Nature is defined as the natural physical world and can include plants, animals and landscapes, geology, landforms, aquatic features, etc. It is a primitive state of existence, untouched and uninfluenced by civilization or artificiality. If the artist’s main focus includes the painting of animals, please suggest to Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting/Artists/Nature_and_Wildlife.

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Barnes-Roberts, Donna
Watercolors with high emotion and a slightly weird sense of humor. Includes information about art clubs in the Pasadena, California area.
Berger, Don
Sumptuous floral paintings, awash with rich colours, these large canvases convey the luminosity and perfection of nature.
Beynon, Arnolda
Botanical artist specializing in Australian plants, fruits, seeds and insect life.
Chapman, Julie T.
Fine art based on wildlife and nature, with art tales and other information.
Cockburn, Leigh
Birds, butterflies and landscapes in acrylic and pastel. Just a Wee Gallery is located in Canada and this is a presentation of some of the work available there, with a biographical note.
Coleman, James
Nevada artist provides gallery of paintings featuring sweeping skies, tropical rain forests, deep woods and deserts. Includes biography and guest book.
Crossman, Rod
This sporting artist features fishing, hunting, animal life and outdoor scenes in watercolor and oil paintings, etchings and limited edition prints. [Requires Flash]
de Vanssay, Caroline
Patagonian nature paintings and prints for fly fishers, bird watchers, and nature lovers. Images and biography. In English and Spanish.
Debongnie, Jean-Francois
Artist presents floral paintings as iconographic signatures and as part of a landscape with an overall impression of movement. Gallery and contact information.
Fosler , Jason
Personal art gallery of San Francisco artist working with acrylic stain and collage. Include resume and exhibitions.
Hellstrom, Jane
Watercolour and oil paintings of horses, dogs, cattle, birds, pegasus.
Jubb, Kendahl Jan
Presents richly colored wildlife and floral study watercolor paintings.
Lonmo, Nan
Canadian artist specializing in flowers and landscapes in watercolor or oil. Includes brief biography and image galleries.
Messel, Victoria
Biography and portfolio of a British botanical artist specializing in gouache and watercolor.
Nelson, Pamela
Gallery of works using natural leaf castings and other unique methods creating a fossil effect.
O'Connor, Birgit
Original transparent watercolor paintings, florals and other organic subject in contemporary design.
Railsback, Lynne K
Botanical artist from Wisconsin. Includes biographical information and portfolio.
Rochester, Sylvia
Louisiana landscape oil paintings by native born artist. Images of latest paintings, as well as prints for sale. Includes biography.
Rosenfeld, Elynne N.
Finely textured and coloristic acrylic abstract paintings and mixed media drawings based on treetrunk forms.
Schissel, C E
Biography and portfolio of a natural landscape artist from Ottawa working with oils, acrylic and pastel.
Shah, Bayberry Lanning
Artist from Georgia creating impressionistic realism paintings, primarily of flowers but also, animals, landscapes and portraits.
Skaret, Karl
This Camrose, Alberta, artist specializes in oil paintings of landscapes and prairie scenes. Images classified by period, with biographical note.
Street-Morris, Robin
Original nature-inspired paintings and drawings. Includes a gallery and biography.
Watkins, Leslie
Fine art oil paintings, watercolors and prints depicting New England and Tuscan landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, botanicals, orchids, nature studies, and wildlife.
Wheeler, Fiona
Featuring contemporary watercolor paintings of flowers, plants and fruits by a British botanical artist.
White, Taylor
An exhibition of animal, wildlife and nature paintings and prints. Includes artist biography.
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