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Pirate radio is a term referring to non-licensed broadcasters of radio signals. In most cases, licensing is a legal requirement.

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Alan Sane WBCQ
The story about pirate radio WMAD in Brooklyn, New York. Alan Sane, Jack Hammer and Ivan Jefferies. Now doing radio on WBCQ 7.415 on shortwave radio.
Amatuer Radio Station W6DEK
Dennis in Seal Beach, California.
Anorak's Archive
Alternative radio archive from the 1960's onwards. Caroline, Veronica and Radio City from the offshore era and Jackie and Radio Fax from the land based scene to name a few.
Beat Radio
Making its debut in July, 1996, only to be shut down 3 months later, Beat Radio continues to fight the FCC for the right to broadcast on a low-power unused frequency in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.
Electric FM
Take a nostalgic look at London's short lived free rock and pop radio station.
Free Radio Cafe
Forums devoted to pirate radio listening and broadcasting on shortwave and FM radio. Forums, chatrooms, loggings, QSL gallery, download library.
The Free Radio Forum
Message boards for Pirate Radio, Part 15, LPAM and FM, Technical discussion.
Hamilton Rangemaster AM1000
Maker of the LPAM AM1000 RangeMaster low power Part 15 AM transmitter. Broadcast using their AM transmitter and get long range and high fidelity sound. Leave Pirate radio and start a legal radio station and enjoy broadcasting.
KBC Radio
Broadcasts legitimately from a transmitter near Vilnius in Lithuania from 21.30 to 22.30 UTC daily on 6055kHz shortwaves. Monday to Friday The Wolfman Jack Show.
KE6RRI 147.435 Website
Repeater in Los Angeles, California area.
Liquid Radio - 97.7 FM
Based in southern Minnesota. News, events, pictures, station information, and live webcast.
Resources for broadcast technical services, programming, management, and information.
Net420 Radio
Website is hub for several projects of Net420, including pirate radio, Canyon Lake Radio legal developments, web radio, and Guru Klyph's "Virtual Religion". News, links, audio.
The Official Pirate Radio Kit Site
Pirate Radio, FM transmitter kits, and circuits.
The Offshore Radio Guide
A guide to offshore radio related topics with up-to-date news items, history, sound files, pictures and more than 400 links to offshore radio websites.
Pirate Alley UK
A retrospective look at the days of offshore radio from the 1960s thru to 1980s.
Pirate Radio
Offers software to broadcast any kind of radio show over the Internet from a personal PC.
Pirate Radio 104.7 FM
Pirate 104.7 FM Greeley Area Radio: Pirate Radio Where The Legends Live.
Pirate Radio Alfa Lima International
Free radio station with regular world wide broadcasts via a number of shortwave radio frequencies.
Pirate Radio Central
A resource for information about Pirate Radio, including many links.
Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
An A to Z of the broadcasters who worked on the British offshore "pirate" radio stations of the sixties. It includes biographies, photos, audio examples of their work and, where possible, news of where they are now.
Pirate Sports Talk Radio
Daily coverage of sports, events and all things Los Angeles
Power 90.3 FM Ormoc - WBC Philippines
The Most Listen To, FM Radio In Ormoc City
Dublin's longest running dance pirate radio station on 97.2 FM.
Radio Caroline 1976-80
A listener's tribute to the station. Includes album A-Z, playlists, and audio files.
Radio Syd
Pictures, sounds and information about the legendary Radio Syd, which operated outside Sweden until 1966.
REC Networks
Provides initial frequency search data for LPFM applicants, news and information.
Sterling Times: British Broadcasting and Regulation
Rough draft of data collected from a number of sources with a focus on how British governments have regulated radio from the outset.
SterlingTimes: Pirate Pages
Pirate radio from the 1930s onwards: sponsored, continental, detector vans, offshore, and land based pirate radio.
Links to free and pirate radio stations broadcasting on shortwave frequencies.
Yellowbeard's Gashy Website
Pirate Radio information, history, electronics and circuit diagrams; includes technical information for bugs, filters and high power transmitters.
ZFM Sheffield
Probably the worst pirate radio station ever to grace the airwaves of South Yorkshire

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