Subminiature cameras are usually defined as any still camera that exclusively uses a single film format smaller than 16.7mm x 30.2mm, which is the size of the Advanced Photo System's (APS) IX240 film. The size of the camera is not the determining factor, though in most cases these cameras are some of the smallest ever produced. There are a variety of contemporary and historical subminiature formats, including (but not limited to) Minox, 16mm, disc, and half-frame cameras. The majority of these cameras are not toys. In fact, many of them have some of the more advanced optics of their time, as well as being mechanical marvels. Many older models rival the better lenses produced today. Cameras produced fifty years ago are carried daily in the pockets of many professional photographers.

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Sub Club
Home for all submini camera users. Resources for the professional or the first time shooter. Home of Submini-L, the Subminiature Roundtable Mailing List.
The Classic Camera MEC 16SB
Information, and photos of this camera.
Collecting Photographica: Subminiature Cameras
Photos and descriptions of a large number of subminiature camera models.
Goat Hill Photo
Catering exclusively to submini shooters. Pre-slit films in a variety of formats and emulsions.
Marcus Brooks: Subminiature Camera Stuff
A listing of subminis in movies, a flash from a disposable camera, and several tips and tricks.
Ron Pedelty's Submini Home Page
Photos of submini cameras, a poll, and a film slitter design.
Information, Manuals and advice relating to Minox 8x11, 16mm, and Tessina 14x21mm cameras.
Submini Webring
Keeping submini users connected.
The Subminiature Photography Mailing List
A worldwide group of subminiature camera enthusiasts since 1996.
Yahoo! Groups: Subminiature Photography
Features message board and chat room.

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