Encaustic painting is also called hot wax painting. It is a process of painting on a surface with paints created by mixing dry pigment with molten wax and varying amounts of varnish. The ability to manipulate the surface of the wax allows great flexibility in texturing. The final treatment, called burning in is achieved by passing a heat source over the painting to fuse the layers together. Notable in this medium is 20th century American artist, Jasper Johns

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Andrew, Simon
Contemporary oil and encaustic paintings.
Bassa, Carme
Catalan painter from Barcelona, Spain. Abstracts with figurative elements using the traditional encaustic technique. Resumé and statement. Multilingual site.
Blossom, Michael
His work is mainly in encaustic, but he also sculpts and draws. Includes artist profile.
Flora, Kim
Ohio artist specializing in mixed media and encaustic painting. Includes biography, statement and portfolio.
Frank, Kevin
Resume and portfolio of an artist from New York specializing in landscapes, portraits and still life.
Freedman, Karen
Pennsylvania artist whose paintings burst with vivid color that are given order and repetition by the use of a grid-like structure.
Gilbert Ryan, Debora
Online gallery of New Image artist whose Pop art and photo-reportage inspired work is painted in the wax-based medium called "encaustic".
Gregg, Gail
New York City based painter and writer. Densely layered paintings make references to minimalism, the pattern and decoration movement.
Huppman, Susan Wolfe
Based in Maryland and inspired by the morphology of the natural world. Includes artist's statement and portfolio.
Huttemann-Holz, Birgit
Expressionistic portraits, landscapes, and abstracts in encaustic. Includes images, comments on the technique and biographical data.
Ludwig, Deedra
Paints with encaustic combined with nontraditional materials, and focuses on documenting environmental areas under threat and the botany of wetlands.
Nagy, Haley
Texas artist who creates paintings, works on paper, textiles, books, prints and installations with encaustic paint and handmade paper her mediums of choice.
Penn, Jeremy
New York artist working primarily with encaustic and oil sticks.
Philip, Michelle
Colorado artist working with oil, encaustic and gold leaf, and specializing in African people and wildlife.
Preble, Pat
Working with encaustic painting since the mid-1970's, the artist first painted from "inner vision" then became intrigued with ancient paleolithic art and landscapes.
Roche, Barbara
Abstract art using oil and encaustic.The painting technique involves layering of materials, drawing and collage. Biographical information provided.
Yntema, Janise
Wax encausitc paintings by internationally exhibiting artist. The visible effects of light through pigment explored through many layers of translucent applications.

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