This category is for art thats not quite ASCII art as we know it in the ASCII newsgroup and on the email lists, etc. This is sometimes the art used on AOL chatrooms where the font is Ariel 10pts, instead of a fixed width font. Also, as with the colourized ASCII art the standard keyboard characters are not the only characters used. To save confusion I have put all the art called: ANSI art, HTML art, text art and macro art in a category by themselves.

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ASCII Art for AOL Chat
What is special about this kind of art? All of it is made of text which can be found on the keyboard. You can just copy and paste this into AOL chat and it will be shown.
Black Maiden
German based art group, concentrating mainly on ANSI art. Participating in various art disciplines like demos, music, textmode art, graphics design and graffiti.
Digital Mona Lisa
Early example of digital computer graphics from 1965. May have paved the way for modern day scanners.
In Silent Passage
Chris DeRobertis text and visual art. Visual/ concrete poetry.
Physical ASCII
A large ASCII mosaic constructed of tiny plastic letter bricks.
Text Adventure Games
Listing text adventure games.
Text Mode
A collection of text graphics and related works, stretching back thousands of years. Textiles, BBS-graphics, poetry, mosaic, typography. Collected by Raquel Meyers and Goto80.
Creating pictures made from text. Using your photo and your text designers will create a personalized work of art called a Text-o-graph.
Unicode Art
A central UTF-8 repository of Unicode art (which also automatically includes all 7-bit ASCII art), in an effort to further popularize the use of Unicode to strengthen multi-cultural computing internationally.
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