Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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Waipuka, Bronwyn
Australian artist presents gallery of works including portraits, abstracts and contemporary which reflect painter's Maori culture.
Walden, Jacky
Featuring the equestrian, coastal and countryside paintings, drawings and sculptures of a Welsh artist.
Walsh, Kerstin
Background information and portfolio of an Irish artist focusing on figurative and still life paintings.
Walter, Barbara
Abstract and representational paintings in acrylic, oil, watercolor and encaustic by an artist from new York. Includes statement and exhibition schedule.
Walton, Jennifer
Figurative and landscape paintings in oil by a Canadian artist. Includes resume, exhibition schedule and press reviews.
Warshavsky, David
Painter from Sonoma County California who specializes in landscapes and still lifes rendered in oil and acrylics.
Waters, Michelle
California artist inspired by a love of animals, concern for the planet and a twisted sense of humor. Includes resume and portfolio.
Webber, Kimberly
Magical realism paintings created with traditional media such as powdered earth pigments and hand-made oil formulas.
Weihs, Karen
South Carolina based artist specializing in landscape and abstract paintings. Includes profile and blog.
Weitz, Julie
Based in Chicago and focusing on abstract portraiture. Includes portfolio of paintings and drawings.
Welch, Payson
Showcasing the paintings and drawings of an artist from Maine whose work ranges from simple to complex, combining many styles and influences.
Wery, Bern
Belgian painter specializing in small tableaux in oil and acrylic. [English, French and Dutch]
Whitby, Jodi
Based in the south of England and specializing in quirky paintings and illustrations. Includes profile and blog.
Whitehouse, Elizabeth
UK artist working with watercolor, acrylic, and oils in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to abstract.
Wiley, Sister Lucia
Murals and paintings of the Twentieth Century American artist, a WPA muralist. Includes images and biographical material.
Willems, Mark
Gallery of paintings by an Australian artist featuring the human body, abstracts and nudes.
Williams, Colleen Patricia
Based in Oregon and creating both abstract and representational paintings in a variety of media. Includes statement and biography.
Williams, Nick
Featuring the work of a British artist creating atmospheric and colorful oil paintings using an impasto painting technique.
Williams, Sharon Lynn
Featuring the landscape, figurative and abstract paintings of a Canadian artist. Includes portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Wilson, Conor
British artist creating oil or acrylic paintings, murals, and airbrush art in styles ranging from abstract to photorealism.
Wilson, David
British artist, inspired by social activities, whose paintings are somewhere between abstract and representational.
Wilson, Paul
Gallery of figurative oil paintings, urban landscapes and the human figure by an artist from Northern Ireland.
Winkler, Annette
German artist now living in Florida and working with a variety of different subjects, media and techniques. Includes portfolio, events and news.
Winslow, Jon
Based in Florida and creating paintings with brilliant colors and energetic design, plus traditional portraiture. Includes exhibition schedule.
Winstanley, Amy
Paintings, drawings and photographs by a Scottish artist. Includes qualifications and exhibition history.
Winter, Ben
Work is created in a wide variety of media; charcoal, pastels, oils and watercolours. Includes figurative, landscape and still life.
Wiseman, Emily
A collection of boldly colored paintings, and murals. Also includes painted windows, and terra cotta pots.
Wojcik, Jarek
Melbourne based artist creating narrative paintings that cross the boundaries of reality. Includes statement and portfolio.
Wojtczak, Anna
Based in London and working in oil, watercolor, drawing and photography. Online exhibition, CV and artist statement.
Wolanska, Julita
Canadian artist creating vibrant abstracts, dreamy landscapes, colorful still life and occasionally whimsical portraits.
Wonnacott, John
Works of British artist including the 2000 Royal Family portrait. Includes curriculum vitae. Requires download of Cortona VRML viewer.
Wood, Christopher
Semi-abstract paintings from the award-winning Scottish artist. Virtual gallery, archive, and information.
Woods, Lee
Bright, colourful, often cheerful and idiosynchratic contemporary acrylic paintings by this British artist.
Woolley, Catherine
New York artist focusing on the Caribbean in watercolor and acrylic, and miniature nudes in oil.
Wray, William
California artist creating urban landscapes, figurative and still life paintings in a combination of realism and abstract expressionism.
Wujcik, Theo
Based in Florida and creating a diverse body of work. Includes information about collections, exhibitions and awards.
Wyman, Marlena
An Edmonton, Alberta artist inspired by human anatomy and botany. Works in watercolor, acrylic, limited edition prints and mixed media.
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