Pop art is an artistic movement developed in New York in the late 1960’s that is a rejection of abstract expressionism. The style derives from mass popular culture including comic strips, canned goods and science fiction. Leading artists of the style include Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Roy Lichtenstein.

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Agle, Josh
Also known as Shag and creating artwork that celebrates consumerism and consumption from his studio in California.
Anderson, Sean
Pop style works with stencils, spray paint, acrylics, oils and house paints
Augustine, Karen Miranda
Canadian artist specializing in ritualistic pop art influenced by African belief systems, outsider expressionism and counterculture.
Awae, Yumiko
Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Japanese artist now residing in the US and working with acrylic, ink, watercolor and mixed media.
Azzopardi, Deborah
Featuring a gallery of original paintings and screen prints created with bold colors and humor.
Balasis, Michel
Chicago artist creating paintings on canvas and graphic artwork in comic and abstract styles. Includes information about commissions.
Barfield, Jennie
Featuring the paintings, resume and exhibition schedule of a British artist. [English, Spanish and Catalan]
Baseman, Gary
Painter of cartoonish, macabre pictures. Show schedule, biography, and reviews.
Big Eyed Art
Big eyed waifs, pity kitties and puppies, the "lost" art of the 1960s. A collection of links and artwork by Keane, Gig Lee, Eve, and Eden.
Biskup, Tim
Inspired by mid-century modern design infused with a healthy dose of punk rock energy.
Bodnar, Mark
American artist offers biography, image galleries and exhibition news.
Bollaert, Jan
Paintings and techniques in pop, neo-popart, and sculptures.
Bond, Angela
Featuring acrylic paintings of cats, dogs and other animals. Includes a profile of the Atlanta-based artist.
Borden, Julie
Whimsical, colorful pop art from nationally known Pop-Art painter and furniture designer. Ceramics, paintings and sculptures.
Bret Rowe
Modern pop art. Original painting blends text with cultural, historical and political icons and oddities.
Britto, Romero
Offers gallery of paintings, serigraphs, drawings and sculpture reflecting a modern pop art theme combined with the primitive ideas of the early modern masters. Includes articles and newsletter.
Brown, Mark
Based in California and painting in a pop surrealist style. Includes background information and exhibition schedule.
Buick, Sunny
Pop Paintings in American tattoo style, Mexican folk art, and Tibetan and Oriental design.
Chase, Jason
Suburban American pop art paintings by an artist based in Boston.
Clark, Gabriel Ocean
Pop art paintings on canvas, room dividing screens, prints and linocuts, silkscreens, sculptures also commissioned works.
Clarke, John Clem
Photo-realist techniques and Pop Art imagery come together in the work of noted American painter.
D'Angelo, Steve
Colorful pop and realism style paintings. Themes include aesthetic beauty, psychology, the world of art, and nostalgia.
David, Chas
New York artist specializing in large and vibrant art pieces with a unique look on the world around.
de Brousse, Benjamin
Showcasing the work of a French artist focusing on a futuristic bizarre world. [English, French and Spanish]
Digonis, Diana
TerraceStudios collection of pop art dogs and folk paintings from Artist Diana Digonis.
Duvoisin, Agnieszka Pirszel
Showcasing the work of an illustrator, designer, painter and street artist from Switzerland who is also known as Kika.
El, Alex
Russian artist now residing in Canada and painting in a child-like, almost naive style.
Interactive pop art site with graffiti, painting, sculpture, raw art. French Artist Favarica. Site in Flash
Acrylic popart paintings in bright colors, fonts often with a political statement. Austrian Painter
Gandy, Bruce
Portfolio of an American artist specializing in watercolor paintings of the female form.
Gilbert, Joanna
Showcasing the work of a London based artist specializing in pop art portraits, modern abstracts and commissions.
Godard, Michael
popart of crocodiles cruising in convertibles down the Vegas strip, to cigars and wildlife,
Gory, Renee
A Chicago artist obsessed with toys, trashy foods, glam rock, Eastern religious diagrams, demons, and silver. Images and resume.
Heint, Rae
Paintings of the neopop art movement. Color pop art paintings in Australia.
Henry, Kyle
Featuring oil on canvas paintings, executed in the tradition of the pulp illustrators of the early 20th century.
Kayukawa, Yumiko
Modern pop artist living and painting in Sapporo, Japan. Interview, gallery of her work, and show schedule.
Keane, Margaret
Big Eye pop art painting, Waifs, Keane, and Sad Eyes. Represented by: Keane Eyes Gallery
Keene, Steve
Quotes, profile, images of his paintings, sale gallery, and contact information.
Knuyt, Sandra
Belgian Pop artist currently working in Kuala Lumpur. Fine art and decorative pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.
Kreloff, Martin
Pop Art portraits of Hollywood stars, pets, Japanese Geishas, Sumos wrestlers. Paintings and prints available.
Lefcort, Allison
Paints original acrylic pop art celebrity portraits.
Lyda, Tanya
An Illinois artist focusing on cultural icons, funky images, whimsical characters and children's art.
Maclean, Tim
Scottish artist creating colorful and surreal acrylic paintings infused with pop culture references.
Maria, Kara
Resume and portfolio of an artist inspired by current events.
Resume and portfolio of a Colorado artist working with pencil on drafting vellum and creating dogs, cats, bugs and other images.
Nolte, Nina
Realistic portraits, colorful pop art, striking still-lifes.
Perez, Michael
New York artist, his artwork focuses on simple subject matters, such as faces and still life objects, yet they deliver a strong impression.
Persson, Ruby
Original pop art paintings with hard edges and bold colors. Also comic strip and anime art.
Pilon, Mark Atomos
Featuring colorful cocktail of cycloptic creatures, hot rods, rockets, scooters, fish, drunks and undersea adventures.
Pompetti, John
Resume and portfolio of a Philadelphia artist creating paintings that share elements of pop, graphic and contemporary art.
Ransom, Robert
Contemporary pop and western art oil paintings. original figurative art. Northern California artist Robert Ramsom shows and gallery schedule
Rodez, George
Abstract popart from Florida artist. Includes image galleries, biography, resume, exhibition list, testimonials, on-line shopping and contact details.
Showcasing the paintings of a London-based artist specializing in hand cut multi layer stencil and spray paint art.
Samaras, Isabel
Pop art portraits of celebrities. Samaras, Isabel paintings and illustrations.
Schaller, Jeff
Encaustic paintings that incorporate representational pop images with the printed word.
Scholtes, Jasper
Dutch artist now residing in the UK and creating paintings described as a combination of urban and pop art.
Schorr, Todd
Cartoon styled pop art of people, animals and fantasy world caught in mid action. prints, paintings available.
Scott, Richard
Naive meets pop. Images, curriculum vitae, and free screensaver of work by this South African artist.
Siegel, Tori
Showcasing the paintings of an artist from Washington whose work is a mix between pop art and cubism.
New American style pop art such as sunflowers, beach scenes in bright fields of color outlined in black.
Styles, Toby
Gallery of dark humoured, cartoon images in oil on canvas.
Taylor, Johnny
Based in California and painting primarily with acrylics in a hard-edged cartoon style. Includes artist's statement and biography.
Von Lind, Baron
Featuring the vintage pin-up girls and old Hollywood glamor paintings of a Florida-based artist working primarily with oil on canvas.
Wagner, Hilary L.
A dynamic collection of works, focusing on color, style, flash paintings and collages. See upcoming shows.
Walikis, Tim
Bold paintings with strong lines in the Art Brut, Outsider and Pop Art Style. Works in wood and on canvas.
Wiggins, Grant
Wiggz.com: 21st Century Pop "Acid Pop" paintings of imagined consumer products combines Dadaism and early Warhol style.

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