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History of AA-project and a gallery.
Ajax ANSI Art Player
JavaScript based ANSI viewer (no server language required).
Alan's IOCCC Entry
Spin 3D shapes into ASCII art.
Ansilove is a set of tools to convert ANSI and others text file formats into PNG images, supporting ANSI, PCBoard, Binary, ADF, IDF, TUNDRA, TND, and XBiN.
Artist Mode for Emacs
Artist is an Emacs lisp package that allows you to draw lines, rectangles, squares, poly-lines, ellipses and circles by using your mouse and/ or keyboard.
Ascgen dotNET
Open-source image to text converter, with support for variable width fonts.
ASCII Art Ensemble
Supporting the development of new free tools and software to create your own ASCII media converter.
ASCII Art Generator
Provides online tool for ASCII art from image and text. Includes animation.
ASCII Art Studio
ASCII Art editor. Supports text editing mode and graphic editing mode. View ANSI art. Convert between picture and ASCII Art, multiple undo/ redo, print.
ASCII Editor Beta
Software to make and colour ASCII art. ASCII Editor 4.1 Beta, BMP2ASCII converter, ANSI viewer.
Suited to creating any ASCII text file (NFO, DIZ, or TXT). The program uses multiple inputs, edit boxes, templates, project files, and a coding syntax to create any design.
A free online ASCII graphics editor with private and groupware modes. Create color and traditional ASCII pictures and export to PDF and HTML formats. Java enabled browser required.
ASCII Mailer
Sends the recipient an ASCII art picture with a personalized message. The idea came from a REXX program called Oi.
ASCII Pumper by Lampiasis
Offers an open source program which requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to colorize ASCII art with mIRC color codes.
Free, online ASCII art generator. Features include drag-and-drop image loading, various character selections, color modes, and output formats including html, bbcode, and an easy-to-share image.
Convert an image, or all the images within a web page, into a pixel-perfect copy made only of text.
A web application which allows everybody to create ASCII animations, publish them and insert into their own web pages.
An interactive ASCII graphic tool. Creates pictures and artistic text made of ASCII characters. Programmed by Boris A. Glazer.
C64 ASCII Art Editor
An editor using PETSCII character set; working on layers to create animations.
Freeware "One form" application for converting images to ASCII text (ASCII art).
Divxmania Image Artworks
An online script that convert any given image in HTML/ ASCII text.
EDASCII is an ASCII art editor for Linux. It allows a fast and easy manipulation of ASCII drawings.
Email Effects
A powerful GUI ASCII art editor for Windows or Macintosh, including picture and table conversion and Figlet support.
FABS - Flexible ASCII Banner Software
FABS is a program for making banners, except it uses ASCII characters for the fonts. Sort of like Figlet program turned sideways.
Convert gifs into ASCII pictures. Script to use online, not a download.
Image2Ascii Competition 2001
From a discussion in alt.ascii-art. The intention is to compare different image2ascii converters and also to see how ASCII artists do that kind of conversion by hand.
A PHP program, that generates ASCII images from JPG, GIF or PNG images. There are several options to alter the generated output, such as color, inversed color, font sizes, background color, line height or letter spacing.
iNFekt for Windows
Free, open source application for viewing and presenting NFO files. Includes documentation, screenshots and download links.
Free java ASCII versatile editor. Rather than for editing texts, it is intended for drawing simple diagrams by using ASCII characters.
Magic ASCII Studio
An ASCII art generation platform. You can make ASCII art words, photos and animations. Take an image and process it to an HTML, RTF or BMP file.
MasterVB: ASCII Art Generator
Generate ASCII art from image and text.
NFO Reader
A free viewer for NFO files. Support for ANSI and ASCII art.
NFO Viewer
A simple, open source viewer for NFO files, which are ASCII art in the CP437 codepage, mainly for Unix like operating systems.
Designed to transform bitmap images to ASCII, text art.
Picoe Software: Pablo Draw
An open source ANSI and ASCII text art editor/ viewer. Works with Linux, Mac OS or Windows.
Pixelhaufen: ASCII Art
ASCII Art plugin for Photoshop or Gimp.
QQPR: ASCII Animator
Free software to convert GIF image to animated ASCII art.
ASCII tools like figlet generator, image2ascii, cowsay in one place. This site also hosts an ASCII art collection. An ASCII art API as a REST service is also offered.
Text Crayon
Free online ASCII art tool. This feature works like tracing paper.
Tribute to Text Mode Games
Virtual museum for games using only 16 colors and the 255 symbols in the IBM-extended ASCII character set. Download, play, and admire these gems from a simpler time in computing.
A utility program for drawing and colorizing ASCII art.
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