This category is for artists whose primary medium is ink.
Brekelmans, Marcel
Abstract pen drawings that display biological influences. Some are created in color and some are done in black and white. The artist provides insight into his artistic inspiration, contact information and a list of his upcoming shows.
Geller, William
Galleries showcasing the pen and ink marine and landscape drawings of the UK based artist.
Gonzalez, Peter Leo
Ink pen on paper drawings that include styles of new school and surrealism.
Guthrie, R.C.
Pen and ink drawings created with the stippling technique. Horses, boats, and other subjects are drawn using only dots of ink to create the finished image.
Ikegami, Natsuo
Pen and ink drawings and paintings created by an artist located in Japan. The works express the artist's personal state of mind and dreams.
Kennett, Fred
Gallery of pen and ink drawings that display an eclectic range of subject matter and style that includes abstraction and realism.
Kessler, R. F.
Pen and ink drawings created by the method of pointillism.
Kirchner, Adam
Work by a Polish artist who also is an illustrator and graphic artist. Biographical information available.
Milton, James
Provides a gallery of surreal pen and ink images.
Mundie, James G.
Pen and ink drawings of Victorian circus performers known as "anomalous humans" or human "oddities." The subjects are placed in contexts reminiscent of famous historical artworks. Each portrait is accompanied by a brief biography of the subject.
Paine, Wes
An art showcase of pen and ink drawings featuring old gold mines in california.
Preier, Peter
Realistic structural drawings mainly of trees and buildings. Biography and contact information included.
Reed, Thomas David
Chinese Chan style landscape drawings similar to Japanese Zen meditational art. Includes a biography and an introduction to Chan art.
Smith, Michael S.
Highly detailed drawings of Buffalo and Rochester, New York. Trains, aviation, automobiles, nautical and motorcycles are featured.
Stewart, Don
Humorous ball point pen renderings by a doctor turned artist. Each highly detailed drawing is made from a composite of subjects that are related in some way to the overall theme of the piece.
Teplin, Scott
Pen and ink and watercolor drawings that use humor and irony to convey a message.
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