Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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Kalb, Miriam
Canadian artist working primarily with acrylic or mixed media. Includes brief biography and portfolio.
Kalina, Richard
Featuring paintings, drawings and critical writings by an artist and critic from New York.
Kane, Martin
Scottish artist specializing in bleak urban landscapes. Includes information about exhibitions and press reviews.
Kaple, Gareth
Original Oil Paintings and Drawings by American artist Gareth Kaple. The subjects are faces, figures and landscapes in a style that is linear, geometric, and colorful.
Karayiannis, Vivian
Paints Byzantine-style icons, landscapes and abstract and abstract and expressionist paintings in oils, and watercolors. Has images, order links, and a short article on icon painting.
Kareyan, David
Artist from Armenia whose work combines surrealistic spontaneity with the aesthetics of pop art. Includes statement and biography.
Karlsen, Kathleen
Portfolio of both abstract and representational paintings by an artist from Montana. Includes statement and biography.
Karpiaek, Jan
Czech visual artist presents figurative paintings and performance art photos. Includes exhibitions listing.
Keawchoho, Pla
Featuring the paintings and sculptures of a Thai artist now living in the US whose work infuses Asian and Western themes.
Kellum, Betsy
Working in soft pastels and in oil, the artist paints in a representational. Still life, landscape, figurative and animal portraits are the subject matter for most of the works.
Kennedy, Dan
Canadian painter with subject themes in history and popular culture. Includes information about exhibitions and portfolio.
Kennedy, Michael
New Zealand artist creating bizarre, whimsical and macabre paintings in styles ranging from pop-surrealism to classical.
Kennington, Sue
A personal experience of the world, using color and light to create atmosphere. Images, curriculum vitae, and statement.
Kessler, Greg
New York artist focusing on figurative and abstract paintings. Includes resume and portfolio.
Kessler, Michael
Painter of "nature-based abstractions" depicting the invisible dynamics of time/space inspired by the powerful light that surrounds him in the vast landscapes of New Mexico.
Ketner, Jeremiah
Japanese anime-influenced work by Chicago painter. Includes news, gallery of paintings, and exhibition schedule.
Khedekar, Sunita
Indian artist now residing in the UK and focusing on landscape, abstract and figurative work using texture and cheerful colors.
Kindred, Peter
Online portfolio of TV production designer turned artist, includes landscapes, still life, interiors and portraits.
Kinsell, Robert
On-line portfolio of paintings and digital prints by this Texas based artist.
Kiperman, Barry
Featuring the paintings and drawings of an artist from Boston. Includes statement, resume and portfolio.
Kirsch, Marilyn
Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and collages with abstract and non-objective imagery influenced by architecture, landscape and photography.
Kline-Misol, Mary
Portfolio of an artist from Iowa including figurative subjects, compositions, botanicals, still life and landscapes.
Kloska, Ovid
Resume, portfolio and critique of a Romanian artist focusing on the interval between the terrestrial and celestial world.
Kluth, Nina
Berlin based contemporary artist. Includes information about upcoming exhibitions, CV and an archive of work.
Knaus, Kathy
Artist from Colorado whose paintings range from representational to abstraction. Includes biography and portfolio.
Kneffel, Karin
biography, bibliography, work, contact ( galleries, studio )
Knudslien, Roderick
Canadian artist now residing in Bali and working in oil, acrylic and watercolor. Includes biography and exhibition history.
Koegel, Jeff
California artist who creates highly energized images using a personal graphic language. Includes biography and exhibition history.
Koning, Amelie
Amelie is a well known Canadian fine artist. A wide variety of techniques ranging from watercolour, oil, ink, mixed media, digital art to handpainted silks.
Kononov, Maria
Young artist living in Belgium. Includes portfolio, press reviews and information about exhibitions. [English, French and Russian]
Korczowski, Bogdan
Contemporary paintings.
Koreshkova, Natalia
Showcasing the work of a Russian artist focusing on surrealistic works, abstract paintings and fantasy illustrations.
Korfanty, Agnes
Polish artist presents a gallery of paintings in various media with subjects including architecture, animals, still life and flowers.
Korschen, Crispin
Featuring the paintings of a New Zealand figurative artist which are characterized by color, texture and an understated quirkiness.
Kosono, Yuki
Paintings and drawings of a Japanese artist creating contemporary paintings with traditional methods. [English and Japanese]
Koudela, Eva
Abstract modern art, full of energy and life, some vaguely figurative.
Kovner, Michael
Chronological gallery of works from Israeli artist. Include biography.
Kretchman, Lisa
Massachusetts artist working with soft pastels, acrylic and mixed-media to create landscape, still-life, portrait and expressive paintings.
Kroll, David
David Kroll"s oil paintingsblend traditional techniques with contemporary ideas about civilizations interaction with nature.
Krysiak, Piotr
Showcasing the paintings of an artist from Poland.
Kupiainen, Otso
Paintings like sentences extracted from a forgotten conversation.
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