Pennsylvania native Fred Rogers made his name in public television, starting in 1954 at Pittsburgh's pioneering WQED. In 1962, he became an ordained minister and the following year, he created a 15-minute program for young children which in 1968 was syndicated nationwide on PBS as "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." "Mister Rogers" became an institution in children's programming, encouraging youngsters to talk about their feelings, use their imaginations, and explore preschool morality both directly and through allegory in the "Land of Make Believe." Rogers wrote all of the original music, and his shoe- and cardigan sweaters-changing rituals became a trademark. Rogers received nearly every major award in television in education, including the Lifetime Achievement Emmy, numerous honorary degrees, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002, two years after he stopped filming new episodes. He also grew Mister Rogers' Neighborhood into Family Communications, Inc., a broader non-profit firm which produced educational materials reflecting his philosophy. Rogers died in Pittsburgh on February 27, 2003 at the age of 74.
NPR: Mister Rogers - A Remembrance
Fred Rogers, the host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, dies of cancer at the age of 74. NPR's All Things Considered offers a remembrance. [Collection of Realaudio streams of show segments from NPR radio.]
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 'Farewell, Neighbor': Fred Rogers, 1928 - 2003
Hometown newspaper provides articles from continuing news coverage and from a special section published Feb. 28, 2003 in which writers, artists and photographers chronicle the reaction to Rogers' passing and the breadth of his legacy.
AARP/NRTA Education Watch: Mr. Rogers' Passion for Learning
A short, informal interview in which Fred Rogers discusses retirement, his childhood, spirituality, role models, and other subjects.
Dartmouth College 2002 Commencement Address
Text of Rogers' address to the graduating class delivered on June 9, 2002. Fred Rogers
A 1998 Brilliant Careers biography and career profile of the children's television star.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Fred Rogers' 'retirement' busy with books, songs, appearances
Summary of Mr. Rogers' many activities after ending production of his show. (April 09, 2002)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Magazine - There goes the Neighborhood: Mister Rogers will make last episodes of show in December
Long article which discusses the taping of the show's final episodes as well as the legacy of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood to PBS and to television in general. (November 12, 2000)
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