This category is for non-Native artists working in the Native and Tribal STYLES of North America. This category is NOT intended for OTHER STYLES of art whose SUBJECT MATTER is Native Americans.

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Ancient Artways Studio
Specializing in custom quillwork, beadwork, leatherwork, restoration and museum reproductions of Native American art, artworks and artifacts.
The Art of M.S. Hollis
Paintings of American Indians and western wildlife.
Barbera, Marie
Figurative bronze sculptures, depicting Native American women, warriors, children, horses, and wildlife.
Vintage seed beads for use in restoration, reproduction, and the creation of American Indian Art from 1840 to 1910.
Billman, Blaine
Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Coast totem and wildlife art.
Charles Frizzell Visionary Art
Paintings of Native Americans and animals by a non-native artist.
Custom Handcrafted Dreamcatchers
Dreamcatchers made to order: choose feathers, bead colors, charms, and oval or teardrop shape.
Enchanted Eagle Gallery
Native American Arts, crafts. Pulitzer prize winning photographer's images.
Fine Art America
N0n-Native artist inspired by strong connection between nature and spirituality in Native Americans.
Frantisek Kodras
Frank Kodras is a professional artist/artisan who has long been involved with the accurate recreation of native arts and crafts.
Future Artifacts
Dale Cannon's flintknapping artwork, hand pressure flaked stone knives, handmade chevron beads and the gerzean gallery.
Jack Gibson Bronze Sculpture
Jack Gibson's original figurative sculptures and West Coast Native art commissions.
Kirby Sattler Paintings
Acrylic on canvas portraits of American Indians.
LaRose Art
Paintings, drawings, and prints by Lynn LaRose featuring southwest, Indian, and cowboy art.
Moonien Arts Studio
Custom designs and restoration as well as workshops to learn how to make/create sacred items.
Morningstar Studio
Site is dedicated to preserving Northeast Woodland designs with a focus on the Wobanaki People.
Noles Fine Art
Art depicting the Native American lifestyle with an emphasis on women and children.
Painted Rock Gallery
Paintings on canvas, painted and etched rocks, and wildlife images inspired by Native spirituality.
Rock Art Images
Specializing in reproductions of prehistoric Native American rock art of the southwesten U.S. utilizing natural sands and mineral pigments from southern Utah.
Rock Art Pottery by James Q. Jacobs
Photorealistic representations of prehistoric rock art glyphs.
Southwest Art by Joy
Original works by southwest USA artist.
Spirit Animal Art
Sculpture by Kathe Lostetter and fine art prints by Al and Owen Lostetter. All with Native American influence.
Spirit Songs Native American Flutes
Hand-crafted Native American flutes. Includes a brief history of flutes, instruction on care and on playing.
White Bear Creations
Native American inspired handcrafts, fetishes, medicine bags, and Renaissance items.
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