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20 Cent Fiction
A student run production company of all trades based at UMass Dartmouth.
Axis Company
Provides virtual tour, company members, contact information, mailing list, press articles, history and archive. Greenwich Village, New York.
Big Art Group
A New York City performance company, formed in 1998 by Caden Manson, aggressively attacking the boundaries of performance though its explorations with structure, medium and process.
Blast Theory
A group of seven artists based in London who make live events for theatres, clubs, galleries and the street.
Border Crossings
An international theatre company specializing in combined arts performances fusing many forms of world theatre, dance and music. Works across borders, between cultures and art forms, between nations and peoples.
Builders Association, The
Creates large-scale theater projects exploring the interface between live performance and media. Work re-animates theater for a contemporary audience, using current tools to interpret old forms. Productions combine historic and new texts with performance, sound, video, and architectural sets to create a world onstage which reflects contemporary culture
C&T - It Stands for More Than Theatre
A United Kingdom-based theatre company working in educational and community settings, combining new technology and participation.
Collapsable Giraffe
Williamsburg performance group.
Complicite Theatre Company
This site has information on Complicite's current and forthcoming productions, education work (projects and teaching) and a complete archive of Complicite productions with photos and reviews.
Creation Production Company
New York-based company that generates innovative forms of theatre through experiments with language, new music theatre, and explorations of political issues, seamlessly integrating the visual arts, music, dance, technology, and architecture.
Curious Theater Branch
Curious Theater Branch. Original ideas. Original Theater. Changing the world, one imagination at a time.
Dixon Place
A non-profit organization providing a venue for literary and performing artists to present new works in live performances.
Djalma Butoh Company
Based out of New Mexico.
Elevator Repair Service
Elevator Repair Service is a theater group based in New York City. See the schedule of upcoming shows, read what the press has to say, or get on the mailing list.
Working in non-theatrical spaces, breaking away from expected traditional forms of theatre.
Fat House, The
Based in Leicester, UK, this company produces devised performance work which avoids the constriction of a director or 'outside eye'.
Fevered Sleep
Site for Fevered Sleep, performance company that makes theatre, installation and site-specific performance
Forced Entertainment
An ensemble of artists based in Sheffield, England working together since 1984 producing work in theatre, installation, digital media and film.
Frantic Theatre Co - In House Music Hall
Frantic tour all over the UK performing wild and wonderful Music Hall and Variety shows in venues big or small, from living rooms to community centres from theatres to dinner parties.
Garrett Fisher Ensemble
Music-dramatic works by Garrett Fisher and Ensemble which seek to stretch the boundaries of theatre.
Handwritten Theatre
Brief dramatic pieces originally composed in a small black notebook with a fountain pen.
Hotel Pro Forma
The theatre company Hotel Pro Forma is a vehicle for dramatic composition at the boundary of theatre and exhibition.
Independent Eye, The
A California-based touring company producing original work for stage and radio.
Intersection for the Arts
One San Francisco's original venues for new works in Theatrical, Literary, and Performing Arts. This site showcases all of the upcoming and current happenings.
Irondale Ensemble Project
An experimental/research theater ensemble. Information on productions, education, library, newsletters, funding, links and contacts.
Izumi Ashizawa Performance
Izumi Ashizawa Performance seeks cultural integration through its original performance languages.
Konic Thtr
Defined as a label for the production and realisation of artistic projects using interactive technology. Interactions body-sound-light and image, where the public will finish or modify the process that the authors initially proposed.
La MaMa Theatre
Performance space in the East Village, NYC
Laboratory Theater
Brooklyn-based experimental theater ensemble dedicated to collaborating on the creation of original, interdisciplinary work for the theater.
LIDA Project Experimental Theatre Company, The
Experimental theatre company based in Denver Colorado.
Austrian fashion designer, based in Berlin. Has been presenting numerous happenings, performances and shows, in which she tells stories in the language of fashion.
Lucky Pierre
Chicago based performance group
Mabou Mines
Mabou Mines is an avant-garde theater company emphasizing the creation of new theater pieces from original texts and the theatrical use of existing texts staged from a specific point of view. Established in 1970 and based in New York City.
Manbites Dog Theater
Nearly two decades of cutting edge theater in Durham and voted Best Theater in the Triangle 2003.
Naked on Stage
A group of creative writers from St Andrews University.
Neo-Futurists, The
An ensemble of artists who write, direct, and perform their own work dedicated to social, political, and personal enlightenment in the form of audience-interactive conceptual theater.
New World Performance Laboratory
A Center for Theatre Creation and Research. Experimental theatre productions and workshops conducted by James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta, former assistants to Jerzy Grotowski.
New World Players
Non-profit, community-based experimental theatre lab dedicated to presenting works by under-represented groups.
Off_Leash Area: Contemporary Performance Works
An interdisciplinary company of mid-career artists creating new performance works in Minneapolis.
One Year Lease
Dedicated to working with classic texts. Performing in New York City and in Europe.
One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre
An adult oriented performance theatre company based in the Arts Centre in Calgary Alberta Canada.
OneLight Theatre
Since its inception in 1999, OneLight Theatre has been a company where every member contributes; actors, technicians, members of the production team, all have a voice.
Ontological-Hysteric Theater
Information concerning current and future performances at the Ontological at St. Marks Theater, which is the permanent home of Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theater.
ParaTheatrical ReSearch
Ritual technology, intermedia theater, and video poetics, plus astrological insight, all from playwright and filmmaker Antero Alii.
Peace Theatre
Official site of the Iranian theatre group.
Peculiar Works Project
Offers "unusual, intelligent material for site-based performance."
Performance Space 122 - NYC
a not-for-profit arts center serving the New York City dance and performance community. P.S.122 is committed to supporting the development of work by individual artists who create live art with an authentic vision. It is fully dedicated to finding, developing, and bringing to the public eye artistic creations from a diversity of cultures, points of view, ages, and sexual orientations.
Planet SITI
SITI was founded in 1992 by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki to redefine and revitalize contemporary theater in the United States through an emphasis on international cultural exchange and collaboration.
Rachel Rosenthal Company
Performer Rachel Rosenthal teaches her performance technique DbD (Doing by Doing) that integrates text, movement, voice, choreography, improvisation, inventive costuming, dramatic lighting and sets.
Radio Hole
Performing schizophrenia for the information age.
Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping
A comic political site that hopes to resist the destruction of neighborhoods by malls and chain stores.
Richard Maxwell and the New York City Players
The company strives to bring new forms of theater and performance to the public and to advance public awareness of live theater and further public understanding of theater practices including script-writing, actor processes and directing techniques.
Riot Group, The
Produces original performance pieces which mix absurd comedy, political satire and a unique confrontational acting style.
As a group for stage action and a laboratory of architectural planning, Sciatto looks at social and urban borderlines as the last field for artistic performances.
Soho Repertory Theater
producing some of the most groundbreaking theater in New York City, a "hot house" for daring, intrinsically theatrical excellence.
Stolen Chair Theatre Company
Committed to discovering new relationships between text, performers, and audiences, to exploring and exploding social mythology, and to creating a theatrical space where the familiar can give rise to the unknown.
Target Margin Theater
Founded on the principle that works of art return us to real truths most powerfully by their divergence from a strict illustration of reality. Through contemporary, as well as classic texts, we continuously seek to expand our conception of what can take place in theater.
Temporary Distortion
presenting unique nonlinear combinations of text, image, and sound...creating strange new theatrical experiences.
Undermain Theatre
An ensemble of artists committed to providing our community with innovative, thought-provoking, professional theater.
Via Theatre
Brian Jucha shares his projects and archive
An international group of artist dedicated to exploring a multiplicity of theatrical visions.
Wooster Group, The
Theatre collective in NYC
Chicago based performing arts and production company that builds multidisciplinary collaborative teams centered around a specific concept to create pieces for stage, exhibits, installations for museums, educational institutions, media or film productions.
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