For many photography enthusiasts, camera collecting is as much a part of their hobby as the taking of photographs.

Sites in this category are less concerned with technical information about cameras, and more concerned with general information for and about camera collectors, including displays of private collections, collectors' organizations, and advice on building collections.

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Antique and Classic Camera Web Site
Collector specializing in 19th century American wood and brass cameras, lenses, shutters and related ephemera. Appraisal and identification services, and many related links.
Antique and Collectible Cameras Price Guide
Free price guide for more than 22,000 classic cameras and 3300 lenses from 2000 manufacturers. Featuring 16000 photos. Completed auction prices, general cameras information.
Argus Collectors Group
Mailing list forum for enthusiasts of Argus's antique 35mm cameras. Features mailing list highlights and photos of obscure models and accessories.
The Brownie Camera Page
Information compiled by Chuck Baker, featuring history, technical information, where to buy, how to articles, images, and related links.
A comprehensive wiki of many world's cameras. Spin-off from
Free-content encyclopedia of camera information.
The Classic Camera
Showing over 100 old cameras. Information on folding, SLR, TLR, Subminiature cameras.
Classic Cameras
Classic cameras and history. Discussion forum, classified ads, related links and addresses in both English and German.
Classic Cameras Collection by 3106
Review, and history of many classic cameras including TLR, Large Format, 35mm, Modern Classic, etc.
Club Hasselblad
Club Hasselblad: forums, links, classifieds, museum, photo galleries.
Collecting Mamiya 35mm Cameras
Information and photo reference on Mamiya 35mm cameras.
Digital cameras Collection
Collection of 600+ old digital cameras, original images, user manuals, drivers
The Dutch Camera
Cameras manufactured in Netherlands
Early Photography
Description and information on Early Cameras and Equipment from the Daguerreotype and Wet-Plate era, their history and how they work.
Ensign Cameras
Site for collectors of ensign cameras.
Entertaining Exakta Stuff
A series of interesting photo galleries relating to the history and preservation of Ihagee Exakta equipment.
Favorite Classics
A classic camera repair resource with tips, camera information, manuals, and a forum.
Field Cameras of the United States: 1879-1930
Photos, information, specification of classic American cameras.
Hasselblad Historical
Descriptions of Hasselblad company and its cameras, serial numbers, manuals. Timeline history.
Historical Cameras
Most important cameras in the history of photography. New standards, first implementations, breakthrough changes.
The history of the Ihagee Co., Dresden, Germany
Multi language site of the history, patents, and products of the Ihagee Kamerawerk Steenbergen and Co., Dresden, Germany.
Ihagee & Exakta Products and History
Ihagee and Exakta collecting information.
The Ihagee Exakta Pages
Source of information on Exakta cameras.
Jo Lommen
Collecting, using, and repairing classic press cameras.
Mamiya TLR System Summary
Detailed information about the Mamiya TLR System for users and collectors.
Matt's Classic Camera Collection
Detailed cameras description, close up views, history, repair tips.
Photo Manuals
Copies of film and digital camera manuals.
Photo Porst
Extensive company history and camera models descriptions.
Photographica Guide
Reference index with descriptions of many cameras and camera manufacturers, by Pacific Rim Camera Store.
Soviet and Russian Cameras: information, descriptions, photos.
Russian Camera Equipment Collector's Resource.
Yashica Range-finder Cameras User Home Page
35mm Yashica range-finder cameras, illustrated chronology, Yashica Electro history, user guide, repair, tech support, battery adapter.

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