This category concerns Native American artists and their work.

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Albino Crow Gallery
Peggy O'Neal's native American art, paintings, murals, dioramas and prints.
America Meredith
Image gallery of paintings, drawings, prints, and beadwork. Upcoming shows and markets, artist's statement and vita, related links.
Anado McLauchlin
San Miguel de Allende artist.
Aragon Native Sculpture
Pictures and information about sculpture of Arnold Aragon, Crow/Laguna Sculptor.
The Art Of Wayne Wildcat
Oil paintings from this mixed-blood Yuchi artist.
Arthur Short Bull, Lakota Artist
Paintings, most also available as prints, by Oglala Lakota artist Arthur Short Bull.
Battese, F. Mitch
Paintings of Prairie Band Potawatomi artist seeking to portray an underlying spiritual quality.
Bill and Traci Rabbit, Rabbit Studios
Indian art, gilee's, gift items, limited editions and signed prints, framed reflections.
Bill Helin
Designer of gold and palladium jewelry. Designs include Columbia space shuttle crew patch worn by the astronauts.
Blue Sky Turquoise
Information about handmade Native American jewelry from the southwest, including Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni.
Bruce Barry
Native American artist. Colourful traditional icons and mixed media paintings.
Buffalo Horn Artforms
Lakota artist Kevin Pourier's jewelry and cultural items made from buffalo horn.
Bunky Echo-Hawk
Bunky Echo-Hawk's art, depicting the current state of Native America.
Butchered Reason
Short stories, prose, pics, absurdity from a Native point of view, Ojibberish.
Cherokee Images
Pottery by Cherokee artist Ken Masters.
Clark, Geronimo
Artist of The Salt People Clan, Navajo Nation.
Dan Daulby
Painting, drawing, printmaking and photography by Canadian Native American artist.
Dantonio Art Center
Original art and prints of Professor Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, Native American Indian.
Dawn Oman Art Gallery
Yellowknife Metis artist's gallery of paintings, art cards, silk scarves, and stained glass.
Don Chase, Canadian Native Artist
Canadian Native artist; three dimensional imagery, explosive colours and flowing contours.
Donn Clark Gallery
Original oils and pastels by native American Indian artist, Donn Clark.
Eric C. Keast
Ojibway Ahnishnahbeh painter and sculptor.
The Eric Schweig Gallery
Inuit crafts of actor and artisan, Eric Schweig (Uncas in "The Last of the Mohicans"). Features Inuit spirit masks.
Fred Stevens, Jr.
Navajo medicine man and sandpainter. Background, biographical information, some artworks.
Guthrie Indian Art Studios
Cherokee Indian family working in mixed media. Artists' bios, studio news, art festivals and show information.
Gu├ęganne Galerie Studio
Native geometric paintings and stylized stone sculpture.
Haida Princess, Lori Davis, MultiMedia
Haida artist specializes in First Nation web design and development including front and back end e-commerce.
Harold Alfred
Northwest Coast Kwakwaka'wakw artist. Artwork includes hand engraved jewelry, stained glass and totem poles.
Harris, LauraLee K.
Ojibwa artist. Acrylic paintings on wood, along with poetry.
Harry Whitehorse Art
Ho-Chunk Nation American Indian artist working in sculpture, painting, and carving.
Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie
Aboriginal (Dine/Seminole/Muscogee) photographer and artist; political and community artwork for an indigenous audience.
Ice Bear Studios
Painter, sculptor, and muralist Chris Johnson and his work.
Ike Charlie
West coast Nuuchahnulth carver.
Jessie Ghere Feather
Oklahoma artist specializing in Native American art, as well as nature and wildlife.
Kaydahzinne, Vincent
Apache sculpture, prints, and music. Includes galleries and event listings.
LaPier, Valentina
Blackfeet Indian artist's portfolio of contemporary and representational paintings inspired by historical images.
Little Trees Creations
Native American drums, drum kits, wreaths, and art. All products are handmade by Linda "Little Tree" Silvas.
Marcus Gosse
Mi'kmaq art; acrylic on canvas and birch bark
Medicine Bird
Art and music of Blue Spruce Standing Deer of Taos Pueblo in northern New Mexico.
Natika's Native American Art
Pottery and jewelry by Oklahoma Choctaw artist, Marsha Hedrick. Information on the origin of the historical designs is included as well as some Choctaw Legend information.
Native American Fine Art by Karen Noles
Paintings of Indian children and young women from the Flathead Indian reservation in west central Montana.
Native American Jewelry-Fetishes-Pottery
Traditional art from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. Featuring the Weahkee family of fetish carvers.
Negig Arts
Dave Negig Pawis is an Ojibwe painter from Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario, Canada.
Nelda Schrupp
Jewelry and sculpture by Nelda Schrupp (Pheasant Rump Nakota) of North Dakota
On Wings of Birds
Hand painted feathers by Rhea King.
One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver
Cherokee carver of spirit and sacred peace pipes, figure, animal, and fetish carvings.
One Moon Gallery
Original works of art and limited edition prints by Darlene Gait.
Paul J Price
Paintings of the Luiseno people, landscapes, figures, and florals.
RNH Arts
Renee New Hejazeen, acrylic painter of primitive wildlife/tribal dream art; originals and giclee prints.
Robert Davis Hoffmann
Tlingit artist, woodcarver and poet.
Robin Polhamus, Osage Artist/Muralist
Murals and paintings on products from cards to brief cases.
Rofkar, Teri
Alaska Native Tlingit spruce root basketry, and Ravenstail wool weaving. Exhibits and show information are listed.
Sam Sandoval's World of Wonder
Art and writing of a Salish/Navajo tribal member.
Shan Goshorn
Eastern Band Cherokee artist/activist Shan Goshorn and the art of hand-tinted black and white photography.
Shawl Lady dot Com
Cree artist, Chholing Taha's Native American dance shawls and wearing blankets, paintings, and giclee prints.
Stewart Steinhauer Stone Sculpture
Native artisan Stewart Steinhauer.
Stone Edge Archery and Knapping
Charlie Acuna's bows, arrows, and knapped stone arrowheads, spearpoints and knives made with traditional methods and materials.
Storyteller's House
Haudenosaunee artist Natasha Smoke Santiago's paintings, pottery, sculptures and crafts.
Handmade, hand-painted Native American type drums and paintings
Textile Zapotec Art Center Bii Dauu
Bii Dauu Show the artisans' textile creations made with organic products
Traditional Navajo Jewelry
Frederick Ted Henry, maker of traditional Navajo jewelry in Canyon de Chele, Arizona.
Tribal Glass Art
Native American and custom stained glass.
Twined Bags and Twined Baskets
Vera Longtoe Sheehan follows in the steps of her ancestors, making twined bags, twined baskets, twined containers and twined quivers. Each of her twined items is hand made and environmentally friendly.
Lydia Vassar, Native American Indian baskets, jewelry and weaving teacher in the San Diego area.
West Coast Originals
Handcrafted figures based on west coast First Nations history and culture.
Western Art by Michele Zarb
Native artwork, Indian portraits, oil paintings. Stories of aboriginal culture and history.
Wildlife Art by Kent McBride
Handcrafted wildlife carvings, mandalas, shields and walkingsticks by Metis artist.
Wolf's Den Trading Post
Hand crafted chokers, earrings, breast plates, buffalo lances, rattles, pipes, dance staffs, jewelry.
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