This category is ideally for web sites of `on-the-air' shortwave radio stations - NOT for internet streaming stations. However, in recent years, a number of international broadcasters have left shortwave and now broadcast only by satellite, internet, and/or through FM "partner stations". An on-the-air station is one that transmits signals physically through antenna into the ionosphere. Internet broadcasters that stream audio broadcasts do not belong in this category. Typically, signals from International Broadcasters are heard by the listener who uses a radio receiver, though many will also make their signals available via satellite and through the Internet. International Broadcasters are categorized in the following ways. a) Those shortwave radio stations, which target listeners in other countries. They include state-operated, private and religious stations, and include such stations as The BBC, HCJB Radio and Radio Korea International. Such stations are found on frequencies in the 49, 41, 31, 25, 19 and 16 meter bands, which are known as International Broadcast Bands. b) The second category includes shortwave radio stations that target national or regional audiences (i.e. within their own borders or to areas immediately adjacent.) Often called Domestic Shortwave Broadcasters, they use frequencies in the International Broadcast Bands and also in the 120, 90, 75 and 60 meters, which are called Tropical Bands. Broadcasters in this category include stations like CFRX Toronto, CX20 Montevideo, Radio Mosoj Chaski Bolivia and The Voice of Hope Lebanon. Because these stations are often audible to an International audience, they may be included here. A broadcaster that is available worldwide via the Internet, isn't automatically considered an International broadcaster. Appropriate categories for web casts, bit casters and live audio/video streaming exist in other categories, and are not appropriate here. Updated 2007/01/10 by editor dmoeller
Submit sites of stations whose primary propagation is via the ionosphere (i.e. on-the-air), and which meet category description guidelines.