Conceptual art uses a preconceived idea that is then created, often with the use of materials such as photographs, maps and videos. Emerging as a movement during the mid 1960's, conceptual art was though by some to be a reaction against formalism. Also known as idea art, the idea behind the art is often more important than the finished piece.

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Angelis, Niko
Virtual gallery of Cleveland artist. Includes paintings, 3D, photography, animation and digital art.
Brotherton, Marc
New York City based contemporary artist presents a gallery of works expressing an ambiguous reference to human potential. Includes biography and contact information.
Bunn, Geoff
Portfolio of a British conceptual artist who now lives and works in rural France.
Chesnut, Fritz
Artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Includes biography and exhibition information.
Coda, Annamaria
Showcasing an Italian artist now residing in Germany and focusing on the delicate equilibrium of nature.
Conner, Michael R.
Social justice and labor paintings. Works are on wood canvases. Includes exhibition and ordering information.
Destito, Claudio
Featuring the work of an Italian artist who defines himself as an ironic Minimalist. [English and Italian]
Fagenson, Abe
Showcasing this artist's trompe l’oeil system which involves viewing his work cross-eyed.
Groebel, Matthias
Computer aided painting: Walk through exhibitions, visit the studio, get background on the Cologne based artist.
Halleckson, Lindsy
Portfolio of multiple medium paintings by Minneapolis artist. Works reflect an interest in science and math. Includes information on shows, galleries and contact details.
Heinisch, Barbara
German artist specializing in interactive works of art in which painting, dance and music become an artwork.
Hongtu, Zhang
MoMAO - Showcase of Chinese-American contemporary artist's conceptual and political art.
Joonas, Andrus
Featuring painting, road art, and installation galleries of an Estonian artist. [English and Estonian]
Kerlin, Rebecca
Resume and portfolio of a California artist.
Marsh, Darren
Contemporary paintings and digital works by British artist. Includes biography, selected works, texts and exhibitions.
McHarg, Carol
Conceptual painter, photographer and printmaker from Pennsylvania exploring issues of design, ecology and the environment.
Meniere, Pene
Showcasing the work of a South African conceptual artist.
Pendleton, Adam
Resume and portfolio of a New York based artist.
Pratt, Andrea
Gallery of original paintings, drawings, limited edition prints.
Re, Jr., Bernard
Lyrical expressionist provides gallery of paintings. Includes artist's statement and exhibition news.
Smith, W L
Californian artist focusing on mixed media conceptual assemblage paintings featuring cast-off materials.
Sternheim, Gerhard
Mystic painting between realism and abstraction from Viennese Painter. In English and German.
Turner-Yamamoto, Shinji
Japanese artist inspired by emotional reactions to specific events in landscapes. Includes resume and portfolio.
Ulanovsky, Igor
J-Art - Conceptual Jewish fine art, oil and virtual paintings.
White, Anthony
Showcasing an Australian's art which is conceptual in nature and influenced by his previous work as a stockbroker.
Zibeon, Win
Work by the contemporary US painter, watery windows, anti-landscapes, and stream paintings.

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