Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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Sade, Esther
Gallery of oil and acrylic paintings by an Israeli artist including landscape, fantasy, figurative and floral. [English and Hebrew]
Sagastume, Rene
Latin American painter currently residing in British Columbia. Includes biography and portfolio.
Sakai, Hiroko
Japanese artist in now residing in California and creating colorful and primarily figurative paintings and drawings. [English and Japanese]
Salemink, Anita
Dutch artist specializing in figurative watercolors and charcoal drawings in a distinctive style. Includes exhibition information and curriculum vitae.
Salvadori. Loredana
Loredana Salvadori, artist, painter presents her Art Collection, contemporary art, virtual gallery, paintings, lithographic prints, online art store.
Salzman, Gail
Based in Vermont and specializing in contemporary abstract paintings inspired by the elemental forms and rhythms of nature. Includes biography, portfolio and reviews.
Samant, Mohan
New York painter from India fuses ancient Hindu imagery and Egyptian wall paintings with contemporary concepts in art. Monthly highlights with artist's musings.
Samarov, Dmitry
Featuring the paintings, drawings and illustrations of a Russian artist now residing in the US.
Sammons, Kate
Los Angeles artist and painter of Contemporary Realism. Depicts aesthetic experiences by characterizing a variety of figurative, still life and trompe l'oeil subjects using a mix of direct and indirect oil painting methods.
Sandler, Steve
Steve Sandler, painter of light, displays his signifying use of color in this detailed focus of his artwork. One of his favorite themes is the sea.
Sandys-Renton, Jayne
Expressive contemporary figurative painter, working on a large-scale based on photographs by other artists, in mixed media or oils. Includes profile, image galleries, resume and contact details.
Santelli, Bill
Combines geometric abstraction and surrealism into his paintings and zen drawings.
Sarantis, Margaret
Sacramento artist and teacher specializing in the unusual in her watercolor, acrylic and mixed media paintings. Includes class schedule and portfolio.
Savage, Louis
Showcasing the paintings and photography of a London based artist. Includes blog and link to on-line shop.
Savage, Tom
Paintings and drawings by a California artist whose work has been described as abstract and generally impressionistic.
Savar, Debbie
Seattle based artist working in a variety of techniques in order to express her whimsical view of life and the world.
Saw, Peter
Gallery of watercolors and pastels by an artist from Leicestershire, UK. Includes biography and tips about painting.
Schattner, Gillie and Marc
Australian artists who work collaboratively on the same art piece combining their talent to arrive at a single vision.
Schluss, David
Contemporary artist that uses his fingers as paintbrushes. He works in Florida and Tel-Aviv. His paintings are being displayed in the Teffen Museum in Israel and the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Lauderdale.
Schramlin, John R
Based in Tennessee and focusing on mankind's detachment from nature. Includes artist's statement and information about exhibitions.
Schuchardt, Ariane
German artist now based in Italy and creating representational oil paintings and stylized watercolors. [English and Italian]
Schuenke, Susanne
German artist now residing in Florida and specializing in surreal narratives with characterized figures and abstract concepts.
Schwien, Guenevere
Based in Oregon and painting with a blend of realism and abstraction. Includes resume and image galleries.
Scott, Marsh
The contemporary paintings, sculpture, and public art of California artist, Marsh Scott.
Scott, Michelle
UK artist using gold leaf and reflective media to create distinctive paintings. Includes profile, gallery of works, poetry, exhibition lists, and contact form.
Senchenko, Victor
Exhibits works by an Australian artist, with an introduction, and essays by the artist on other subjects.
Seruga, Natalija
Showcasing the paintings and drawings of a Slovenian artist. Includes curriculum vitae and exhibition history.
Setch, Terry
Portfolio and biography of a British painter who uses oil, pigment and encaustic wax.
Severin, Petru
Moldavian artist focusing on landscape, floral and figurative paintings in oil and tempera. [English, French and Romanian]
Sharpe, Linda
American artist specializing in figurative whimsical paintings. Includes statement, resume and portfolio.
Shaughnessy, Janet
Images of her paintings and illustrations, with a resume and statement.
Shelar, Natalie
American artist now living in France and focusing on bright, shimmering landscapes and scenes painted on silk, oil on canvas and watercolor.
Sherrell, Steve
Steve Sherrell is a painter from the Chicago area. His work is conceived on the computer and then output in a variety of old-tech and new-tech means.
Shufro, Judith
Acrylic paintings, fabric collages and photo enhancements. International roster of clients. Museum representation. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes, animals and fabric sculptures.
Sigberman, Rich
Wedding art, Ketubot, illustration, original art any way you want it, specializing in vibrant colors projecting energy and enthusiasm.
Sikand, Gurminder
A British-Asian artist whose figurative paintings are influenced by Indian and European artistic traditions.
Singleton, Robert E.
"Fifty Year Retrospective" virtual exhibition by the artist. Signed graphics are available for purchase.
Skinner Smith, Wendy
Oxford (UK) based contemporary painter in oils. Includes previews of current and past work plus a biography.
Slater, Alan J
British artist whose inspiration has moved from figurative to the land, sea and sky. Includes statement, resume and portfolio.
Sloan, Bill
He renders in strong colors subjects that have captured his imagination. Images and biographical note.
Slusar, Alexey
Ukrainian artist now residing in Prague and focusing on still life and figurative paintings. Includes curriculum vitae and exhibition schedule.
Slutsky, Erik
Biography, critique and portfolio of a Canadian artist known for his contemporary figurative paintings with social and Jewish themes.
Smaldone, Jane
Based in Massachusetts and focusing on landscape, still life and portraiture which is influenced by Chinese landscape painting, surrealism and folk art.
Smalley, PJ
Resume and portfolio of a Philadelphia based painter.
Smith, Stephen
Commercial and fine art ranging from cartoon to abstract and from realism to surrealism.
Smyth, Sinéad
Irish artist creating portraits and semi-abstract landscapes in oil. Includes galleries of work and biography.
Spanish artist now living in Arizona and specializing in still life, landscapes and portraits of people or pets. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
Sossa is an Icelandic painter. Her homepage contains galleries with recent paintings and contact information.
Souza, Francis Newton (1924-2002)
Born in Goa, had numerous shows in India, Europe, and America. He used to live in New York, USA. Biography and images.
Sparla, Jeroen
Spencer, Matthew
British artist working with a variety of materials and focusing on the landscape and everyday environments. Includes statement and resume.
Spielman, Paul
Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Colorado artist including semi-abstract figurative, nature and landscape images.
Spratt, Charles
Gallery of landscape, marine, and portrait watercolor and acrylic paintings.
Steinem, Robert
Contemporary realism and organic abstracts include architectural landscapes and cityscapes, snow scenes and a collection of nature and water images called reflected light.
Stone, Sarah
Based in Wisconsin and influenced by pop art, folk art and the Imagists. Includes galleries of her paintings, drawings and photography.
Stover, Craig
Modern, contemporary paintings and drawings that need to be seen rather than described.
Strange, Adam
Los Angeles based artist and illustrator. Includes drawings, illustration samples and paintings for sale.
Strong, Scott E
Portfolio of a Colorado artist working in a variety of styles and media including figurative, Western, landscapes and wall murals.
Stäudtner, Jürgen H
German artist focusing on human beings, landscapes and their context. [English and German]
Surovtseva, Veronika
Portraits, still lifes, figures, and other subjects by a contemporary artist from Volgograd, Russia, who says that her style is determined only by her own taste. Includes biography. English and Russian.
UK based painter of portraits, abstracts and CD covers. Includes portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Szopinski, Jeremy
Painter from St. Paul, MN. His work focuses on combining representational portraits with abstract elements.
Sørensen, Bjarne
Resume and portfolio of a painter from Copenhagen, Denmark.
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