elise
New York artist inspired by the ordinary and commonplace and focusing on street scenes and figurative paintings and drawings.
Beers, Kevin
Painting includes abandoned cars and trucks, landscapes and cityscapes.
Boyd, Cathy
Ontario artist working primarily with oils and pastels. Includes statement and image galleries.
Bradford, Donald
California painter whose subject matter includes still-life, bulletin boards, and books with art history references. Includes statement and resume.
Braun, Roger
Dutch artist specializing in portraits and industrial paintings. Includes biography and information about exhibitions. [English and Dutch]
Brennan, Christopher
Gallery of paintings by an artist from Illinois including urban landscapes and sparse interiors.
Brits, Neli
South African artist working with watercolor, oil, pastel and pencil, and inspired by the beauty, wonder and meaning of creation.
Brooks, Larry
A Los Angeles based painter specializing in still life and portraiture. Includes image galleries and information about exhibitions.
Bukhina, Maya
Featuring the landscape, still life and fantasy paintings of a Russian artist now residing in Israel.
Burns, Brad
California artist specializing in landscapes, florals and paintings of construction or agricultural equipment.
Byars, David
British artist specializing in landscapes, close-up studies, scenes of dereliction and woodland, primarily in acrylic or watercolor.
Cassady, Jack
Showcasing the paintings of a Canadian artist including street scenes, landscapes, portraits, Western and nude.
Chandler, Shari
Paintings of southwestern landscapes by artist living in New Mexico.
Childs, Casey
Showcasing the portraits, drawings, still life and landscapes of a painter from Utah. Includes information about commissions.
Chris McHenry, Chris
Landscape and architectural paintings by artist from Dallas, Texas.
Clamp, Laura
British artist inspired by popular culture and the manipulated and sexualized images in the media. Includes portfolio and exhibition history.
Collins, Jacob
Landscapes, still life, interiors and figurative art work by contemporary realist painter.
Cooper, Chris
Interior, figurative and landscape paintings.
Coulter, Scott
Artist creates acrylic landscape paintings.
Craig, Gary
Focusing on figures and portraits in pencil and oil.
Craig, H M
Boston artist specializing in large scale floral still life paintings. Includes biography and image galleries.
Cudworth, Nick
British artist working in oil or pastel and equally known for landscape, still life and portraiture.
Davis, Richard Thomas
Contemporary realism--painting technique of oil over tempera emulsion on traditional gesso; figurative, landscapes, interiors, cityscapes and still life art work.
Dehrmann, Till
German artist specializing in realistic oil paintings of oriental landscapes, portraits and scenes of North African life. Includes portfolio and biography. [English, French and German]
Del Baldo, Luca
Italian artist specializing in the human body and death. Includes background information and portfolio.
Derieg, Rena
Portfolio of a Louisiana artist including portrait, landscape and floral paintings in oil, watercolor, and colored pencil. [May not work in some browsers]
Dimitrijevic, Kristina
Portfolio and blog of an artist from Pennsylvania who specializes in still life.
Dodson, Wayne
Virginia-based painter creating quiet compositions of stillness, solitude, and mystery. Includes artist's statement and portfolio.
Dorshimer, Duane
Featuring paintings and drawings including North Carolina landscapes, travel scenes, still life and figures.
Duval, Renee
Canadian painter using landscape imagery to articulate a sense of visual sensation. Includes press reviews and portfolio.
Earlie, Corrina
Resume and portfolio of an Irish artist focusing on still life, urban scenes, landscapes and animals.
Ellis, Janis
Featuring the figurative and landscape paintings of a West Indian artist now residing in Toronto.
Engel, Camille
Tennessee oil painter known for her use of rich colors, textures, and intricate detail. Includes exhibition schedule and reviews.
Eubanks, Saskia Ozols
Featuring the still life, figurative and landscape paintings and drawings of an artist from Boston.
Felix, Amedeo
British artist creating paintings from photographic representation. Includes curriculum vitae and image galleries.
Fernandez, Luis
Spanish artist specializing in urban landscapes and architecture. [English and Spanish]
Folla, Alex
Featuring the paintings, engravings and frescoes of an Italian artist. [English and Italian]
Fraser, Scott
Contemporary realistic still-life paintings, interiors, juxtaposed objects, floating objects and images out of context.
Gallego, Christopher
Still life paintings and drawings of objects and interiors, as well as landscapes by realist painter and draftsman.
Garmendia, Tatiana
Cuban artist now residing in Washington focusing on figurative and narrative work. Includes biography and portfolio.
Gercke, Axel
German painter; bicycle tours, billiards, landscapes, cityscapes, people and industrial images.
Giglio, Dominic
Portfolio of a Californian artist influenced by both nature and people including Western landscapes and Native Americans.
Goodhall, Peter
Featuring paintings that portray the movement of water, nostalgic scenes and ink drawings.
Gornik, April
Landscape paintings of the sea, lakes, fields, marshes, rain and storms.
Guerin, Spence
Florida to Alaska landscapes; cityscapes, portraits, flowers, still-life and figurative artwork; oil and watercolor painting.
Hale, Geoff
Australian artist specializing in realistic pastel drawings and oil paintings. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
Harvey, Clare
Based in Illinois and specializing in portraits and other commissions painted from photographs in acrylic or oil.
Hawley, Steve
Painter of figurative, still-life, flowers, landscapes, portraits, seascapes and biblical art work.
Higgins, David
Portfolio and exhibition schedule of an artist from New York State working primarily with oils.
Hill, Olivia
Artist from New Orleans focusing on figurative oil paintings. Includes biography, portfolio and exhibition details.
Holland, Harry
The on-line portfolio and biography of a contemporary, figurative and realist painter based in Cardiff, South Wales.
Hopkinson, Paul
British artist working with watercolor, oils, acrylics and graphite on a variety of subjects including portraits, landscapes and animals.
Håseth, Kolbjørn
Resume and portfolio of a Norwegian painter of landscapes, seascapes and fjords primarily in acrylic. [English and Norwegian]
Jackson, Kevin
Blog and portfolio of a Scottish artist with subjects including movie character portraits, animals, figures and landscapes.
Jackson, Layne
Chicago based artist specializing in narrative paintings based on found and taken black and white photographs.
Jackson, Robert C.
Contemporary realist paintings; still life artwork and inanimate objects.
Jenkins, Christopher
Painting in oil and specializing in North American transportation including ships, trains, and airplanes.
Jones, Carol
Kentucky artist specializing in close ups of familiar objects, landscapes and still-life. Includes exhibition schedule and information about commissions.
Kapustnikova, Janna
Based in the Republic of Belarus and painting a variety of subjects in a style she calls ordinary-life realism. Includes curriculum vitae and exhibition information. [English and Russian]
Kourilchik, Ira
Based in Canada and specializing in dogs, nature and portraiture. Includes information about exhibitions and commissions.
Lebeau, Edith
Portfolio of a Canadian artist influenced by Greek, Roman and Celtic mythologies, movies and fairy tales.
Leib, Christopher
Still life paintings of found objects such as shells and cans.
Lemke Waste, Kathrine
Straightforward still-life objects painted in watercolor.
Lopez, Sergio
Featuring the figurative, landscape and still life paintings and drawings of an artist from California.
Loy, David
French artist focusing on landscapes, nudes and portraits using both realism and impressionism styles. [English and French]
MacLareh, Connie
Canadian artist who creates finely detailed still life images and contemporary portraits, primarily in oil or watercolor.
Madzharov, Ivan
Bulgarian artist working primarily with oil. Includes gallery of landscape, still life, portrait and figural compositions.
Marcou, Joseph
Florida artist focusing on still life and figurative work in acyclic on canvas. Includes biography and exhibition schedule.
Mathew, Biju P
Indian artist focusing on nature and landscapes paintings. Includes statement, biography and information about commissions.
Mizner, Kevin
Showcasing the paintings of a Maine artist working primarily with oils to depict landscapes, seascapes and portraits.
Määttä, Arto
Resume and portfolio of a Finnish artist focusing on nature and specializing in forest scenes. [English and Finnish]
Navarro, Irene
Specializes in realist paintings of interiors and exteriors, technology, industry, and landscapes by German artist.
Nelson, Riki R
Californian artist focusing on figurative, seascape and still life oil paintings. Includes portfolio and background information.
Nicholson, Don
Featuring the landscapes, cityscapes, still life and portraits of a California painter. Includes biography and information about commissions.
Nixon, Cynthia
Based in Pennsylvania and focusing on figurative work. Includes resume, portfolio and press reviews.
Ober, Julie
A Suburban retrospective of paintings by an artist from Pennsylvania.
Palermo, Judy
Portfolio and blog of an artist from Minnesota focusing on still life and figurative oil paintings.
Palmer, Heidi
Portfolio of New England landscapes and interiors.
Papp, Felicity
American artist living in Germany and focusing on modern figurative paintings in oil, acrylics and mixed media.
Paschina, Marina
Resume and portfolio of an artist from Moldova painting a variety of subjects.
Perez, Alex
Biography and portfolio of a Chilean artist specializing in landscapes and seascapes.
Perez, Bong
Showcasing the paintings and drawings of a Filipino artist including landscapes, flowers, ethnic art and culture, and people in urban places.
Powell, Jeanette
Portfolio of a Houston artist specializing in realistic paintings of people, animals and still life.
Prikota, Vadim
Featuring the work of a Ukrainian painter focusing on landscapes, reproductions and portraits. [English, Russian and Ukrainian]
Raffael, Joseph
Official site of American painter offering nature, flowers, and figurative art work in vivid colors. Includes biography, interviews, videos, exhibitions, studio photographs, and galleries and presentations of his work.
Reichhart, Lynne
Featuring the acrylic and watercolor paintings and colored pencil drawings of an artist from New York State.
Reinemann, Tony
Based in Manhattan and creating portraits of New York City and all its eccentricities.
Rowe, Sue
British artist whose paintings are inspired by street life, architecture and social history, also creating UV backdrops and mobiles.
Rudd, Cameron
British artist working in Berlin and focusing on urban still life, narrative and landscape paintings, primarily in oil.
Sadler, Ada
Oil painting; interiors, chair series, bathtubbie series.
Saether, Jan Valentin
The life and career of Jan Valentin Saether, one of the pioneers of the neo-figurative movement that emerged in Norway in the post-war era.
Salazar, Loren
Based in Costa Rica and specializing in photorealism and surreal paintings. Includes biography and information about his technique.
Sanders, Miriam
Specializing in portraiture in a variety of media. Includes image galleries and biography.
Schwabel, Kendra
Paintings of store fronts, European scenes, still life and landscapes.
Scott, Stephen E.
Image gallery of his figure and landscape paintings, artist's biography, news, links and online store.
Shap, Sylvia
Psychological portraits by artist living in Los Angeles.
Smith Bickford, Pamela
Featuring the drawings and paintings of a Virginia artist specializing in the post-impressionistic technique of pointillism.
Soukup, Holly
North Carolina artist and instructor creating landscapes, portraits and still-life in both representational and contemporary styles.
Spellman, Robert
Based in Colorado and painting on canvas and paper; subjects include landscape, fruit, flowers and ordinary objects.
Sprick, Daniel
Flowers, still-life, landscapes and figurative paintings by artist working in contemporary realism.
Stankovic, Lela
Showcasing the drawings, paintings and miniatures of a Canadian artist focusing on nature and landscapes.
Starr, David F
Based in Wisconsin and specializing in paintings of figures with backdrops of automotive, animal and scientific imagery.
Talbot, Elizabeth
British artist specializing in paintings and drawings that incorporate landscape themes evoking a mysterious and silent world.
Taylor, Steve
Oregon artist describing his style as emotional realism with subjects including female figurative, Western art and soulful jazz.
Teague, Nancy
Nebraska based artist using realism and bold compositions to create still life acrylic paintings. Includes biography and image galleries.
Tipton, Randall
Non-traditional landscapes in watermedia and oil; psychological quality and unusual use of color.
Toderian, Sheila
Paintings and drawings by a Canadian artist working in a variety of media and inspired by animals and nature.
Tresslar, Anita
Ohio artist specializing in colorful still life. Includes image galleries, biography and exhibition schedule.
Trinajstic, Liliana
Contemporary realistic portrait and figurative paintings in oil and mixed media by Croatian artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland.
Van Patten, James
Landscapes of lakes, oceans, marshes and waterways by realist artist.
van Steden, Julia
Dutch artist working with acrylic on linen or canvas and focusing on roses, sea views, portraits and fantasy. [English and Dutch]
Vaughn, Jeffrey
Primarily landscapes as well as images of the city; also paintings of lakes and rivers, creeks and streams by Midwest based artist.
Vigon, David
Urban scenes of New York City; floral, portraits and figurative art work in oils .
Volpe, Steven
Selection of paintings by a Canadian artist exploring interior, urban, landscape and figurative themes. Includes resume and information about commissions.
Waters, Claudia
Based in New Jersey and specializing in figurative seaside and underwater oil paintings. Includes artist's statement and portfolio.
Weaver, S Josephine
Blog and portfolio of an artist from Ohio including still life and landscape paintings in oil.
White, Helen
British landscape and figurative artist specializing in oil on canvas. Includes image galleries and exhibition schedule.
Whitehouse, Ben
Contemporary landscape painting by Chicago artist.
Wilson, Jennifer
Scottish painter of animal or people portraits, landscapes and architecture. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
Witte-Vermeulen, Lucas
British artist focusing on landscape, still life and nudes. Includes resume, portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Wraith, Robbie
Portraits, still life, interiors, exteriors and figurative art work by British artist.
Ytterland, Bjarte
Showcasing the paintings of a maritime artist specializing on the Norwegian coast.

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