Sites listed in Multiple Media Artists are for commercial (non-shopping) studios, portfolios or galleries for established individual artists who work in multiple mediums i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, etc. These sites would normally go into a specific Visual Arts subcategory but are listed here as the focus is not on one particular medium.


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Babb, Edward Francis Loverock
Portfolio of a South African-born artist working in mixed media, digital art, animation, photography and illustration.
Babcock, David
Portfolio of paintings, drawings, animations and graphic designs by an artist from Missouri.
Baddeley, Jake
Dutch artist creating paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by the Dutch Masters, Greek Classics and the worlds that exist between waking and dreaming.
Bai, Lily
Presentation of 3d models, computer animation, life drawings, and portraits. Includes a resume and a message board.
Bailey, John
Showcasing the acrylic paintings, prints and sculptures of an artist from Wisconsin.
Baker, Jim
Drawings and paintings Southwest Americana imagery. Includes a brief profile, galleries and contact details.
Baladi, Roland
Portfolio of works as the Marble Cadillac Project, marble sculpture, watercolors, videos as "Michael and Jello" installations, and the Solar Relief.
Balanos, Aristides and Margot
Paintings and art objects using various media. Includes marine paintings, mythology, murals and jewellery.
Baldwin-Smith, Ashley
Contemporary British artist creating paintings, sculptures and assemblages from found objects.
Ball, Josh
Traditional 2D images in pastels, pencil and watercolors and digital 3D imagery are presented here with a link to works in progress.
Bankova, Marketa
Mixed media New York artist who creates digital videos and water sculptures. Included are paintings, prints and photography and commercial net art.
Barker, Joan
Abstract and documentary photography, and minimalist abstract paintings.
Barrington, Rebecca A.
Displays paintings and photographs of a trip to the music centers of Beale Street in Memphis and to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Also has links to her many other painting sites.
Barry, Mark Robert
Featuring the CV, paintings and sculpture of an abstract artist from Alabama.
Bartimole, Karin
Visual one of a kind books and the artist's journal.
Barton, Mark
Seattle based artist displays painting, computer graphics, and illustration.
Bartz, Joe
Paintings in oils. drawings, computer animations, flyers and Html coding.
Bate, Gareth
Contemporary Canadian artist working in painting, photography, installation, video, performance and set design. Includes biography and press reviews.
Bauer, Betsy
Contemporary landscapes and botanical paintings, monoprints and mixed media collages.
Baumgartner, Vivian
Fine art paintings, prints, and photos featuring landscapes, cityscapes, figures, and religious themes.
Bavari, Alessandro
Digitally manipulated photography, oil paintings, animation, and illustration.
Bay, Alex
Presents oil paintings with sculptural details, and mixed media sculptures, made of steel, fiberglass, and wood.
Beard, Robert Roane
Watercolour paintings and installations.
Beardsley, Duke
Images of cowboys and landscapes of the West painted by this Colorado based artist. Black and white mixed media and solar plate etchings are also included.
Beck, Gregory
Gallery of figurative sfumato acrylic paintings and stone sculptures.
Beckett, Justin
Showcasing the landscape and portrait paintings, and photography of a Canadian artist.
Belcher, Shaun
Painter, poet and songwriter from Oxford, England.
Bell, Larry
Larry Bell investigates improbable relationships of surface and form through glass and bronze or on canvas and paper.
Bendib, Khalil
Presents figurative sculptures, ceramics, paintings and mosaics inspired by life in North Africa, by a California artist of North African origin.
Benjamin, Zak
Paintings, drawings and etchings. Provides examples and a brief biography.
Benz, Max
Pictures, sculptures and an internet art project from the German artist. Provides a profile, galleries and contact information.
Berry, Steve
A ceramics, metal, and mixed media gallery by Florida based artist.
Bert, Gillermo
Oil or mixed media, exploring urban archaeology, athletes and nature.
Berthold, Margaret
Original watercolor, gouache and oil paintings, mainly of forests and streams in the Blue Ridge foothills and the Pacific Northwest. Includes upcoming events and contact details.
Mon Oeil de Bertiaux, based in France displays giant projections, monumental decor, and lighting for international events.
Bezalel-Levy , Chaim & Yonnah
Bezalel-Levy is a husband and wife collaboration of painting and photography.
Bielik, Karl
Paintings and illustrations working with found objects on surfaces of canvas, metals and velvet using words and photography.
Bishop, William
Contains photography, and 3D computer graphics and models. [Java]
Black, Helene
Mixed media, installations, paintings and full on line illustrated cv of the artist.
Blackman, Max
Artist, based in Sussex UK, working in a variety of styles and techniques for private commissions, murals and interiors. Large scale paintings, drawings and sculpture that are mainly figurative.
Blaufuks, Daniel
An overview of work in photography and photography-related installation work, set design, video and film.
Bliumis, Alina and Jeff
Multidisciplinary artists developing work dealing with migration, social developments and cultural engineering. Their projects range from video installation to documentary films to site-specific installations.
Blondeel, Maria
Multi media artist working with photographic materials, light projections, interactive systems, sound and computer applications.
Board, Aaron C.
Contemporary figurative realist art, done in oil, drawing, and platinum and gold on sandpaper.
Boddez, Garnet
Paintings and architectural sculpture.
Bohumil, Elias
Exhibiting abstract painted mixed media glass sculptures, and oil paintings.
Boness, Tracy
Norwich, UK, based multi-media artist, who works mainly in papier mache, drawing, and found objects.
Bonner, Jonathan
Sculpture, installation, site-specific works and works on paper.
Borofsky, Jeanne
Massachusetts based artist displaying digital works, as well as encaustic, collage and various types of printmaking. Includes resume, biography and online gallery.
Bottazzi, Guillame
Paintings, photography, videos and site specific artwork by a French abstract artist. Includes resume, statement and critique.
Bouf, Nicolas
Abstract paintings, sculptures, mosaics, drawings and miscellaneous artworks by a French artist now living in Australia.
Bouman, Willemijn
Abstract acrylic paintings and woodcuts. Included are color designs for buildings and murals.
Boyette, Ronald
A collection on contemporary post modernist paintings,prints,sculpture and flash digital animation.
Bozinov, Zarko
Official artist page is updated weekly with abstract paintings and animations.
Bray, W. Benjamin
Portfolio includes glass, sound, and video installations, glass sculpture, and photography.
Brown, Rusty
Portfolio includes graphic design, corner paintings, scraped paintings and web-art.
Browne, Piers
Landscape paintings and etchings, children's animation and musicals.
Bruce, Katharine
North American artist whose works include abstracts, paintings, drawings, and architecture using a variety of cross-media techniques.
Bruno, Christopher Derek
Based in Georgia and specializing in furniture design and sculpture based imagery. Includes biographical information and galleries of work.
Bryson, Will
Features photographs, abstract paintings in poster colors and inks,drawings, and short stories and poetry.
Buenaventura, Nicholas Eric
Ecuadorian painter and photographer living in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Includes galleries and contact details.
Bulck, R. V.
Presents his paintings, photography, mixed media sculptures, installations, and performances.
Bull, Fran
Multidisciplinary artist from Vermont whose work includes painting, etching, sculpture, poetry and performance. Includes statement, resume and portfolio.
Burbank, Joshua
California based artist presents gallery of mixed media on paper, oil paintings and sculpture. Provides short biography.
Burch, Laurel
A showcase of a variety of products based on original paintings .
Burckhalter, Robert
Presents the young artist's paintings, drawings, sketches, photography, graphic design, and sculpture. Includes images and a biography.
Bures, Jiri
Featuring the paintings, illustrations and hand-blown glass of an artist from Prague specializing in characters portrayed in expressionist or pop style.
Burke, Shane
California artist working in all media and with experience in portrait painting, illustrating and graphic design. Includes information about commissions.
Burkholder, Bruce
Features photorealistic paintings, drawings and digital photography. Also has some paintings in a non-realistic style and links to his other sites.
Burns, Daniel
Paintings, drawings, pastels and ceramics from emerging American artist. Features landscapes, figures, portraits, still lifes, architecture and animals
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