Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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d'Arbeloff, Natalie
Gallery of work by book-artist, cartoonist and writer. Includes weblog, graphic novel and background information on the artist.
D'Arcy, Paul
Irish artist working mainly in oil on canvas with a strong surreal undertone. Includes resume, exhibition schedule and portfolio.
D'Souza, Anjali
Indian artist now residing in the UK and painting in an abstract style influenced by Scottish landscapes and Asian deserts.
Daikos, Phil
Showcasing the visual art of an artist based in Nassau County, New York.
Daly, Thomas Aquinas
Features watercolors, oil paintings, and art-related books by the American artist. Includes landscapes, still life paintings, and sporting art.
Darji, Ramesh
Presents paintings by a contemporary Indian artist who has lived in India, Holland, and England. Has images, biography, and artist's comments.
Daunhauer, Kathleen
Based in British Columbia and specializing in acrylic paintings that tell a story. Includes resume and portfolio.
Davis, Joe
New York artist working primarily with acrylic and mixed media. Includes statement and portfolio.
De Jadraque, Marques
Spanish contemporary artist that lived in LA. Paintings, sculptures, and limited edition sherigraphs.
De Lauré, Jan
Belgian artist also known as Dolores. Includes portfolio and exhibition history.
de Volder, Peter
Portfolio of a Dutch artist who paints rooms containing various objects, primarily with oil glazes. [English and Dutch]
de Vries, Anneke
Landscapes of Dutch National Park De Weerribben, plus still lifes, fantasy, and custom portraits of people, ships, or houses.
DeBernardi, William
Based in Pennsylvania and focusing on figurative, still life and landscape paintings. Includes resume and portfolio.
Deloach, Gerald
This site contains images of landscape paintings created by DeLoach, former student of Henry Hensche of the Cape School.
Deloore, JP
Paintings by Belgian artist JP Deloore, landscapes, flowers, interiors, gardens, parks, southern villages
Demetiou, Jimi
Featuring the resume and paintings of an artist based in Rhode Island, with subjects including abstract, metaphysical and the environment.
Denning, Guy
Based in the UK and focusing on figurative paintings. Includes portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Dennis, Chris
Portfolio of paintings by UK born, US based artist. Provides biography and exhibitions information.
Deprez, Olivier
Based in Belgium and specializing in paintings and drawings of cityscapes and figurative images depicting scenes of everyday life.
Deutschman, Mary
Online painting gallery for award-winning artist Mary Deutschman, including jazz, landscape,and market paintings.
Dever, Eric
Resume and portfolio of an artist from New York working with oil paint on canvas, linen, and burlap.
Di-Maccio, Gerard
Visionary painter presenting his work in a virtual art gallery: oil paintings, pastels, stone lithographs, fresco, giclees, drawings in Chinese ink and posters.
Dill, Megan Dulcie
Based in British Columbia and working in a variety of styles and media. Includes image galleries and biography.
Dillon, Randy
Biographical information and paintings of an artist from Texas focusing on the allure of women in acrylic or oil.
Dillon, Sarah
Paintings, mixed media drawings and resin works by a Seattle artist using bold color and expressive texture. Includes exhibition schedule and resume.
Disveld, Ineke
Portfolio of a South African artist featuring pastel, oil or digital artwork with geometric shapes and visual illusions.
Dodds, Tim
Blog of an Edinburgh based artist specializing in oil painting which spans the genres of landscape, portraiture, still life and abstraction.
Domont, John J
Resume and gallery of paintings with an emphasis on the Indiana landscape and the spirituality of human existence.
Drescher, Rina Miriam
Based in Rochester, NY and painting with oil, acrylic, watercolor, and spray paint. Includes CV and blog.
Driver, Steve
Self taught artist from the north east of England specializing in still life, seascapes and landscapes.
Dubois, Philippe
Belgian artist, using the pseudonym Phebus, whose work has evolved from representational to a more abstract style.
Duncanson, Megan Aroon
Based in Alaska and painting in an eclectic style of pop, urban, graffiti and abstract art. Includes biography and image galleries.
Duran Gomez, Christian
French artist specializing in reproductions or interpretations of famous masterpieces and original abstract works. [English and French]
Dwurnik, Pola
Featuring the paintings and drawings of a Polish artist whose work ranges from figural representation to a simplistic cartoon style. [English, German and Polish]
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