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An artist working in a Nature and Wildlife style. Wildlife includes, but is not limited to insects, spiders, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and mammals. Nature is defined as the natural physical world and can include plants, animals and landscapes, geology, landforms, aquatic features, etc

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Barrie, Marc
Realistic nature and wildlife paintings and prints.
Burleson, Kathrin
California artist inspired by trips to Botswana. Includes information about exhibitions and commissions.
Clarke, C. D.
Traveling artist creating hunting and fishing paintings in oil or watercolor. Includes resume, statement and information about recent trips.
Cresswell, Carol
Detailed wildlife paintings, mainly of large predators. The mediums she uses are acrylic, pastel, pencil, scraperboard.
Davis, Sallie Lynn
Presenting a gallery of wildlife paintings, murals and pet portraits by an artist from Washington. Includes profile and information about commissions.
Dean, Amy Gardner
North Carolina wildlife artist working in acrylic, oil, colored pencil, and watercolor.
Flanagan, Thea
Wildlife and landscape paintings, in acrylics; pointillism, impressionism and photo-realism.
Gordon, Sheri
Showcase for the work of a Canadian artist. Includes gallery of examples and works in progress.
Gouvêa, Rosiane
Brazilian artist specializing in botanical illustrations and paintings of wildlife.
Jackson, Terry
Australian self-taught artist specializing in realistic graphite and pastel drawings of wild animals.
Krystii, Melaine
Paints birds and animals of the world in oils on canvas. Includes information about awards and exhibitions, and offers originals and reproductions for sale.
Kuran, Marina
Display of dolphin art in oil and watercolor. Includes information on the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.
Larsen, Lars
Reproductions of paintings by the Canadian wildlife artist.
Lovelace, Kathy M
Based in Tennessee and specializing in paintings of trout and other game fish which are original works of art created on pieces of small wooden furniture.
Mason, Rochelle
Artwork of endangered species, wildlife, and pets done in pastels.
Merchant, Linda
Based in California and specializing in realistic wildlife art, primarily in oils and soft pastel.
Monroe, John
Blog and portfolio of a California artist embracing a wide variety of natural subjects including birds, wildlife and insects, in watercolor and mixed media.
Nesse, Françoise
Hyperrealist wildlife artist, the gallery of her artwork includes paintings and drawings. (Watercolor, gouache, color pencil). In English, Dutch, French and Spanish.
Nevala, Johannes
Artist captures the life of birds from the seashore in ink.
Pack, Kevin
Based in California and conveying his dedication to nature and conservation through his paintings of angling scenes, birds and game fish.
Padhye, Manisha
Indian artist inspired by nature, birds and animals, and working on canvas or paper in acrylic, oils and watercolors.
Pantze, Roland
Sami artist who lives in the north of Sweden, and primarily produces oil paintings of Nordic landscapes and wildlife.
Penescu, Cristina
Romanian artist now residing in California and specializing in paintings of wildlife and domestic animals in a realism style.
Richter, Allison
Portfolio of wildlife paintings created using oils, color pencil, scratch board with watercolor and acrylic.
Sanchez, Tony
Photo-realistic bird and animal paintings in watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, and oil.
Santora, Carol
Gallery of big cat and wildlife paintings in mixed media, watercolor, pencil, and soft pastel.
Saum, Debra
Based in California and specializing in watercolor and acrylic portraits of dogs, cats, horses and endangered species.
Scarpace, Jason
Texas Artist and public school Teacher who specializes in fish as a running theme in much of his artwork.
Singleton, Kelly
Featuring the watercolor, oil, pastel and acrylic paintings of an artist from Maryland inspired by her love of wildlife and wild places.
Sodeau, Katy
British artist specializing in equestrian and wildlife scenes in watercolor.
Stone, Charlie W.
Features scratchboard and colored ink wildlife and oil paintings from Iowa based artist.
Stryk, Suzanne
Virginia artist whose paintings and drawings explore our relationship to the earth with natural imagery and a variety of experimental techniques.
Thomas, Michael
Wildlife art and beyond, an exhibit of oils, watercolor, and pen and ink.
Waddams, Ben
Featuring British and African wildlife paintings in oils, acrylics, and pen and ink. Includes statement and information about commissions.
Whittle, David
Featuring the wildlife paintings and lighthearted murals of a British artist.
Zaro, Norma
Realistic paintings in oil and acrylic by an artist from Argentina inspired by her passion for animals and nature. [English and Spanish]

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