Contemporary art is thought by some to focuses on the conceptual verses the form (aesthetic), and has been used as an umbrella term to describe anything non-traditional. By definition, however, contemporary art is any art created in a particular time period and as such all art is contemporary to some degree. Art listed in this category should include works of any time period that do not fit a more specific genre or movement.


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Babin-Gay, Murielle
French artist now living in Belgium and focusing on people, seascapes and landscapes in oil, watercolor or mixed media.
Babler, Marcia
Chicago artist creating oil or acrylic paintings, and digital photography, focusing on society and influenced by communication, relationships, technology and time.
Babyak , Michael
Paintings and reproductions of original art by a New York artist.
Bain, Aurora
British artist focusing on mixed media paintings, ceramics, lino and screen printing. Includes portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Baker, James
Collection of abstract paintings. Also includes writing by the artist.
Baltz, Doug
Based in Kentucky and creating figurative paintings in acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, graphite, and pen and ink.
Baraci, Sandra Andrijasevic
Australian artist using oils, watercolors and mixed media in figure portrayal and abstract work. Includes information about commissions.
Barber, Joshua
Portfolio of modern iconographic paintings which are shown internationally. Includes press reviews and information about exhibitions.
Barber, Shawn
Oil and acrylic portrait, landscape, and still life paintings. Also includes drawings and illustrations.
Barker, Hayley
Portfolio of Los Angeles-based painter, Hayley Barker.
Barnes, Robert
Retrospective of paintings spanning the career of an established figurative painter.
Barnes-Gingrich, Mary
Female Chicago based artist painting landscapes, still life, portraiture, as well as etchings, block prints and watercolors.
Barr, Roseanne
Scottish landscape artist painting swiftly with large brushes to create a sense of movement.
Barraclough, Peter
Australian artist specializing in oils and mixed media. Offers gallery of his work and background information.
Barron, Gill
Figurative, landscape, and still life paintings in acrylic and gouache.
Bates, Bates Poland
Cityscapes, portraits, and nudes. Selection of paintings, biography, and studio views.
Bates, Tom
Texas artist working with oils, pastels and acrylics in bold colors. Includes portfolio, biography, and exhibition schedule.
Batteau, Yolande Milan
Featuring the abstract and representational paintings of a New York City-based artist working in a variety of mediums.
Bauçan, Féandre
Portfolio of abstract and figurative paintings by a Canadian artist. Also includes information about his poems, music and videos.
Baxter, Richard
Quirky realism with a Zen flavour, by a contemporary South Australian figurative painter.
Bazin, Ariane
Selection of figurative works in gouache, oil, and ink by a French artist.
Beach, Nathan
Current catalog raisonné of a Texas visual artist focusing on the post cave art genre.
Beall, Matt
Artist displays both figurative and abstract works. Includes brief biography and exhibition listing.
Beer, Simon
Selection of paintings by a British artist. Features landscape and abstract based works painted in subtle colors.
Beggs, Derek
Featuring the oil paintings, pastels, prints and sketches by a Scottish artist.
Belenikin, Valeriy
Contemporary narrative Russian painter who draws upon the classics as well as fairy tales to present his art. Exhibition information and artist’s biography.
Beliveau, Paul
Realistic paintings, drawings, and prints. Includes biographical and contact information.
Bellaart, Gerard
Dutch artist now living in France and creating etchings, drawings, paintings and monotypes of figures, landscapes, still life and work from the imagination.
Art by Italian painter features abstract paintings of geometric shapes and brilliant colors rendered in acrylics.
Bennett, Stephen
Irish based artist offering landscape and portrait paintings and prints. Also accepts commissions for portraits.
Benz, Inge
Online gallery of expressive abstract works.
Berardi, Tony
Gallery of landscape, abstract and still-life paintings in oils, pastels and acrylics by an artist from Illinois.
Berenyi, Monika
Canadian artist focusing on abstract figurative expressionism. Includes portfolio and information about exhibitions.
Bergery, Theodora
Exhibit of works from the figurative painter (b 1928, d 2004). Includes portfolio, biography and critical essay.
Bergquist, Mats
Swedish monochrome artist now residing in Italy and using old icon technique with a contemporary language.
Berlingieri, Federica
Gallery of art from Italian artist. Includes biography and exhibition information.
Berlinski, Tova
Artist based in Jerusalem presents a selection of paintings.
Bernstein, Gloria
New York artist presents her landscape, portrait and Judaic paintings primarily in oil or acrylic. Includes resume and statement.
Bernthal, Ilse
Oil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache abstracts, landscapes and house portraits by a British artist.
Beth, Neco
Based in Spain and inspired by anthropology and prehistoric art. Includes resume and portfolio. [English and Spanish]
Bielicki, Julian S.
Displays the work of a Polish-born painter who compares his work to that of Edward Hopper. Includes images, introduction, and curriculum vitae.
Bienczycka, Ewa
Portfolio of figurative paintings in oil and watercolor by a Polish artist.
Blackley, Alice
New Zealand artist working in a variety of genres and media. Includes biography and gallery of her work.
Blair, Joyce
Collection of abstract and landscape oil, mixed media, and acrylic paintings.
Blazon, Courtney
Based in Montana and specializing in illustrative pen and marker works on paper, exploring memory, nostalgia, nature and pattern.
Blitt, Rita
Contemporary painter and sculptor.
Blumör, Andrea
Showcasing the paintings, drawings and photography of a German artist.
Boelee, John
Resume, exhibition information and portfolio of a Dutch artist.
Boermans, Erwin
Expressive paintings, biography, and contact information of an artist from Belgium.
Bonanno, Katrie
Hudson Valley, NY artist specializing in oil paintings including portraits, animals, cityscapes, landscapes, and other representational or abstract scenes.
Bonin, Donna
Based in Ontario and using bold colors and a style that gives the impression of realism. Includes portfolio and information about workshops.
Bono, Maristella
Hand painted reproductions of famous paintings. With biography.
Booth, Lucy
Canadian artist creating vibrant oil or watercolor paintings, inspired by nature, imagination and the magic of the canvas.
Boudreault, Suzie
Canadian artist with a candid, colorful and naive style. Includes background information and portfolio. [English and French]
Bouman, Margreet
Paintings, drawings, and photographic work. Also includes biographical information on the artist.
Boyer, Nathan
Figurative works with text explaining the stories in most of the paintings.
Brazen, Teresa
A virtual art gallery of contemporary paintings by self-taught artist, Teresa Brazen.
Brewster, Abraham
Brooklyn, New York artist who creates ethereal depictions of the human figure implying motion and perspective. Includes exhibit news and contact details.
Briccetti, Rose Emanuela
Based in New York and focusing on human alienation and technology. Includes artist's statement, portfolio and resume.
Briones, Rosario
An Argentinian contemporary artist focusing on figurative and still life paintings. [English and Spanish]
Bristol, Sophy
Paintings of people working, walking, and relaxing. Also includes biographical and contact information.
Brosio, John
Landscape, still life, and figure paintings. Featuring works on tornadoes, snakes, and houses.
Brown, Bryce
Original acrylics on canvas capturing the joy and emotion of the human figure.
Brown, Nicholas
Landscape and forest scene paintings. Also includes relief prints and photography.
Bruggink, Theo
Shifting shades of colour and minor variations giving a spacial suggestion on a flat surface. The contemporary oils of the Dutch painter Theo Bruggink are partly inspired by Italian Renaissance painters.
Buglass, AP
Featuring the paintings and drawings of a British artist focusing on figurative and abstract work.
Bull, Chris
English artist creating paintings with many different themes and artistic styles including portraits, landscapes and wildlife. Contains profile and information about commissions.
Bull, Simon
Artist offering floral, landscape, and abstract works.
Butti, Linda
New York-based artist inspired by the landscape and nature, and working with oil, watercolor and mixed media. Includes statement and biography.
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