Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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Callahan, Henry
Florida based painter, Henry Callahan, invites you to experience his world of art.
Campay, Dennis
Based in Florida and specializing in cityscapes which convey an international urbanity.
Campi, Armand
Based in Amsterdam and working with a style that jumps from mysterious impressionism to abstract-expressionism.
Cantarella, Virginia
Based in New York and creating landscape, still life and abstract paintings. Includes resume and information about exhibitions.
Cantwell, Unity
British artist whose paintings, often semi-abstract, are inspired by color, light and movement. Includes news of upcoming exhibitions and galleries of recent works.
Carlisle, Jason
Showcasing the abstract, portrait and landscape paintings and sketches of a British artist.
Carnes, Adam
New York artist presents his paintings, drawings, sculptures, collage and digital art. Includes statement, CV and exhibition schedule.
Carter, Pam
On-line exhibition of the work of leading contemporary Scottish landscape painter.
Casali, Vanna
The sweet painting of Vanna Casali is inclusive of women's nudes , portraits,landscapes and still-lifes The artist lived in Paris,Marrakech and now in Bologna Italy
Catalano, Joe
Canadian artist working in oils and watercolor with objective and non objective subject matter. Includes biography and image galleries.
Catuccio, Joseph
Self-styled renegade painter, began his mystical journey in Manhattan in the late 60s. Astonishing murals complement his humanistic philosophy, a great artist in his time.
Ceytaire, Jean Pierre
Painter, sculptor, lithographer, he lives and works from his home located in a charming village not far from Paris.
Chabot, Lee
Showcasing a Rhode Island artist whose styles range from realistic, semi-abstract to abstract expressionism.
Chambers, Stephen
Gallery of paintings, drawings and etchings by a British artist.
Cheape, Gordon J
Scottish artist working to create a dialog between his paintings and the viewer. Includes curriculum vitae and statement.
Chernus, Addie
California artist and instructor painting on silk with dyes, employing lots of colors, in many layers, which mix on the silk.
Chia, Sandro
Sandro Chia, one of the world's leading contemporary artists, now opens the world of his art on the net.
Chorlton, Leigh
Information about the artworks and exhibitions of an Edinburgh based artist focusing on retro culture.
Christie, Leanne
An evolving selection of landscape and cityscape oil paintings by a South African artist now residing in Canada.
Chuang, Fred
Californian artist painting in a variety of styles with a unique technique using acrylic spray enamel. Includes exhibition schedule and portfolio.
Chughtai, Nadeem
British artist whose ideas are created from images of everyday life. Includes resume, exhibition history and portfolio.
Cicalese, Gennaro
Contemporary paintings by Gennaro Cicalese, Italian artist.
Urban contemporary painter, based in Texas, and concentrating on figurative art. Includes galleries of work in watercolor, oil, and mixed media.
Claffey, Debra
Has images of her work in oil and encaustic, as well as reviews of her art.
Clark, Molly
Canadian artist presents her paintings from traditional landscapes to symbolic figures. Includes profile and statement.
Claytoon, Ronald V
Missouri artist specializing in landscape and architectural paintings focusing on the conflict between the man made and natural worlds.
Clegg, Tony
Gallery of coastal and semi-abstract paintings by a British artist working with acrylics, watercolor, oil and mixed media.
Clements, Thomas
Galleries of oil paintings, drawings, and mixed media of contemporary fine arts painter.
Clemmer:, John
Includes biographical information with photographs, a resume, images from the artist's work over a 50 year period, a news page, reviews of the artist's recent museum retrospective, and a contact page.
Cohan, Micci
Based in New York City and focusing on figurative paintings in a style which is a mixture of abstract and realism.
Cohen, Barbara
Barbara Cohen, contemporary abstract painter, sculptor, printmaker, maker of artists books in Cambridge and Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Cohn, Myrna Leigh
Based in Wisconsin and painting in an abstract impressionist style. Includes artist's statement and image galleries.
Coleman, Gary
California artist specializing in colorful landscape and abstract paintings. Includes information about exhibitions and portfolio.
Collins, Wendy J.
American painter living in the Caribbean. Studied primarily with Henry Hensche and at The Art Students League. Work includes portraits,landscapes,and still lifes. Images and curriculum vitae.
Colvert, Brendan
Portfolio of paintings and drawings by an artist with a studio on one of the north isles of Orkney in Scotland.
Compagnucci, Pablo
Featuring the paintings and drawings of an Argentinian artist inspired by the images and experiences he collects whilst traveling.
Cook, Vineta
Contemporary landscape painter and abstract photographer from Lithuania now residing in Ohio. Includes profile and blog.
Copsey, Rick
British contemporary visual artist. Includes biography, portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Cordiner, Claire
Scottish artist inspired by her Aberdeenshire surroundings including people, scenery, nature and wildlife.
Cornett, Charlotte
Gallery of Dallas artist Charlotte Cornett. Includes original watermedia paintings done in an impressionistic realism style.
Cosimi, Roberto
Portfolio, resume and critique of an Italian artist whose work is a balance between abstraction and figuration.
Costet, Marc
French painter, Marc Costet invents the painting in motion.You could see many pictures in one.
Cotty, Eloïse
French artist focusing on portraiture and figurative work, primarily in oil and acrylic.
Cowansage, Corydon
Featuring the resume and colorful architectural paintings of an American artist.
Cozzi, Guido
Italian abstract painter Guido Cozzi's web site, online gallery, review, biography.
Crivello, Marco
British artist specializing in landscapes with elements of abstraction and representation. Includes reviews and forthcoming exhibitions.
Crothers, Dawn
Based in Northern Ireland and creating colorful and bright paintings based on different animal themed characters.
Culver, J M
A figurative artist from Minneapolis working with the narrative and abstraction. Includes statement and gallery of paintings and drawings.
Cusani, Dario
Dario Cusani, Neapolitan in Rome, Italy, artist and musician, with performances and exhibition.
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