The Prisoner was first aired in the autumn of 1967, and was the creation of Patrick McGoohan, George Markstein and David Tomblin. The series concerns an agent (some would say John Drake of Danger Man/Secret Agent), played by McGoohan, kidnapped and taken to a place known only as "The Village," where he is known as "Number Six." He is interrogated by a succession of Number Twos, who want to know why he resigned. His attempts to escape and pursue the answer to his question, "Who is Number One?" occupy many of the episodes.

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Kipp Teague's RetroWeb - Classic Television: The Prisoner
Contains series overview, credits, image galleries, trivia, details of a missing scene from 'Fall Out', and how to join the "Number-Six" Group
The Unmutual
Breaking news, updates and reviews from the sphere of Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner. Includes Portmeirion Conventions, Location Sites Tour, Galleries, Series Info, Event details, including latest Patrick McGoohan projects.
Arvin W. Casas' The Village
Interactive map of The Village with photos and screen captures from key scenes and related sounds.
Danger Man, Secret Agent, and The Prisoner
Explores the theory that the character of John Drake in the two earlier shows was the never named British spy in The Prisoner.
Fusion Anomaly. The Prisoner
Prisoner episode guide with narratives and permanently morphing non-Prisoner nodes.
Le Prisonnier (The Prisoner)
Overview of the series, images, photo gallery and sounds. Bilingual French and English.
The Prisoner FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the series. Last updated 1995. Visit the newsgroup (link at foot of this page) for current cutting-edge FAQ, posted periodically.
The Prisoner Online
Includes episode guides, wallpapers, ringtones, fonts, a photo gallery and cast and crew information.
Six Of One Information (six of one info)
Information about the decline of The Prisoner Society, including its alleged illegal and immoral practices. The Prisoner
Contains cast and crew information, an episode guide and viewer comments.
BBC NEWS about The Prisoner 'set for TV return'
Details from Broadcast magazine about a planned updated version of The Prisoner. (November 17, 2005)
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