This category is for artists whose primary work is created with mixed media. Mixed media refers to the practice of using several different mediums to create a single piece of artwork.
Audu, Osi
Presents works in pastel and graphite by the Nigerian artist now living in England, with curriculum vitae and news.
Beaulieu, Lynn
Realistic graphite with watercolor drawings, many based on classical works. Artist's statement and contact information.
Boetio, Marco
Artwork created with several different mediums using a sgraffito technique. Idiosyncratic quotes and some information about the medium the artist uses.
Brydelsky, Tom
Abstract drawings on paper and canvas.
Cassidy, Lisa
Wildlife and animal art in pencil, crayon, pastel, and graphite.
Free fantasy drawings of Dionaea, a carnivorous and mobile flower.
Eames, Angela
Displays the artist's contemporary approach to drawing using traditional and digital approaches and media. Advice and guidance in the preparation of a visual portfolio is also available.
Gaddini, Norman
Biographical sketch of the scratchboard artist who originated colored scratchboard technique. A detailed description of scratchboard technique with illustrations is included.
Haugerud, Grady
An Atlanta based self taught artist who uses spontaneous drawing, painting and mark making. His focused interest explores ideas of chaos and harmony coexisting in Nature.
Hutcheson, Nicholas
Portfolio of contemporary drawings. Subjects referenced are mummified people, industrial landscapes, shedding bark and figure studies. Media used include spray paint, graphite,and wax on paper.
Kraijer, Juul
Charcoal and pastel drawings ranging from realistic to surreal. Includes articles written by the artist and a curriculum vitae.
Lewellen, Anthony
Chicago based artist presents his work in pencil and vector graphics. Site has a biography.
Animation and fantasy art work. Produced in graphite and colored pencils.
Mulvihill, Bill
A collection of galleries displaying artwork, portraits, and other images in various media.
Pishkur, Frank A.
Figurative drawings from life created with charcoal and pastel.
Platzer, Margaret
A selection of drawings and poetry by a German printmaker.
Reep, Mark
Small, richly detailed drawings that invite close examination. Subjects include fantasy, landscapes and abstracts.
Rivière, Marie-France
French artist living in Paris exhibits more than 200 of her drawings and paintings that include women's portraits and nudes.
Drawings that include females, creatures with big teeth, balloons, ghosts, and bees. The surreal imagery is of the confessional sort.
Tonty, Cheryl
Surrealist dreamscape artwork by Californian artist specializing in conte crayon, ink, and acrylic.
Tyrrell, Carmen
Nudes, commissioned portraits, and narrative works emphasizing the human figure. Includes images and a biographical note.
Provides a biography, small gallery and contact details for the Auburn, Washington-based artist. [English/Spanish]
Wasserman, David
Drawings of the opera at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and the Chorégies d'Orange.
Williams, David J.
Drawings of scenes in South and North Wales created with graphite and pastel pencils. The artwork usually includes an architectural aspect of the scene.
Woodbury, Jeff
Work created with bleach, fire, stones, wood, knives, pencil and ink. Galleries, biographical and exhibit information.
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