There are numerous methods and styles of decorated eggs. Some of the most famous were created by Peter Carl Fabreg頨1846-1920) from gold, silver, and various gemstones. Eggs can be painted, carved, etched and embellished to created decorative objects including carriages, ornaments, and jewelry boxes.

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Art of Elegant Eggs Ring
Web ring for egg artists.
Carol's Art Treasures
Eggshell jewelry featuring Swarovski crystal, supplies, and decorated designs for special occasions.
Decorated Eggs
Designs in many styles and varieties by multiple artists.
Egg Art by Peggy Vincent
A wide variety of unique cut designs inspired by the artist's life events.
Egg Art Pure
The works of Chieko Inoue who teaches egg art in Japan.
Ornaments made from chicken eggs that have been cut, painted, and decorated. Offers instruction booklet.
Informational page displaying elegant Faberge designs. Upcoming shows are listed.
Eggs by Aline Becker
Kats Korner presents the work of well-known artist who passed away January 27, 1998.
Eggstasy Creations
A wide variety of eggshell designs by Tina Munsford. Decorating techniques include polymer clay, psyanky, etching, carving and sculpting.
The Elegant Ostrich
Faux-Faberge eggs created by California artist Lynne De Boer with fine vintage and antique jewels/jewelry, gold, and imported fabrics.
The Faberge Experience: Art and History
Biography of Peter Carl Faberge, brief Russian history, and an illustrated overview of his work.
Farha's Gallery of Decorated Eggs
Ostrich, emu, rhea, goose and chicken eggs by Farha Sayeed.
International Egg Art Guild
IEAG is a non-profit association of artists, artisans, and craftspeople who work with natural eggs as an art. Includes photographs from recent shows, supplier lists, and information on membership.
Perfect Egg Creations
Three dimensional carved emu and ostrich shell creations.
Polymer Clay
Carved and decorated eggshell creations using a variety of materials including polymer clay. Helpful demos and instructions for beginner and experienced eggers.
Rocky Fork Farms
Instructional videos of pysanky eggs being created. Also animal videos.

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