A dramatic series about the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII.

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IMDb: The Tudors
Offers cast list, photos, reviews, plot summary, filming locations and discussion board.
LiveJournal: The Tudors
Discussion, creative works, icons and news.
LiveJournal: Tudors
Offers media clips, brief commentary and icons.
LiveJournal: Tudors Stills
Offers weekly icon challenges based on the Showtime series.
Lost In Showbiz: Why Joss Stone Is The Perfect Anne of Cleves
In searching for an actor to play Anne of Cleves in the forthcoming third series, they have alighted upon an answer that it's hard not to feel was staring them in the face all along: Joss Stone. By Alexis Petridis.
Red's Lair, The Tudors
Offers small collection of icons.
Telegraph: Why The Tudors Is Hilarious Historical Bunk
As the American-made drama returns to BBC2, leading Tudor historian John Guy investigates how closely the opening episode sticks to the facts. [RSS]
Tudor History
Provides a biography and photo gallery for each of the Tudor monarchs, as well as for the six wives of Henry VIII.
The Tudors News Site
Includes cast list, Tudor events, news and archives.
TVGuide: The Tudors on Showtime
Offers episode guides, spoilers, message boards, recaps, videos and news.
Wikipedia: The Tudors
Features cast and episode lists, historical differences, ratings and external links.
Zap2it: The Tudors
Provides episode information, schedule, cast list and photos.
Times Online : It’s Fun, It’s Sexy, But Is This Really History?
Lock up your daughters: Henry VIII is back in town and causing trouble. (July 27, 2008)
NPR: The Tudors - Showtime's Update of a Monarchy
Showtime's new series "The Tudors" offers what could be seen as parallels between the reign of Henry VIII and the current Bush administration. At heart, however, the show is a steamy, violent soap opera. Audio clip. (March 30, 2008)
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