RENT: a musical by Jonathan Larson currently playing not only on Broadway, but also in London's West End and several casts are touring in North America. This show has developed a cult following - it deals with themes that young people today (and always!) identify with; love, friendship, homosexuality, aids, drug use, "actual reality," life, death, and more. Many fans became very devoted to the show because of policies of selling the tickets in the front two rows of the theatres in which it plays for $20 to young fans the day of the performance.

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Anna's Little Tribute to Rent
Anna's site about her experiences seeing the show. Reviews, cast lists, pictures and many links.
Everything is Rent
Offers pictures, sounds, links, articles, and multiple librettos, as well as fun things such as chat, surveys, games, humor, and a quiz.
I Wanna Put On A Tight Skirt...
Personal dedication includes pictures, polls, news and links.
Jean and Mary's RENT Page
A diversion created by two highly bored highly obsessed people.
Long Live Bohemia!
A fan site for the musical with a synopsis, lyrics, list of awards, and tour schedule.
The Lot
Information about the London production, Jonathan, links, constantly being updated!
The Music Ignites The Night
Includes sounds from the New York Theatre Workshop, Broadway Cast, Original Broadway Cast, Angel Tour, Benny Tour, Canadian Tour, London Cast.
My Obsession
Includes pictures of the cast and some sample lyrics.
Brief history of the musical by Jonathan Larson, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Contains synopsis and character profiles.
Rent For Life
Rent by the hard core fan.
Rent References
An attempt to explain some of the references in Rent's song "La Vie Boheme."
The Rent Shack
Features updated tour listing, photos from various shows, biographies of each character, audio samples, a quiz, and links.
Rent: A Great American musical
Offers some picture and related links.
A site dedicated to the actresses who have played Maureen in companies from around the world. Includes pictures, information pages, and tour dates.
UKBohemian's Rent
General information with some emphasis on the final London cast. Includes synopsis and surveys.
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