Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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Haden, Josephine
Based in Virginia and focusing on landscapes and figurative images in natural settings. Includes resume and portfolio.
Haley, Betsy
Brief biography and portfolio of abstract and representational paintings by an artist from California.
Hamlin, Marjorie Wood
Based in Oregon and focusing on collage, landscapes, and abstracts. Includes biography, artist's statement and exhibition information.
Hanson, Ashley
British landscape painter with a semi-abstract style and a love of vibrant color. Includes biography and image galleries.
Harbert, Rachael
Florida artist whose paintings are predominantly abstract or expressionistic. Includes biography and information about commissions.
Harper, Steven
California artist inspired by local people, places and things, revealing the sometimes hidden intimacies of the natural world.
Harris, Johnathan
Santa Fe artist offering contemporary, landscape paintings of the desert southwest in acrylic and oil using dynamic perspectives.
Hartman, Emma
Swedish artist working primarily in oil on canvas but also with watercolors to create colorful and vivid paintings.
Harvey, Michael
A selection of paintings and writings by the artist Michael Harvey
Harvey, Nick
Blog and gallery of oil paintings, pencil drawings, pastels and watercolors.
Hasdemir, Purnaz
Presents the work, comments, and exhibition history of an Anatolian woman artist.
Hatakeyama, Yori
Official website. She works in tempera and oils. Includes images, biography, news and contact information.
Hawtin, Melody
Gallery of landscape, figurative, floral, abstract and seascape paintings by a British artist working primarily with oil on canvas.
Hayakawa, Gou
Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Japanese artist focusing on portraiture and abstract. [Japanese and English]
Hazlett, Shirley
American artist working primarily in watercolor, ink and acrylic media. Includes portfolio, resume and exhibition details.
Heald, C.L.
Images of the artist's paintings, which are mostly landscapes, cityscapes, and surrealist works. Includes biography and mailing list for updates.
Heartsong, Judith Olivia
Based in Maryland and painting bold florals, nature and abstracted women. Includes biography and information about exhibitions.
Heaton, Jan
Based in Texas and creating personal observations of color, movement, relationships and forms in nature.
Based in Beijing and working with a highly individual, somewhat surrealistic style. Includes brief biography and resume. [English and Chinese]
Helfrich, J.M.
Surrealistic paintings, still life, portrait, and wildlife.
Hendry, Joe
Scottish artist focusing on figurative and landscape paintings. Includes biography and portfolio.
Herman, Paula
Florida-based artist focusing on landscape and figurative work augmented into abstraction in oil, acrylic and mixed media.
Hewitt, Charles
Imagery drawn from the Maine seacoast and the Catholic church infuse the abstract paintings and monotype prints of this contemporary American artist.
Hewitt, Nigel
Australian artist working primarily with mixed media on canvas. Includes biography and image galleries.
Hickey, Kathleen Stupfel
Kathy paints with the rhythm and brushwork that come from deep within her soul. Watercolor and oil are the artist's preferred media. Images, biography, and lithographs.
Hickox, Robert
Paintings and drawings by an artist from New Jersey specializing in animals, people, places and abstracts.
High, Maria Louise
Acrylic and watercolor paintings, including American flag folk art, abstract florals, and linear and geometrical abstracts.
Hill, Stephanie
Colorado born artist and single mother, captures the essence of individuals, family and community utilizing communication, observation and oil paint - ranging from the eros to corporate.
Hird, Valerie
Paintings in oil and watercolor are based on travels through Europe and Asia.
Hock, Betty
Gallery of contemporary landscape, figure, and abstract paintings by Betty Hock in acrylic, watercolor, pastel, encaustic and mixed media.
Hocknell, Shelley
A wide range of subjects, specialising in dynamic paintings of rock climbers.
Hoffman, Katie
Based in Colorado and focusing on semi-abstract figurative paintings and drawings. Includes artist's statement and resume.
Holvey, Christina
UK painter focusing on simplicity, texture and color. Includes artist's statement and image galleries.
Hough, Steve
Artist based in Wisconsin. Includes images, resume, statement and short video documenting his work.
Houshmand, Roshan
Landscape, lightning, floral, symbolic and installage paintings from New York based artist. Includes gallery representatives, artist's statement and resume.
Houston, Debra J
Working in oils and acrylics with many different styles and themes including landscape, street scenes and abstract.
Howard , Lenore
Contemporary figurative paintings, works on paper and sculpture
Howe, Tim
Oil paintings by contemporary impressionist Tim Howe. Art galleries of abstract, still life and impressionist paintings. Information about the artist, how to purchase existing works and exhibitions.
Howles, Maureen
Contemporary paintings by Santa Fe, New Mexico artist, Maureen Howles. Selected paintings on view. Artist's paintings and notecards available for purchase. Artists information includes resume and current gallery showings.
Hryhorczuk, Randy
Canadian artist focusing on figurative, portraiture, landscape, architectural and billboard influenced, oil paintings.
Huang, Manna
Images of works in oil, pastel and charcoal. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and figurals.
Hubbard, Pete
The process and background section of the web site of this artist from California is an outline for a completely new way of painting which gives the artist new opportunities for creativity and to make paintings in a new way.
Huddleston, Amy
Artist painting contemporary figurative works. Includes brief biography and resume.
Hudson, Natchez
Featuring the resume and portfolio of an artist from New Zealand.
Hunsinger, Henri
View the original works of visual artist Henri Hunsinger, including paintings on canvas and paper, pastels and etchings.
Hunt, John
Animal paintings, the Fishness village, still life and abstracts.
Hydman-Vallien, Ulrica
Contemporary Swedish painter, glass artist, ceramicist and textile designer
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