Four apparent teenagers living in Roswell, New Mexico, actually are among the last members of a dying alien race. Among its stars are Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, and Brendan Fehr.

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1947: Three Pods from Heaven
News, quotes, episode summaries, fan fiction, actor biographies, spoilers, and information about related books.
Auras & Orbs - A Save Roswell In Australia Group
Features an episode guide, cast biographies, and an image gallery.
Includes polls, quizzes, episode descriptions, and Roswell diaries.
Crashdown at Roswell
Picture galleries, fan fiction, and actor biographies.
Features an episode guide with transcripts and reviews, cast information, image gallery, spoilers, news, and fan fiction.
Crashed in Roswell
Pictures, cast information, fan fiction, quotes, and polls. Roswell
Offers character images, episode list with synopses, list of character appearances, and information on regular writers and directors.
Eraser Room
Pictures, spoilers, and episode transcripts.
Ginette's Roswell Page
Pictures, wallpapers, spoilers, polls, message board, and episode guide.
It Was You
Screen captures, an account of the romance between Max and Liz, and fan fiction.
Life Is Roswell
News, character biographies, photos, and episode guide.
A Night on the Town
Fan fiction, fan art, animations, games, message boards, and chat rooms. Includes free e-mail.
On the Line for You
Includes fan fiction and fan art.
Episode summaries and pictures.
Redhawk's Nest
Includes animations, collages, wallpaper, and symbol discussion.
Roswell Fan Page
Episode reviews, images, fan fiction, and links.
Roswell High
Guide to the show and the books upon which it is based. Book summaries, character comparisons, and message board.
Roswell Land
Features an episode guide, cast biographies, chat room, and fan fiction.
Roswell Web
Reviews, wallpapers, pictures, quotes, and fan fiction.
Roswell's Definitive Dreamer Dictionary
Video clips and screen captures focusing on the romance of Max and Liz. Includes poems and photos.
Roswell's Tribute to Alex
Roswellians haven't forgotton Alex;they are remembering him.
Roswell: Alien Hand Print
Features an episode guide, cast biographies, images, spoilers, links, message forum, and news.
Roswell: The Alien Abyss
Episode guide, art, fan fiction, quizzes, and couple profiles.
Spoilers, episode reviews, cast biographies, and the latest news.
There's Truth to Every Rumor
Wallpapers, episode guide, fan fiction, and message board. Roswell
Contains cast and crew information, episode guides, links and news.
UPN's Roswell
Features biographies, episode guides, screencaps, galleries, and sounds.
When Night Falls
Features awards in various categories, spoilers, fan art, and free graphics.

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