Sites about the longest-running musical on Broadway: "CATS" Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Book by T. S. Elliot

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Bombidalees' Cats Character
Musings on the sexualty of the character "Plato," pictures of the Video cast in other productions, cast lists, a Jason Gardiner tribute, as well as information on the West End version.
Cadamine's Cats Fanatics
Information on characters from the show, a brief history of the show, along with photo galleries, fan fiction, behind the scenes, and actors out of costume.
CatAnna's Jellicle Jungle
Cats Astrology, photos, who's who, and cast lists, backstage photos, along with indepth views of the characters: Munkustrap, Grizabella, Old Deutronomy, and the Rum Tum Tugger.
Cats - Really Useful Group
The official website for the UK tour.
CATS - The Unofficial Site
Contains general information about the musical, lyrics, video photos, and Cats ASCII art.
Cats Forum
A place to discuss the musical with other fans of the show.
Centrylynna's Cranny of the Junkyard
Fan fiction, fan art, RPG, character descriptions, dreams, and links.
Clepsida's Jellicle Junkyard
A fan site with RPGs, fan fiction, trivia, award, and forum.
Demeta's Wickerbasket
Information, pictures, and bloopers.
Demeter's Repose
Pictures, links, and lyrics.
Dewdrop's Jellicle Junkyard
Includes pictures, lyrics, a message board, a Jellicle adoption center, a chat room, and bloopers.
Etcetera's Lair
Sounds, fan art, fan fiction, and links.
The Feline Muse
Picture galleries, stage door photos, cast information, RPG, and trip reports. Also contains information on London swing Stori James.
Fleckenfell's Giant Tire
German and English lyrics. [hard to read with an improper use of background image]
Forgotten Jellicle Cats
All about the forgotten cats. These are simple character sketches of each Forgotten Cat including names, coat markings, background and relationships.
Growltiger's Ship
A site for Growltiger. View the cast list, bloopers, polls, pictures, cat couples, webrings, and a Growltiger and Griddlebone Scrapbook.
Jellicle Looney Bin
View games, contests, pictures, RPG, Jellicle Adoptions, and fan fiction surrounding this musical.
The Jellicle Mayhem
Contains fan fiction and descriptions of the characters.
Jemima's Jellicle Moon
Norwegian and English lyrics, character profiles, actor information, pictures, and links.
Jenny's Jellicle Heaven
Casts, information about the show, facts, and reviews of the show.
Lasseter's Cats
Contains information on London, Video, and Finnish productions of the show as well as character descriptions, reviews and links.
Matropolis & Travisina's Li'l Shack
Polls, webrings, character profiles, skits, and fan fiction.
Mevima's CATS Insanity
Fan art, fan fiction, lyrics, message board, and links.
Miss Munkustrap's Masterpiece: A "Cats" Experience.
Contains fan fiction, fan art, and character descriptions.
Mistohunny's Domicile
Cat profiles, poems/lyrics, the naming of cats, illusions, fan fiction, reviews, the video transcript, types of cats, Jellicle help, junkyard sets, and Jellicle games for Jellicle cats.
Moongewl and Lightshadow's Sewerpipe
Fan site with several RPGs and fan fiction. This site also includes a small section on Jellylorum.
Moonstruck Drama Bookstore: Cats
Brief history of the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Munkustrap Kitty's Cats Layer
Categories of fun and games, history and casts, fanworks, and image galleries. The home of the JBGA (Jacob Brent Guardian Angels).
Munkustrap Kitty's Cats Layer
Information of history, the creative team, productions, music, characters, as well virtual Cats auditions, trivia, and fan fiction. This site hosts the Munkustrap Awards which are fan voted awards honoring Cats web authors.
Cats online community with theatre history, archives, news stories, and information on the musical available in English and German.
Musicals.Net : Cats Forum
Online meeting place of fans and actors of the musical.
The Mystical Felinity
Lyrics, character descriptions, photos, and links.
Sootaput's Cats Page
Lyrics, "thwups", and fan fiction.
Taline's Jellicle Hangout
Includes an interview with Jo Gibb (video and West End Rumpleteazer,) links, and fan fiction.
Teazer's Jellicle Junkyard
Fan site includes tour dates, quiz, rpgs and pictures.
Trifika's Moonlight Café - Dancin' Under the Jellicle Moon
A Cats fan site that contains fanworks, RPG, a picture gallery, character descriptions, and links.
Victoria and RumpleTeaser's Junkyard Fortress
Character descriptions, links, fan fiction, RPG's, and awards.
Victoria's Dwelling
Fan fiction, RPG, and poll.
World of Jellicle Cats
Cats traders, fan corner, meet with other fans, Jellicle greeting cards, Cats fan clique, links, games and downloads, cats encounters, cats sightings, characters, discography, fan reviews, FAQ, lyrics, history, and photo album.

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