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This category is ideally for web sites of `on-the-air' shortwave radio stations - NOT for internet streaming stations. However, in recent years, a number of international broadcasters have left shortwave and now broadcast only by satellite, internet, and/or through FM "partner stations". An on-the-air station is one that transmits signals physically through antenna into the ionosphere. Internet broadcasters that stream audio broadcasts do not belong in this category. Typically, signals from International Broadcasters are heard by the listener who uses a radio receiver, though many will also make their signals available via satellite and through the Internet. International Broadcasters are categorized in the following ways. a) Those shortwave radio stations, which target listeners in other countries. They include state-operated, private and religious stations, and include such stations as The BBC, HCJB Radio and Radio Korea International. Such stations are found on frequencies in the 49, 41, 31, 25, 19 and 16 meter bands, which are known as International Broadcast Bands. b) The second category includes shortwave radio stations that target national or regional audiences (i.e. within their own borders or to areas immediately adjacent.) Often called Domestic Shortwave Broadcasters, they use frequencies in the International Broadcast Bands and also in the 120, 90, 75 and 60 meters, which are called Tropical Bands. Broadcasters in this category include stations like CFRX Toronto, CX20 Montevideo, Radio Mosoj Chaski Bolivia and The Voice of Hope Lebanon. Because these stations are often audible to an International audience, they may be included here. A broadcaster that is available worldwide via the Internet, isn't automatically considered an International broadcaster. Appropriate categories for web casts, bit casters and live audio/video streaming exist in other categories, and are not appropriate here. Updated 2007/01/10 by editor dmoeller

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ABC-Radio Australia
Online in RealAudio and Windows Media formats, with multiple language shortwave schedules, and instructions for receiving Australian satellite radio and TV (AusTV).
Adventist World Radio
The international radio broadcast service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, devoted to spreading the Gospel world-wide.
All India Radio (AIR)
The official web site of All India Radio (AIR Delhi) with live audio, frequency tables and all program schedules.
BBC World Service
Offers programming in 43 languages to all world regions.
CARACOL Colombia
One of several Colombian broadcasting networks heard on AM and FM and worldwide on 5076 kHz in the 60 meter band.
Channel Africa
A multi-lingual source of news, music sports, and information from and about Africa. Operated by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. News, features, programme schedule, podcasts and livestreaming.
China Radio International
The People's Republic of China External Service broadcasts featured programs, commentary and news via FM and shortwave to most of the world's regions using English, German and Spanish.
Croatian Radiotelevision
RealAudio feeds and on-air schedules for Croatian Radio Network HR1, HR2 and HR3, Radio Zadar, Radio Split and others.
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC)
Gives program and technical information for receiving Cypriot Radio and TV, broadcast via SIRIUS II satellite 5 East.
Deutsche Welle Radio
Germany's International Broadcasting Station with links to numerous pages in multiple languages containing program schedules, and live audio feeds.
European Gospel Radio
European Gospel Radio is an international public service promoted by NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association. Access to EGR is open to all who have a Christian message to broadcast to the world, regardless of their denomination or Church affiliation.
Far East Broadcasting (FEBC)
A radio ministry organization founded in 1945. Together with Feba Radio, it transmits programs in 150 languages to Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
In Touch Ministries
Broadcasts Bible teachings in 15 languages to all world regions on local media such as mediumwave, TV and FM, via international shortwave radio and Internet radio and TV.
International Radio Station KAIJ
American private shortwave station broadcasting from Murfreesboro, Tennessee on 9480 KHz daytime and 5,755 KHz nighttime. Home of the Ted Randall International Radio Show.
IPAR International Public Access Radio
Public radio access on shortwave, AM/Medium Wave and Internet streaming via radio relay facilities operated by NEXUS-IBA. This service is reserved to non-religious, small program producers aired via IRRS-Shortwave and Mediumwave.
The Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS) is an international Christian radio service owned and operated by NEXUS-IBA, reaching all continents via Shortwave radio and internet streaming.
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Broadcasts national and international programs locally and to all world regions in over 30 languages on mediumwave FM, TV, RealAudio/TV and on shortwave.
KBC Radio
Broadcasts from a transmitter near Vilnius in Lithuania from 21.30 to 22.30 UTC daily on 6055kHz shortwaves. Monday to Friday The Wolfman Jack Show. Station targets truck drivers in particular.
Lithuanian Radio and Television
News in English. Broadcasts to Western Europe on AM/FM and shortwave 9710 kHz, to Russia on shortwave on 9555 kHz, and to North America on shortwave on 9855 kHz.
Operates Singapore's radio network with FM and shortwave stations providing entertainment and news and information locally and internationally.
National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters
A national organization representing the interests of FCC licensed broadcasters in the private sector of the U.S International Shortwave Broadcast community.
National Radio Company of Ukraine
NRCU broadcasts on three inland channels and on one channel to the listeners abroad are offered broadcasts in English, German, Romanian and Russian.
Overcomer International Radio Ministry
Christian radio station 'The Overcomer' providing broadcasts via shortwave.
PCJ Media
English language international radio service based in Taiwan, owned and operated by Keith Perron. Produces programs for its partner stations around the world and broadcasts on shortwave. Archives of classic shortwave shows from various radio stations.
Radio Bahrain
English radio service from Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation,
Radio Canada International
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's international service, formerly on shortwave. English site includes podcasts of the weekly program "The LInk", Canadian news, and information on Canada. [English, French, Chinese, and Arabic]
Radio Denmark
Information about the activities of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation including news from Denmark and schedules relating to specific radio and television programmes.
Radio for Peace International
A shortwave station in Costa Rica, promoting international human rights issues.
Radio Free Asia
Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a private, non-profit corporation broadcasting news and information in 9 languages to listeners in Asia.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty is an international news and broadcast organization serving Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Balkan countries.
Radio Havana Cuba
State owned international broadcaster. Features news, commentaries, podcasts, programming schedule, and livestream of broadcasts.
Radio Korea International
RKI (Radio Korea International), an international broadcast service. Information and connection to live Real Audio broadcasts. RKi brings 10 languages news and Korean songs.
Radio New Zealand International
New Zealand's only shortwave broadcaster, broadcasting to the nations of the South Pacific
Radio Pakistan
Broadcast 300 hours of programming a day through the facilities of 23 transmitters in the domestic and external services.
Radio Prague
The international service of Czech Radio offers a broad, unbiased, and up-to-the-minute picture of life in the Czech Republic.
Radio Romania International
Radio Romania International (RRI) is a department of the Romanian national public radio, SRR. RRI broadcasts on SW, via Internet and satellite.
Radio Slovakia International
Official site of Radio Slovakia International.
Radio Taiwan International
RTI, the national radio station of Taiwan, produces news reports and programs focusing on culture, education, entertainment, and other information from local and international perspectives.
Radio Veritas Asia
A Catholic shortwave broadcaster in Quezon City, Philippines, which transmits programs to Asia in 17 languages.
REE - Radio Exterior de España
Spanish international radio targets international listeners who wish to find out about Spain and also Spaniards living abroad, who wish to keep abreast of news at home. English podcast on site.
RFI - Radio France International
RFI broadcastst worldwide in 19 languages and international news updated every day. Site provides program and frequency information.
RNW Media
International media organization promoting free expression and training journalists in China and 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Arab world. Formerly Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
Rádio Nacional de Angola
Provides broadcast times, frequencies and power of the network emissions. Airs mediumwave, FM, shortwave and RealAudio broadcasts.
Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
Owns and operates Spanish-language TV, AM and FM radio stations from Grove, Florida. (Nasdaq: SBSA)
Sputnik Radio
Russian state-owned international radio service. News from a Russin perspective, podcasts and livestreaming. Successor to Voice of Russia/Radio Moscow.
Trans World Radio
An international broadcast organization for Monaco airing more than 1,400 hours of Christian programs each week. Offers e-mail news and online program guides.
Vatican Radio
400 hours of weekly programming on short wave, medium wave, FM, satellite and the Internet in 37 languages.
VOA Learning English
Program information, frequencies and schedules, features and other broadcast information for Voice of America listeners in Africa.
Voice of America
The international broadcast voice of the United States. News and commentary from around the world, now broadcast to the internet in 32 languages.
The Voice Of Mongolia
Transmitting from Khonkhor located about 25 km east of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital, VoM broadcasts are beamed to East Asia and in English to Australia. It welcomes all reception reports from DXers.
WEWN Shortwave Radio
Lists the programs and schedules of Global Catholic Radio WEWN, which operates 24 hours daily on WEWN shortwave, via satellite and live audio streams, and also on many AM/FM stations in U.S.A.
WRMI - Radio Miami International
Private shortwave broadcaster. Program schedule, livestreaming, and information about shortwave radio and purchasing airtime on the station. Broadcasts in English and Spanis.
WWCR - Worldwide Christian Radio
WWCR has uses four 100 Kw transmitters on 10 broadcasting channels to transmit over 400 religious and talk programs from Nashville, Tennessee to a global audience.

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