Red Dwarf is a British television program that first aired on the BBC in February 1988. Since then it has been broadcast in a number of different countries, gaining audiences throughout. A half-hour science fiction comedy, Red Dwarf charts the progress of Dave Lister, a beer guzzling curry connoisseur, and the last surviving human being. Dave is trapped 3 million years into deep space aboard a dilapidated mining vessel, with a motley collection of dead and non-human companions. The Red Dwarf category houses sites with general and varied content relating to all aspects of the programme. More specialized Red Dwarf sites, such as message boards, character specific pages, or those devoted to fan-fiction or games can be found in the subcategories listed below.

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IMDb: Red Dwarf
Includes cast and production company details, series overview, and airdates.
The Jupiter Mining Corporation
Includes time lines, biographies, FAQ, quiz, vehicle descriptions, and links.
Nicks Red Dwarf Page
Information, pictures, and links.
Red Dwarf - The Other Movie
Reports on a fan-created film, with images, sounds, and videoclips.
The Red Dwarf Domain
Includes pictures, sounds, banners, an episode list, space corps directives, links, and song lyrics.
Red Dwarf Online
Official site hosted by Grant Naylor Productions. Includes news, games, episode guide, airtimes, commentary, image galleries, FAQs, and news about a proposed movie.
Red Dwarf Smeg Outs
Lists of continuity errors and plot inconsistencies from the program.
Red Dwarf Universe
Offers news and information on the series, character profiles, quotes and lyrics, an episode guide, images, sound files and games.
Red Dwarf: Home of the Smegheads
Images, sounds, directives, and list of insults.
A SadGeezers Guide to Red Dwarf
Contains sections on characters, episodes, cultures, ships, and the movie.
Sean's Red Dwarf Page
Series 1 episode guide, image gallery and links to items of interest to Red Dwarf fans.
Sierra's Red Dwarf Smegginsults Page
A list of insults from the first five series.
Silicon Hell
News, transcripts, fan fiction, polls, and information on books, videos, and ships featured in the series.
Total Red Dwarf
Episode guide, pictures, scripts, sounds, games and polls.

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