What are Star Trek fan fiction stories? They use existing or new characters from the five Star Trek series: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. They can explore relationships between characters, create new situations, and pass the boundaries of what can feasibly be shown onscreen. Fan fiction differs from the novels sold in stores in that any possibilities can be explored, not just what is absolutely true to the series.

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Contains the stories from the cancelled newsgroup alt.startrek.uss-amagosa.
An Android's Tale
Fan fiction based on the Joy Class Androids.
Kathleen Dailey's Fan Fiction Page
Star Trek-based fan fiction, with a special emphasis on TOS and TNG-era Vulcan and Romulan stories. Links to recommended fan fiction sites.
Seema's Trek Fan Fiction
Fan fiction from all the series and crossovers.
The Star Traks Nexus
Stories from 120 years into the future after the original series.
Star Trek : Fan Fiction
Stories and parodies listed by author and series. Includes stories from all the series through Voyager.
Star Trek Adventurous
With original text and images. Includes images of the ships, crew and places featured.
Star Trek Fan Fiction Compilation
This site is a collection of Star Trek fan fiction, revolving around the lives of three very different Starfleet officers.
Star Trek: Challenger
Fan fiction based in the Gamma Quadrant after the Dominion War.
Star Trek: The Ship of Fools
Club where people are invited to read and write Star Trek stories.
Star Trek: USS Oblivion
A collection of fan fiction in Star Trek universe involving the crew of USS Oblivion.
Star Tricked: the Next Perpetration
Menu to the Star Tricked scripts, parodies of Star Trek, with webrings and links.
The Starbase 49 Space Station Project
Fan fiction project based on Star Trek written by an on-line community.
The Starbug
A few stories related to the series.
Starships of the Third Fleet
Home of a writing club whose members create original stories and characters in the universe of the series. Includes character profiles, information about the ships and planets in the stories, and FAQ.
Trek Writer's Guild
Archive that includes more than 350 stories, as well as message board for writers.
USS Prometheus Original Stories
The USS Prometheus is an original ship with original stories after the Dominion War.

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