Portfolios related to lighting design specifically related to theater, and dance. Designers who deal mainly in Industrial lighting design or architecture should list elsewhere.
Ambrosone, John
Lawrence Massachusetts based Lighting Designer working in Theater, Opera and Dance.
Ansell, Flick
Freelance Lighting Designer based in the UK available for all performance and events projects.
Becker, Tim - Fluid Lighting
Founded by Tim Becker, Fluid Lighting is a lighting design firm that specializes in theatrical and architectural lighting designs that create environments that move and touch audiences.
Bembridge, Brian
Chicago based scenic and lighting designer. Includes portfolio and resumes.
Beyer, Michael J.
An online portfolio of theatrical designs - lighting and scenic.
Blue Hill Design
Designs lighting for corporate events and theatre.
Bonner, Jon
Theatrical Lighting and Set Designs. Also doing technical consultations and lighting system designs/installations.
Lighting and production design site for touring, corporate and television. Rolf Wenzel, designer based in Germany works euro- and worldwide for the entertainment industry.
Clotfelter, James
Professional portfolio of international lighting designer James Clotfelter. Images, CV, and links to relevant collaborators.
Clyve, Scott
Design and Consultaion the Entertainment Industry
Conacher, Hugh
Twenty years of lighting design and project management for the performing arts, film and video. A specialist in lighting for dance, theatre and music.
Cooke, Nick
Provides lighting design, operation, and technical services for shows and events. UK based. Includes personal information, photo galleries, and a links page.
Cooper, Charles
Online portfolio of Charles Cooper, Oak Park Illinois based Theater Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
Couture, Alain
Lighting Designer within the school of creators who fuses the many facets of up-to-date technologies.
Crick, Steve
Professional lighting design for theatre, dance, opera and commercial projects. Images, credits and contact information.
dalton design ltd
lighting and production design. television, concert, exhibit, event.
DreamVisible Lighting Design
Lighting design for concerts, corporate shows, and touring. Information includes reviews, portfolio, and contact details.
Eagland, Matthew
Biography and gallery of previous theatre lighting design work.
Farncombe-Fischer, Markus
Includes pictures, press releases, and resume.
Feldman Designs LLC
A full service design firm specializing in entertainment lighting.
Fischerm, Kai
Theatre lighting and set designer based in Glasgow, UK.
Fuller, Thom
Includes personal scenic/lighting designs. Based in Missouri.
Gallegos, William
London based freelance lighting designer and lighting technician providing lighting and production services for theatre, corporate, and special occasions.
Greeson, Timothy
New York City based Event Lighting Designer. Portfolio, client list and contact information.
Habeck, Michelle
Chicago based Lighting, scenic and multimedia designer for the theater. Portfolio and resume.
Hamburger, Susan
Portfolio and Credits for New York based Theatre, Dance, Opera, and Corporate Event Lighting Designer Susan Hamburger.
Harper, Jon
Freelance designer of over 60 shows, based in Buffalo, NY. Includes design portfolio and resume.
Hartley, Bryan
Designs lighting for concerts and theatrical shows. Specializes in moving light programming and integrating special effects into a show.
Hennessy, Sean
A portfolio of a NYC based lighting designer. Includes documentation of past and present projects. Also featured are photographs, slideshows, a resume and online designer tools.
Hillmar, Gregg
Designer for corporate and theatrical productions. Includes portfolio of designs.
Hungerford, Andrew J.
Lighting designer from MSU, site has production history with an abundance of images.
Iannacone, Ernest W.
Lighting, Set, Sound Design, Video and Production Services.
Jkld Inc.
Lighting design and production for fashion shows, special events, trade shows, retail display, architecture, television and theatre.
Jonathan, Mark
Biography, picture gallery and press quotes of recent lighting designs for theatre, opera, ballet, dance and arena.
Keenan, Lee
Digital portfolio of lighting and scenic designer Lee Keenan.
Klainer, Traci
Online portfolio of Traci Klainer, New York City based Theater Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
Kongshaug, Jesper
Lighting designer born in Denmark, now working internationally for theatre, opera, dance, events and television.
Lander, David
Offers design services for theater, architectural, themes and special events. Includes production and location lighting information and photos, along with contact information.
Lasiter, John
Online portfolio of John Lasiter, New York City based Lighting and Scenic Designer for Theater, Opera and Dance. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
Luxious Lighting
Provides design, programming, and consulting services for live events from theater to rock concerts to trade shows.
Meadow, Aaron
Lighting Design Portfolio
Mehta, Prema
Lighting Design for theatre
Mendelowitz, Kade
Lighting Designer and Technical Director for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department.
Miller, David
UK based freelance lighting designer and moving light programmer David Miller. Site features CV and recent shows, as well as pictures.
Moity, Gilbert
Based in Paris, Lighting Designer for Architectural Lighting and Events.
Mollner, David
A freelance lighting designer with over 10 years of experience working on tradeshows, product launches, meetings, special events, concerts, and theater. Includes photos, resume, and contact information.
Mongold, Mark
Lighting designer specializing in dance.
Morrison, Charlie
Lighting design for theatre, touring, live events, architecture, and themed environments across the USA and abroad.
Palma, Kim
Photos of Kim Palma's theatrical and dance lighting designs with a link for email.
Pearson Lighting
A lighting Design firm.
Poulis, Randy - Lightworkz
Randy Poulis, MFA, is a professional lighting designer for theatre and film as well as an instructor in the discipline.
Primrose, Jon
The lighting design work of UK based designer Jon Primrose.
Rubenstahl, Ruby
Website and Portfolio for lighting designer and technician Ruby Rubenstahl
Rubinstein, Uri
American/Israeli designer and teacher with 23 years experience; presently living in Paris, working around the world. Well-organized site with portfolio of impressive production photos, resume, and resources for designers and students.
Sadler, David L.
Contains production photos, news, and contact details.
Salzberg, Jeffrey E.
A lighting designer specializing in dance. Includes portfolio, photos, reviews.
Schlick, John
John Schlick is a concert lighting designer. Photos of his work, articles that he has written about touring, and lighting related information.
Sonia Pasqual
Online lighting design portfolio and resume for theatre, dance, and opera. Includes photographs from recent productions.
Stiller, Michael
Lighting Design is the on-line presence of Michael Stiller, Inc., a full service lighting design company specializing in television and live theatrical events.
Tevelow, Benjamin C.
This site contains portfolio photos, resume and references for Benjamin C. Tevelow, freelance designer, director and technician.
Thompson, Barbara E.
Professional lighting designer for dance.
Tsutsui, Hideaki
Lighting Designer: Hideaki Tsutsui's resume and pictures of his work.
Veitch, Matthew
Online portfolio, resume and contact resource. Includes photographs from recent productions.
Weiner, David
Lighting design for Theater, Film, Architecture, and Special Events. Includes project photographs and video.
Welch, Jacob M.
Freelance lighting designer working in theatre, dance, corporate, and opera.
Wilder, Andrew
Lighting design for theatre, dance, concerts, trade-shows, corporate, and industrial events.
Woods, Steve
Lighting designer of opera, dance, and theatre.
Wrightson, Ann
Online portfolio of Ann Wrightson, New York City based Theater Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
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